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    Multiple "AI Art" Updates and Controversies in Tabletop Gaming

    Even if we don't consider the ethics and legal aspects of this topic, I see a huge quality problem. A lot of the AI art (especially when including people) is simply ugly. I've backed the "The Great Campaign Adventure Book" by Triple Ace Games, and even though they advertised the project as...
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    Pathfinder 2E Paizo Shares Color Covers Of Pathfinder Remaster

    One of the reasons I've never gotten into Pathfinder is the artstyle. For some reason I profoundly dislike those covers and character art. It mostly has to do with those strange looking weapons, anime like long-eared elves and the way the goblins look. The GM Core looks much better than I've...
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    Convergence Is An Excellent Introduction To Delta Green

    Alternity had two main settings: one was Star*Drive, the other was Dark•Matter. They also had a StarCraft release and there might have been something else as well, but these two were the main ones. Star*Drive was the science-fiction one and Dark Matter the X-Files clone.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Out-Gunned, Army Men, Devilry, and more

    We've only seen the quickstart, and there are supposed to be a couple of extra rules in the book, but it should be something like this anyway. The game tries to simulate "stereotypical" action movies. In the beginning the stakes are not high, characters usually don't die, but later, at the end...
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    Convergence Is An Excellent Introduction To Delta Green

    Dark Matter was actually an Alternity setting, which they watered down into a D20 Modern Setting. The Alternity version was quite good.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – BREAK!!, RŌNIN, TEETH, and more

    2LM's Outgunned Kickstarter started yesterday, but it's just a quick 16 day project: "Outgunned is a cinematic action rpg inspired by the classics of the action and heist genre, from Die Hard to True Lies, passing through James Bond, Atomic...
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    RPG Print News – Columbia Games, Catalyst Game Labs, and More

    Good that Broken Compass is back in print. It ended up with CMON, who according to rumors intends to release new products for it, but we don't have any details yet. Meanwhile, the original creators (2LM) are about to crowdfund Outgunned, a similar system but for action-movie like stories (think...
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    A Stealing Stories For The Devil Review

    Thanks, sounds great, I might take a look at it. Maybe a house rule, where the player character would have two different powers might help with that part, but I'll see once I'm there
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    A Stealing Stories For The Devil Review

    Can someone tell me what the player count is? Does it support out of the box, without house rules playing with one GM and one player (one character), or is it meant for a party?
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    Cyberpunk Red: Black Chrome Is A Modern Classic Gear Book

    Why would someone who is in part a melee fighter wear glasses? They don't even seem to be sport glasses. If someone has eye problems, there are much better fixes for that even today (which must become even better in the future), and as a design accessory, it would hinder you in combat. If it's...
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    Starfinder Paizo Announces The New STARFINDER ENHANCED!

    "Rules for scalable equipment": My main problem with Starfinder was the weapons. I simply cannot accept a setting, where hand-weapons constantly need to get stronger. There are a couple of games, even computer games that do this (Diablo, Cyberpunk), where you constantly need to upgrade or change...
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    Stormlight RPG Coming from Brandon Sanderson's Novels

    The world never seemed like one where people go on adventures to me. It is a fairly static feudal society, where all the people who have magical swords / armors are in the army of a noble. If I remember correctly, most people are not even allowed to travel. At least in the books I've read, we...
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    Stormlight RPG Coming from Brandon Sanderson's Novels

    I've only read the first three novels, but I don't think that this world / setting is really good for role playing games. Maybe if it comes with an adventure campaign that is somehow related to the novel's story. A new Mistborn version, maybe extended to Wax and Wayne would be much more interesting.
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    Dragonbane: An Interview with Tomas Härenstam

    I was thinking about backing this, but then ducks. It's one of the reasons why I was never interested in RuneQuest.
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    Coming [Chaosium] Work-in-Progress: Cthulhu by Gaslight London Map

    Can't wait for the new Gaslight version, and the campaign and adventures that should come for it. I generally like this era and also prefer anything that is not the 20s.
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    Spelljammer Spelljammer: Adventures in Space Review

    I am with you, I do appreciate (require) written adventures and don't usually write my own. I do change them, but only if necessary (it's quite often necessary unfortunately). I would have appreciated a couple more pages if it makes it better.
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    Rivers of London, RuneQuest Gods, Regency Cthulhu Coming Soon From Chaosium

    Regarding skills and BRP, that's one of the reasons that I like it :) And that's why I like Savage Worlds (although, it has not enough skills for my taste :) ) and the reason that I dislike D&D (5e) ist that it does not have enough skills and you have no direct control over those skills. So...
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    Review of the Dungeon Master's Screen Dungeon Kit

    I think you are using the wrong images here. You are talking about the Wilderness Kit, but the images are from the Dungeon Kit.
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    Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

    I liked Adventures in Middle-earth a lot. The artwork was great, and although there are better layouts out there, it was totally fine (I am very critical regarding layout, there are cases where a product is a no-go for me if the layout is not professional / nice enough). I am sad I did not buy...
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    Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

    It is indeed news to me, that this will be a new edition. I might be even getting it if it looks right. I do prefer adventures and big campaigns to setting / source books, so I hope we'll be getting those with the new edition. The FFG version did not have a lot of adventured and no "big" campaigns.