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    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2021

    Talk - Ful Metal RPG - detailed and varied discussion about lots of gaming related issues (the series on Politics in different game settings is worth listening to in and of itself). Coveringa variety of games fro OSR, D&D, Cyberpunk, Morg Borg and many others with lots of game-agnostic advice...
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    Go Back To The Medieval Future of Fading Suns

    Fading Suns may have been my first "true love" in role-playing and over the years I keep coming back to it. I truly think that this edition is the epitome of the game so far. The victory point system has been updated and streamlined and running the game has become far more intuitive because of...
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2021

    Fading Suns : Pax Alexius (Fading Suns 4th edition) - Ulisses Spielle International. It was nominated last year but, like Dune, schedules slip. I have followed FS since 1st edition and I am really looking forward to this one.
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    2000AD Judge Dredd Errata

    @Morrus Is the general WOIN errata from Errata & Rules FAQ — What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. also applicable? Should that be rolled into this list?