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  1. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E D&D 4E fans: what do you like about 4E?

    That’s legit. It’s the same site used during LFR’s lifespan.
  2. Joshua Randall

    How do I know if I'm reading a good/up to date history book?

    All history is biased but some is more biased than others. You have to use judgement, common sense, and triangulation of other experts’ opinions.
  3. Joshua Randall

    D&D General "Effect as per the spell"

    4e stat blocks wonder why no one will return their calls.
  4. Joshua Randall

    OD&D It's Tom Moldvay's birthday.

    Adding this: B4 The Lost City is a great, great module. It’s less ur-D&D minimalist than Keep on the Borderlands, but it has excellent dungeon design, spectacular faction play, a truly nasty and memorable final boss, and tons of room for expansion.
  5. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E Age of worms

    It was the second Adventure Path (after Shackled City) in the magazines. Rather infamously a meat grinder, starting with the first dungeon that chewed up 1st level PCs like a low-level Tomb of Horrors (fear the 3e swarm rules... FEAR. THEM!) and going on to fight against dozens of dragons at...
  6. Joshua Randall

    OD&D It's Tom Moldvay's birthday.

    Similar story to the above. Friend loaned me his Moldvay basic. I rolled up a halfling who promptly got eaten by giant centipedes. The next day my dwarf Fredrick (that’s with the German pronunciation but the English spelling because I was 10, thank you very much) was born and only years later...
  7. Joshua Randall

    D&D General The Advent-ure Calendar

    Crown of Charon, in the 4th core style but for 13th age. A little over budget at $6.99 but an awesome tough as nails, Metroidvania style adventure. Revenge of the Iron Lich. Actual 4thcore. Free. and Crucible...
  8. Joshua Randall

    D&D General The Advent-ure Calendar

    Arkham Detective Tales. 5 adventures for Trail of Cthulhu (Gumshoe system). Ten bucks.
  9. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E Age of worms

    We’re not doing all your work for you, dude.
  10. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E Age of worms

    I wouldn’t even try to convert monsters one for one. Use good level appropriate monsters from MM3, MV, or MV Threats and just reflavor them to be more Kyuss-y.
  11. Joshua Randall

    I want to be able to buy my kid an Underdark playset

    I hear Mammoth Cave is available.
  12. Joshua Randall

    Do you love Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension?

    It’s stupidly entertaining despite how weird and janky it is.
  13. Joshua Randall

    OneBookShelf (drivethruRPG, dmsguild, et cetera...) Enshittified.

    There could be technical reasons ‘download all’ is now (or will be) an app-only function. It’s not always because they hate you.
  14. Joshua Randall

    The Adventures of the Knights of Spellforge Keep are now COMPLETED

    I’m bumping this thread from almost 20 years ago because I’ve been going back and rereading the first wave of ENW story hours. And this one is great. Memorable characters, a truly eeeeevil villain, reversals of fortune, exciting combat, good writing. Here are the links in modern ENW URL format...
  15. Joshua Randall

    At what point does a thread become necro?

    I disagree that thread necromancy is always inherently bad. But, for very old threads (to me? >6 months) you have to ask yourself if a new thread would be just as good. Sometimes the old thread has relevant info: complex rules discussions on which new light has just been shed for example. This...
  16. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E Have you ever run 4e using just Essentials?

    Yesssss! Let the 5e hatred flow through you! Strike down One D&D as well and take your place beside me! We will rule side by side and bring good gaming to 4e neo-grognardia!!!
  17. Joshua Randall

    D&D 3E/3.5 Sounds too good to be true

    But how can I stick it to The Man if I don’t pirate an RPG book with a customer base of a couple hundred people? /S
  18. Joshua Randall

    D&D 3E/3.5 Sounds too good to be true

    Scribd is gonna be pirated material 90% of the time when it relates to nerd culture. Internet Archive is in a pretty murky area. Make your own decisions.
  19. Joshua Randall

    D&D 4E Have you ever run 4e using just Essentials?

    Jacob, your rant is spot on, and the blame can be placed squarely at the feet of Mearls (and I think also Bill Slavicek who was still, at that time, in charge?). 4e chickened out of its own innovations and the company put all their chips on the nostalgia slot. The fact they were rewarded for...