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  1. The Lost Muse

    Big Changes in ICv2's RPG Industry Charts, as Pathfinder Drops Off Before 2E's Release!

    I ran a one-shot crossover of my PF1 and PFPlaytest characters and it was great fun. The creatures/core resolution mechanic were close enough that everything flowed well enough. I imagine pf2e will allow for this possibility as well. Jason Buhlman’s comments in interviews leave me optimistic...
  2. The Lost Muse

    D&D standees

    I’m quite fond of Giant in the Playground’s A Monster For Every Season line ( ).
  3. The Lost Muse

    Pathfinder's Runelords Are Returning!

    They’ve announced that Golarion will be updated a bit, innthat the events of the adventure paths will be incorporated into the setting. Generally they are also assuming successful PC’s. So, the Worldwound will be closed, Cheliax will have some changes, Taldor will have a new ruler, etc.
  4. The Lost Muse

    LAST DAY FOR Bundle of Holding Presents... An O.L.D. and N.E.W. Mega Deal!

    So, how does O.L.D. / N.E.W / N.O.W. stack up against something like GURPS?
  5. The Lost Muse

    Pathfinder 1E What I'd really like to see Paizo do with Pathfinder is...

    I bought Ptolus, and I could see dropping up to $150 on something like this... but having the ability to pre-pay over a number of months would make it easier to swallow, as would the ability to pay via paypal.
  6. The Lost Muse

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder: Which books do you use?

    I'm using the same book-list that I used with 3.5 which generally includes: The Expanded Psionics Handbook, Complete Warrior/Arcane/Divine/Adventurer, Books from w/e setting I'm running in (in the case of my next campaign, this includes most of the 3.5 Eberron stuff, as well as Ptolus), and the...
  7. The Lost Muse

    Kelowna Gamers?

    Thread updated... see first post.
  8. The Lost Muse

    Pathfinder 1E Roll Call: The Pathfinder RPG

    Picked mine up at the FLGS on 08/13 - and I got the last copy there!
  9. The Lost Muse

    Countdown-timer at Green Ronin...? What's it all about?

    That'd be nine kinds of awesome!:cool:
  10. The Lost Muse

    I need a mansion

    You could always use the mansion from Madness in Freeport.
  11. The Lost Muse

    Oots 647!!! Insomnia finally pays off!!!
  12. The Lost Muse

    Warriors & Warlocks out on PDF!

    I'm intruigued, and would also like some bacon.
  13. The Lost Muse

    Advice on using GURPs to replace 4E?

    I'd also suggest getting GURPS Powers, if you decide to go with that system. It's very useful in modelling almost anything you could think of.
  14. The Lost Muse

    Advice on using GURPs to replace 4E?

    That's mitigated to a certain extent in the new edition, as the costs for advancing ability scores are flattened, and point costs are better balanced overall. It's still going to take a bit longer to become more capable at skills the character is already good at, but as you previously stated...
  15. The Lost Muse

    The Wheel of Time RPG

    The Prophesies of the Dragon adventure was a good idea, but horrible in practice. Essentially the PC's get to run a side-quest to the plot of the first six or so novels. That is the essential problem with running games in the "present day" WoT setting. Rand and Co. are doing a lot of the...
  16. The Lost Muse

    Supernatural Season 4 - Spoilers

    Paradise Lost.
  17. The Lost Muse

    Any word on the GSL?

    I agree completely that if WotC is going to actually offer licencing, the licence should be made available as quickly as possible. Not to nitpick, but the OGL needs no extension. WotC could release an SRD for 4e under the OGL, and then everyone would be able to use that information along with...
  18. The Lost Muse

    4th+ level city adventures

    What about running the Night of Dissolution or the Banewarrens?
  19. The Lost Muse

    New 3.xE Products in 2009

    I will most likely be picking up some pathfinder stuff, especially the core book. The bestiary, perhaps, perhaps not.