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  1. LoganRan

    D&D 5E What Seven Classes Would You Keep? (and why!)

    I think the cleric is "undroppable" because it is the original gish: fighting man and magic-user combined. Multiclassing is evil (chaotic evil at that), thus the cleric is required for the martial+magic combo. Other than that quibble, I agree. The Core 4 are all that are really necessary due to...
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    D&D 1E How about a little love for AD&D 1E

    Your last point about the focus of the game being on exploration is the single thing I have missed most in WotC versions of D&D. The appeal of fantasy gaming for me has always been about finding out what is over that hill, behind that giant brass door or just what the heck will happen when I pry...
  3. LoganRan

    D&D 1E How about a little love for AD&D 1E

    Same here. Holloway was my favorite D&D artist due to his realistic imagery with a touch of macabre humor while Erol Otus and his crazy fever-dream gonzo style was a very close second.
  4. LoganRan

    Recommend me an old school campaign

    Your group wants something more than dungeon crawling?!? And you call yourselves "old school"?!? Turn in your grognard card on the way out, Sir/Madam!
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    I Am Your Father! The Spoiler Spoiler Thread -- What are the biggest ever spoilers? [spoilers]

    The Prestige is still the only movie I have watched and then immediately re-watched after the credits rolled. It is also the greatest example of a movie being better than the novel IMO.
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    D&D General When D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson Asked WotC For A Job!

    Based on what I have read in various outlets, my conclusion about Dave is that his primary preoccupation was with cashing royalty checks. I am grateful that he had the spark of the idea which led to the development of the Dungeons & Dragons game but (again based on everything I have read) he...
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    Nevermind...please ignore.

    Nothing to see here.
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    D&D 5E What (if anything) do you find "wrong" with 5E?

    Magic in the game is SO many ways. (spammable cantrips, concentration for everything, saves every round to end effects). Character death is pretty much off the table. Related to above, healing ALL hit points lost after a single night of rest. So many "goofy" races (tabaxi...
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    D&D 5E Too Much Spellcasting in Your D&D? Just Add a Little Lankhmar!

    This is fantastic. It is exactly the kind of magic system I have been thinking about myself. I had heard of Beyond the Wall and Through Sunken Lands but had not yet looked at the systems very closely. Your post has convinced me to pick up a copy of Through Sunken Lands (which is a more Swords...
  10. LoganRan

    From Forgotten Realms to Red Steel: Here's That Full D&D Setting Sales Chart

    True but IIRC Dragonlance Advnentures was also a source book with a lot of new rules (I think I had that product). Personally, I attribute OA's popularity (I did NOT own OA) to the fact that it seemed like Kung Fu and Ninjas were very much a "thing" at that time.
  11. LoganRan

    Dragon Reflections #57

    This was my first issue as well. Due to my lousy memory, I have little recall of anything from this issue but I think there was a drawing of Belit in the Giants in the Earth article that I enjoyed.
  12. LoganRan

    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 7: Greek Deities) - Athena Advances!

    Zeus 5 - 2 = 3 He may be the father of the gods but he is also a major a-hole. Aphrodite 20 + 1 = 21 Apollo 14 Artemis 23 Athena 28 Demeter 19 Dionysus 22 Hades 19 Hecate 23 Hephaestus 24 Hera 20 Hermes 22 Hestia 21 Nike 6 Pan 17 Poseidon 22 Tyche 20
  13. LoganRan

    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 7: Greek Deities) - Athena Advances!

    Zeus 13 Aphrodite 20 + 1 = 21 (No love for the goddess of Love?) Apollo 20 Ares 9 Artemis 22 Athena 26 Demeter 20 Dionysus 25 Hades 20 Hecate 21 Hephaestus 22 Hera 20 Heracles 2 - 2 = 0 (Adios, pretender.) Hermes 20 Hestia 20 Nike 14 Pan 19 Poseidon 21 Tyche 18
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Chronicles of Prydain Shannara
  15. LoganRan

    What’s your favorite boxed set?

    I'm familiar with the World of Greyhawk campaign setting but have never heard of City of Greyhawk. When was the latter released? For which edition of D&D?
  16. LoganRan

    Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord—Are they still around?

    Sorry, no. I only played TSR Gamma World a few times and it never really resonated with me so I have not paid attention to any clones created for that game.
  17. LoganRan

    Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord—Are they still around?

    Labyrinth Lord and OSE are both clones of B/X (that is Basic D&D edited by Tom Moldvay and Expert D&D edited by Dave Cook and Stephen Marsh). I know that LL made some fairly minor alterations to the games it cloned but both OSE and LL should be very compatible with each other as well as anything...
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    D&D 5E What rules for older editions have DMs imported to their own 5e games?

    <Insert "Not sure if serious" JPEG here> (And this is coming from a pretty hard core "Old School" grognard...) ;) (Actually, I am quite certain you are not serious...but on the off chance you ARE serious, well, "Respect" because you have some cloud giant sized cajones, my friend.)
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    OSR I never should have picked up Old School Essentials…

    Do you have a YouTube channel (and willing to share it)? I would be interested in seeing your thoughts on this subject.
  20. LoganRan

    D&D General Another D&D cartoon reference, do they mean anything?

    Two words: toilet paper. (Cheese stuffed crust pizza would be a close second.)