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  1. nightwind1

    TSR Darlene tells NuTSR NO!

    You probably know her by her dead name, Paul Jaquays.
  2. nightwind1

    Help me Remember This Fantasy Magic Novel?

    The Liavek series was AWESOME. I've always thought it would make a great RPG setting.
  3. nightwind1

    What happens to the "suboptimal?"

    Screw "optimizing". I let players create the character they want to play. If someone wants to "optimize", great. If they try to tell another player what to play, or how to make their character, the front door is over there --------->
  4. nightwind1

    Which acrylic paints do you recommend?

    I've always gotten GREAT results using craft acrylics such as Apple Barrel, Folk Art, CeramCote and Deco Art. Just make sure you use a good primer first. Note, this is on metal. I've tried it on a few plastic items (repainting action figures, etc.), and the results there are pretty good too.
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    Have Kung Fu Fights With Bigfoot In Spirit Of 77

    No, it's GROOVY! Or RIGHTEOUS! Or FLY!
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    Is D&D Your Favorite RPG?

    Nope. Hero System, followed by Traveller, followed by GURPS, followed by Deadlands, followed by Cyberpunk 2020... D&D's not even in the top ten.
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    Which Random Generator for Players Would you Use?

    You can randomly generate players?!?!? Why did no one ever tell me this?!?!? :)
  8. nightwind1 I evil??

    If someone drives my car without my permission, that's theft.
  9. nightwind1 I evil??

    No, hiding someone's car is grand theft auto, and is grounds for arrest in every jurisdiction I'm aware of.
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    Solving the "Let's Rob the Magic Shop" Problem

    How do we know that? That might not be the case in this game. Maybe they're a crew of thieves, operating under the Thieve's Guild. Maybe they're all Neutral or Evil.
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    Solving the "Let's Rob the Magic Shop" Problem

    Double-barreled Fireball Staff behind the counter, and a half-ogre security guard named "Bubba".
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    D&D 5E Skyrim supplement for D&D 5e

    There was a daycare in Florida that had Disney characters painted on their interior walls. They weren't making any money off of the artwork. They were slapped with a C&D from The Mouse, and were told to remove the artwork, or else. (Admittedly, this was trademark-related rather than copyright...
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    D&D 5E Skyrim supplement for D&D 5e

    Finances or money have absolutely NOTHING to do with copyright. If I write a story and put it up on the web for free, it's still MY story, and any use of it without MY permission is illegal (except for the allowed exceptions under copyright law, such as excerpting for review, etc.)...
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    The red TOS movie Trek uniforms were the best ones

    Speaking as former military (US Coast Guard, the closest thing we have to Starfleet), the Monster Maroons would have been good dress uniforms, but they would be lousy working uniforms. Not comfortable at all for doing a majority of the jobs to be done on a ship.
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    Girl pulls sword from Dozmary Pool - Pendragon returns in our hour of need?

    I don't know... these days, that looking like a better option.
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    Take A Look At The Gen Con 50 Museum: First Draft of D&D, First Traveller, & More!

    Somebody at the con should tell them they misspelled "Traveller".
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    Which rpg got you hooked?

    A tie: Traveller and Tunnels and Trolls.
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    News Digest: Starfinder Miniatures Minis Are Coming, WizKids' New Dungeon Crawler, New Warhammer 40K

    39.95 for FIVE freakin' miniatures? Jeezum crow, that's expensive.
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    D&D 5E I played a game of Classic D&D.

    Of course it did. In fact, it supported it better than any current edition does. You just have to figure out what to do with it, and have a DM that's not a dick.