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  1. TrainedMunkey

    Frank Mentzer reveals more details on Worlds of Empyrea

    I am excited Frank. Good luck and you have my backing for a couple different box sets.
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    Played a lot of Rifts back in the day. Bought the book when it first premiered at GenCon. Had played Robotech and Heroes previously. The system just became too complicated and heavy to run. Hopefully this will make it more playable and I can introduce Rifts to a new generation. The magic system...
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    Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People

    This is the direction Hasbro wanted to go with 4e and for obvious reasons. They stand to make a larger profit off a digital game, garner interest in the tabletop game and many have their D&D groups spread across the US and even the world. While I have run games via Skype, it just doesn't hold...
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    Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People

    I am in a meeting right now reading these boards, a rather boring meeting that has nothing to do with the product I support. :-P My group is not happy with the current state of D&D, we have only played Tyranny of Dragons. We switched to a different system this weekend, with plans to come back...
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    Chris Perkins: Reintroducing Settings in Ways that Surprise People

    Hmm, my group will be moving onto DCC RPG, which makes me sad, my staple has been D&D since 1980. My group is made of the children of the older players and some grognards. We sat down and discussed where we want our group to head and none of us have liked the direction that Hasbro is heading...
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    I believe that FantasyAge will be released soon, with the setting at GenCon.
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    [UPDATED: CONFIRMED!] Wheaton's Game: Putting Together The Clues!

    I have never played the game. Something that I have run into recently with one of the groups that I am currently running, is that each group is different, i.e. some groups enjoy the roleplaying aspect, some enjoy the rollplaying aspect and others enjoy the exploration. I made the mistake of...
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    [UPDATED: CONFIRMED!] Wheaton's Game: Putting Together The Clues!

    This, tabletop RPGs make for a very unwatchable show. I can barely make it through the first few minutes. If Will and company can make this exciting and get some non-Grognard press, it could indeed be a huge story. What movie can we add the game to? Any Spielberg flicks coming out? Can we get...
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    D&D 5E Perception vs Investigation

    I first became confused when I saw a reference to a passive investigation check to find a secret door. While passive perception is used for surprise round etc. I believe that they can be fairly interchangeable, but at my table I use Investigation to spot clues to something, mainly looking...
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    Gen Con Takes Stand For Inclusiveness

    Hmm, so the governor signed it, wonder where GenCon is moving to?
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    D&D 5E A Board Game style Release Schedule

    Have a copy of Castle Greyhawk sitting at home. Still reread the Gord books when I am looking for a little nostalgia. I am not looking for any rules expansions. Give me some settings, something with imagination to spark mine. While TSR killed it's self with the bloat. I ran 2nd Ed Realms...
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    At Least 4 Months For Conversion Documents

    It might be rather "old school" of me, but what happened to having a release schedule and sticking to it. Being held accountable by your superiors if you don't make the release. The problem being that your fans lose faith in your product. Obviously Hasbro bought WoTC for the various licenses...
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    Gen Con Takes Stand For Inclusiveness

    Unfortunately we can't usually look past our own upbringing and fears. I had a rather liberal upbringing and do not fear the LGBT community. I tend to have pity for and try to understand those who live in fear rather than ridicule them. I am proud of my community that they would take a step...