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  1. SakanaSensei

    D&D 5E MCDM to revisit the Illrigger.

    Were you a patron at the time and aren’t any longer? I got mine that way and similarly haven’t gotten the update, that’s gonna be my guess. EDIT: I can confirm that at least for me, this was the case. Discord mod helped me out by letting me know that those who got the original PDF through...
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    D&D General Baldur’s Gate III Gets Epilogue, Two New Play Modes with Patch 5

    Here’s a question: I had to stop playing on the PS5 with the last patch because Act 3 was very buggy. Big backstory reveal for my Durge? Hope you weren’t expecting textures to load in or anything! Want to open a door? Here’s 30 seconds of processing time. Party members no longer follow you...
  3. SakanaSensei

    How hard is learning a new TTRPG system?

    It way easier than most people think, but their opinions are colored by their experiences with other games. “Hey guys, I wanted to try this game Cairn out…” (Cairn is like 20 pages long) “Nah, we’re good.” (Thinking “people are still arguing about rules in 5E 10 years in, I don’t have time...
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    D&D Movie/TV Chris Pine tells Gamesradar+ he's "pretty confident" Honor Among Thieves sequel will happen

    I adored HAT and would love to see more from the cast and crew.
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    MCDM RPG Backer kit signup is live.

    Into the Odd has sidled along beside Mork, rubbing a tentacle arm.
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    D&D General D&D Canon - why is it important and how does it affect your game?

    They're toolkits, not canonized holy texts. If it inspires me, great. If it doesn't, womp, that's too bad, oh well.
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    D&D 5E Justin Alexander's review of Shattered Obelisk is pretty scathing

    I’m not gonna publish a module just to show my work, but referencing what I was talking about above could be a start. :p - Never use paragraphs where bullet points and good word choice will do. This seems standard in most OSR adventures I pick up, though I usually only grab highly regarded...
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    D&D 5E Justin Alexander's review of Shattered Obelisk is pretty scathing

    I just tried to check if the Bundle of Holding with her stuff was still up, but unfortunately it isn’t. Masque of the Worm is really neat, I’m excited to try out Crypts of Azarumme. Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse is well regarded, though I haven’t read it yet. Even the Secrets of the Basilisk...
  9. SakanaSensei

    D&D 5E Justin Alexander's review of Shattered Obelisk is pretty scathing

    Have you looked at The Arcane Library’s adventures for 5E? They’re put together really well from a usability standpoint. A lot of the best adventures I’ve seen from the perspective of “give me what I need and make it easy to use” come from the OSR. Black Wyrm of Brandonsford is really easy to...
  10. SakanaSensei

    D&D 5E Justin Alexander's review of Shattered Obelisk is pretty scathing

    I definitely think there’s a major difference between negativity and critique. Justin’s work usually falls toward critique in my view: definite preference/bias for methods of play that focus on player agency over set stories, but generally fair in that what he takes umbrage with are true...
  11. SakanaSensei

    D&D 5E Justin Alexander's review of Shattered Obelisk is pretty scathing

    He’s critical. There’s been a lot of talk in the gaming YouTube sphere lately about review scores and their (potential lack of) worth. Reason being that for the most part, people get angry if you’re critical of thing they like (how can you give this game I enjoyed a 7?!) and spent money on.
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    MCDM RPG Backer kit signup is live.

    I didn’t realize they were so far along already! I was expecting crowdfunding like, next summer maybe. Maybe they’ll be crowdfunding and then finishing up development over X number of months. I think I’ve been spoiled by Kickstarters that have a PDF ready to go the day that funding finishes.
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    OSR ACKS 2

    It was wild seeing the brigading going on on r/OSR.
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    OSR ACKS 2

    So maybe what I thought was unmentionable actually wasn’t. Yeah, all of these reasons.
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    OSR ACKS 2

    I'd rather not support the creator, given various unmentionable reasons.
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    D&D General Baldur's Gate has great companion character arcs. Are such things possible or even desirable in published adventure paths?

    My read on the BG3 companions is that they're supposed to be filling the role of other PCs at a typical table, not NPCs. PCs having character arcs is kind of a platonic ideal at more story oriented tables, but NPCs taking center stage often feels bad.
  17. SakanaSensei

    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    Ran my first session of Shadowdark yesterday, and it went splendidly! Stole a few ideas from Mike Shea's prep for the game, but a lot of the scenario was filled out personally. The setup: A cemetery with two new residents, James and Camden Brewer. Cause of death: Glintskin Fever. Sweat...
  18. SakanaSensei

    D&D General Is DnD being mothballed?

    Shadowdark and The Monster Overhaul were both purchases that were largely driven by the quality and style of their art, for me. They both happen to be very good, too, of course, but the art is inspiring.
  19. SakanaSensei

    D&D General Is DnD being mothballed?

    I appreciate Mr. Colville a LOT, and even agree with many of his criticisms of 5E design. I’m excited to see where MCDM’s game goes. But it’s kind of sad to see Mr. “DnD is the most fun you can have with your brain!” become so down on the game. The OGL really did a number on a lot of people.
  20. SakanaSensei

    D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

    So, more fiddling with “illuminated medieval” showed me that it’s very good with some topics (like knights) and pretty bad at others (like orcs). I also did some with “stained glass.”