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  1. Cthulhugh

    One D&D Permanently Removes The Term 'Race'

    There is nothing wrong at all with using race in D&D. Why the change? It's suited the game for years. The group pushing these changes can't be criticised on this forum.
  2. Cthulhugh

    RPG Evolution: How Not to Fan

    Particularly if said writer is despite his best seller status is banned from being mentioned on popular TTRPG sites.
  3. Cthulhugh

    Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: An In-Depth Review

    I'll be giving this a wide berth for reasons outlined in The RPGPundit's latest video. Watch that then compare it to this review before you buy.
  4. Cthulhugh

    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Bunyip

    I'm a Aussie and back in the '70's there was a tourist trap called the Yackandandah Park. As kids it was the first thing we wanted to do was to go to the Bunyip enclosure and put our coins in the slot...and out would come this terrifying creature!
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  6. Cthulhugh

    Twilight: 2000 4E: An Interview With Free League

    Thanks for that Charles, I'm guessing the RP aspect is in the form of banter between squad mates and with NPC's (if there are any in game) The more I think about this RPG the more excited I get.
  7. Cthulhugh

    Twilight: 2000 4E: An Interview With Free League

    Ohh enworld is like crack some days, I've backed the TWILIGHT: 2000 BOXED SET level. I've never heard of the game before and the setting sells it. It looks like a Strategy War game but It's an RPG? I'm clearly going to have to to some reading up.
  8. Cthulhugh

    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Join The Team!

    You should apply mate! You know how to deliver a game that Gamers actually want.
  9. Cthulhugh

    Agents of Edgewatch Player's Guide: A Review

    If Paizo starts modifying our "pretend game" to cater to the minority woke left so blatantly, then insulting the Player base by adding this unnecessary warning about the good guys in the AP and modifying the AP they will find there company will go the way of all the other companies pandering to...
  10. Cthulhugh

    D&D 5E Gun Mages & Warjacks: Iron Kingdoms Coming to 5E

    What absolute killer artwork!
  11. Cthulhugh

    WotC Older D&D Books on DMs Guild Now Have A Disclaimer

    Totally unnecessary, surely as readers we can work all by ourselves that RPG stuff written in the past wont reflect current mores.
  12. Cthulhugh

    D&D 5E Temple of Elemental Evil is the next Original Adventures Reincarnated

    I dig the concept its just they are too damn expensive when they get to OZ. We're looking at $100+
  13. Cthulhugh

    View From The Rifts: Looking At Palladium's Rifts Role-Playing Game

    "Inexpensive" I wish! I'd like to buy the Ultimate Edition and the Sourcebook in physical book form, alas I live in Australia and from the Palladium site the postage starts at $53.00 American and there is nothing on offer at a reasonable price on Ebay US or Aust. Sucks to live on the bottom of...
  14. Cthulhugh

    News Digest: Dungeons & Dragons Movie, Magic: The Gathering Values Statement Updated, New Warhammer

    I think the idea that a movie (even a good one) will promote people to check out our hobby is improbable, Admittedly this isn't a Pew poll, I asked my teenagers would a kick arse D&D movie prompt them to actually play D&D and..well the look said it all. I wish it was as simple as a good movie...
  15. Cthulhugh

    News Digest: Dungeons & Dragons Movie, Magic: The Gathering Values Statement Updated, New Warhammer

    I don't understand the willingness of the D&D fanbase to want another movie, most of us play in our heads around a table stuff one-hundred times better than the embarrassing crap that has been produced so far.
  16. Cthulhugh

    D&D 1E What system pick to run Tomb of Horrors 1E

    So DTrpg has Tomb of Horrors available as a POD: I was wondering if you were going to play ToH and you were picking a retro-clone what system would you pick? I have a few retro clones on my shelf and I've heard around...
  17. Cthulhugh

    D&D 5E Dire Wolves.... Curse of Strahd,cant find the stats/write-up for them!!

    So on page 29 in the CoS book one of the random encounters is 1d6 dire wolves, the "dire wolves" text is bold indicating the description of the die wolves is in the MM however I cant find it anywhere. Would some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  18. Cthulhugh

    Looking for a particular RPG Driving me Crazy!!

    No,that is the frustrating thing.I'm looking back at the Paizo newsletter,a long shot at best.
  19. Cthulhugh

    Looking for a particular RPG Driving me Crazy!!

    Hi gang, yet again another plea to you wonderful people to point me in the right direction.Recently I read about an Indy? rpg,the artwork was a circle of black spheres and the plot involved people waking up (50?) with no memory and having to decide which one of the people had to die. I know...