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  1. WOLead

    One-handed Invokers ?

    Depends on the character/situation Lanterns, Wonderous Items, alternate enchanted foci with a Daily power, Waterskin/Mug of Ale, one time a Leg of Lamb when attacked during a dinner and still eating it in combat, an Rhythm Blade Dagger +1 for a +1 AC/Ref Shield bonus, Staff of the Traveler to...
  2. WOLead

    D&D 4E The Dispensible 4E

    Ditto. I keep getting the feeling that when the opposing-view talks about it, they think Full HP = Completely Healed and Unscathed, despite having 0 Healing Surges left (whether thats true or not). Something that has never occurred in my mind, as I see the same as someone on their last legs...
  3. WOLead

    How Do you Feel About Healing Surges? (Read First!)

    From a past post about how I ended up viewing Healing Surges and HP in 4e: The idea was okay, its just they didn't EXPLAIN Healing Surges reasonably and the players had to come up with a way to explain it. Further, it would have been nice for small rule of "For more dangerous and gritty...
  4. WOLead

    My Wife Has a List of Demands! Part Two: Wildshape

    That, or specific stat blocks available at different levels of druid for certain archetypes of creatures. Extra-senses, Physical Abilities, and extra-modes of movement or breathing as expected, and increasing strength at each Tier, opening at certain levels when appropriate, and special ones...
  5. WOLead

    My Wife Has a List of Demands! Part Two: Wildshape

    I thought Wildshape was limited to 1/day, 2/day, etc. until you hit level 20 in Pathfinder?
  6. WOLead

    Why we need Warlords in D&DN

    For the Warlord Healing vs. Magical debate? Hit Points = Stress, Fatigue, and Pain tolerance you can take. Thus why Illusions "hurt" you, why Psychic Attacks can tear you down, why being Missed by an attack can still leave an effect, why Fear can be deadly. 0 Hit Points for PCs = Falling into...
  7. WOLead

    4e D&D game - 2 players needed.

    Guess not...
  8. WOLead

    Pathfinder 1E SKYPE GMT+8 Pathfinder Irrisen

    FYI for others reading: The game currently is planned to occur around 12:00 PM EST on Saturday. Please ask, if you are interested in roughly that time to start.
  9. WOLead

    Pathfinder 1E SKYPE GMT+8 Pathfinder Irrisen

    Yep, EST time zone for me. I don't mind being a night-owl, as I usually end up that way on a number of days anyways. Mention of Sunday in GMT +8:00 is rather funny, as that is actually my longest stretch of free time in my timezone. Though hopefully after 9:00 AM (GMT-8) Sunday, as that is...
  10. WOLead

    Pathfinder 1E SKYPE GMT+8 Pathfinder Irrisen

    I'm interested in joining, but with the sheer time difference I would need to know the day of the week to see if its one of the days I tend to stay up late during. GMT -5:00 here. Initial thoughts on a Character concept? Half-elf(Or Elf) Alchemist as a base going Chaotic Neutral for...
  11. WOLead

    Alchemist Thought: Touch Injection

    Scenario: Level 4 Alchemist with the Infusion Discovery, Touch Injection and Skinsend prepared. Am I correct in thinking that using Skinsend extract on an enemy, through Touch Injection, is an extremely cruel tactic? Then go further at level 10, with Combine Extracts to tack on an Alter Self...
  12. WOLead

    Monster's defense vs. Player's defense

    Because players get Enhancement Bonus and Armor Bonus to their AC to make up for the second half level that monster's get. NADs have a "Math Fix" feat to make up for the lack of scaling "armor" bonus that Armors get to keep up.
  13. WOLead

    Casters Suck? Please explain.

    Ah, the reason why I like playing a human Warlock. When I hit level 11, I'll have a vs. AC, vs. Fort, vs. Ref, and a vs. Will at-will powers to always target the lowest defense if/when needed. Eldritch Strike(AC), Hand of Blight(Fort), and Eldritch Blast(Ref) for either Cha or Con, then either...
  14. WOLead

    cross role multiclassing

    Sticking to the ones I've actually played, rather then just builds/potential? Swordmage|Warlock: This one is technically a Defender|Striker hybrid, but both classes contain a hefty chunk of Controller that you may as well consider 1/3rd of each. These builds usually turn out very well for me...
  15. WOLead

    Isolate and Kill vs. Neuter and Ignore: Which Control tactic do you prefer?

    I know, not fool-proof but worked rather well as one of the main tactics for the build. 1) Shift + Run was considered a win for me, especially as I could just simply setup the situation again at the new spot and allies could walk away form the creature due to its -5 penalty. Though, setting the...
  16. WOLead

    Isolate and Kill vs. Neuter and Ignore: Which Control tactic do you prefer?

    * Static Mote either behind or above the creature. Between the creature and the party, only if allies are out of burst range or they can take it. * Spirit Companion placed either between your party and the creature or above it. * World Serpent's Grasp so that the Spirit Companion's OA knocks it...
  17. WOLead

    Isolate and Kill vs. Neuter and Ignore: Which Control tactic do you prefer?

    For me, it depends on what I am playing. Literally. The following is how I have played the classes. Shaman|Psion hybrid? Thats a Neuter and have the rest of the party ignore. Static Mote + Spirit Companion(And its OA) allow me to stall at least one creature indefinitely, rendering it mostly...
  18. WOLead

    Chaos bolt: Max 3 attacks or infinite?

    Personal best on a Chaos Bolt here was finishing off four non-minions as well as killing two minions with one use. Warlord used War of Attrition, followed by me using Chaos Bolt with a +6 on attack and damage rolls with Chaos Bolt's many attack and damage rolls. Even went so far as to use...
  19. WOLead

    The Most Underpowered Class?

    Starlock. Needing 3 ability scores to keep up a good AC and attack rolls. Dropping Con leads to only 1 At-Will, a Basic Melee Attack or a Basic Ranged attack being all thats left. Dropping Charisma looses most Charisma based powers specifically tailored for Starlock, much less powers from the...
  20. WOLead

    The Most Under-Powered Race?

    If it wasn't for Versatile Master, I would say Half-elf and still say it for games where it is disallowed/house-ruled out. If it wasn't for that Paragon Tier feat, they are roughly weakened Humans really. Otherwise Changling for sheer lack of feat support, and the need of Charisma and Bluff to...