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  1. Starfox

    The Cleric should be retired

    Late to the party here. As I see it, the cleric could have variants in all the roles; tank, scrapper, buffer, blaster. The current cleric is buff with a pinch of tank. The paladin is the pure tank variant. You can flavor a bard to be the pure support version. Light/Storm domain clerics are...
  2. Starfox

    D&D General Drawbacks of a World with BG3 in it

    Has anyone experienced the "Critical Role Expectation Issue" with BG3, where players are disappointed because a home game is not a sexciting as the show/computer game? BG3 maps are shock full of stuff, while my adventures tend to be more linear with less distractions than BG3, and I am sort of...
  3. Starfox

    D&D 5E No One Plays High Level?

    I played DnD 3.0 and Pathfinder each to 20th level - plus 10 mythic levels in Wrath of the Righteous. I played 4E to high levels, somewhere in the mid twenties. Currently at level 10 in 5E. It works, as long as no-one is overly cheesy. None of my players were going for Simulacra or other power...
  4. Starfox

    Dragonbane by Free League

    This is the English translation of a development of the Swedish RPG Drakar & Demoner from the 80, which is in turn derived from Chaosium's Basic Role Play- a simplified Rune Quest. I played early editions of Drakar & Demoner and was friends with the managers at the time. The Drakar & Demoner...
  5. Starfox

    Playtest 8 Monk Discussion

    I hadn't thought of this use, but I like it. I love the varies defensive options the monk has now, even if it is a bit hard to grasp for a beginner. Use your Bonus Action to dodge (costs 1 dp) and your Action to attack. This si the low-level option. Use your Action to Dodge and attack with...
  6. Starfox

    What do you want in a shapeshifting class?

    What do I want from shapeshifting? Madame Mim vs Merlin! ;) In a class system like DnD, shapeshifting abilitets have to be layered depending on class. 4E did try by basically making a variant "druid" for each of the four roles, I liked that idea. A ranger might be able to turn into a travel...
  7. Starfox

    Worlds of Design: Reassessing Tolkien’s Influence

    Coming late to the party, I just want to make a simple point. Tolkien's Middle Earth may have few magic-users or magic items, but since the stories chronicle exceptional events, there is actually a high proportion of magic items and people in the stories. And it is the stories that influence...
  8. Starfox

    Which game has your favorite magic system?

    Back in the renaissance, one person could master most of science. This is why we talk about renaissance men. That's the legend anyway. Many fantasy settings are roughly equivalent to the renaissance. I'm not saying it has to be this way, just how you can explain it if you want a wide range of...
  9. Starfox

    D&D 5E Thievery in 5e - still relevant?

    I Believe they said that there will be a magic item price list in the DnD formerly known as 1DD. I constantly wrestle with the problem I like to call "money as xp". A character has two currencies they can spend to improve themselves; xp for levels (in DnD) or character improvement, and gp for...
  10. Starfox

    What Are The Current Freelance Writing Rates In The TTRPG Industry?

    I'm retired for health reasons. I did some hobby level writing and my experiences very much match what is aid here. Since I have a pension I was never dependent on this pay, so I could put may more hours into these projects than the pay merited. I realize this makes it harder for those who do...
  11. Starfox

    Which game has your favorite magic system?

    FASA was very good at integrating magic and setting - Shadowrun also does this beautifully. All their settings are lovely! Oddly for a company that started off publishing Traveler adventures, they were never good at math. Shadowrun, Battletech, Crimson Skies - all had lousy math. I think...
  12. Starfox

    D&D 5E What are the "True Issues" with 5e?

    I think this is a matter of setting. In a setting with magic items, it is too granular with non-magical equipment of different quality. Just too much to keep track of. In a setting without magic items, diverse types of masterwork items are a good fit. These masterwork items could be the same as...
  13. Starfox

    D&D General What Should Today's Archetypes Be

    I look to The Fantasy Trip (precursor to GURPS) and Runequest as the systems that would have dominated the 80s without DnD.
  14. Starfox

    D&D General What Should Today's Archetypes Be

    To me this is a feature, not a bug. I like opening up the warlock class to concepts outside the Faustian. To me classes are game devices, building blocks we build out characters from. I prefer them not having much built-in story. The One DnD warlock that had access to the entire arcane list was...
  15. Starfox

    D&D General What Should Today's Archetypes Be

    The danger of this line of reasoning, a dager that is already present in the discussion as it is, is that each of us will present our own homebrew as the fantasy RPG of the age. I certainly feel that temptation. :)
  16. Starfox

    D&D General What Should Today's Archetypes Be

    It is very hard to say - DnD has influenced the genre so very much that it is hard to say what would have happened had it not been there. But there are some ideas. Going from anime, "Hero" would be a class - a similar to paladin but less magic, more fate. Armor would be more of a fashion...
  17. Starfox

    Are you going to buy the new 2024 D&D Core Books

    I'll definitely get the PH. Maybe the DMG. Monster Manual... perhaps.
  18. Starfox

    D&D 5E What are the "True Issues" with 5e?

    I agree with this. Having a money-based magic item economy like 3E and 4E reduces the portential for meaningful plots revolving around money in investment, politics etc. Basically, if gold = xp in another form, other uses of money disappears. 5E tried to avoid this, but it seems to be returning...
  19. Starfox

    Paizo Announces Starfinder 2nd Edition

    Yeah, knowing what its going to be makes it easier to ignore. And it also tells me PF2 is not a disaster for Paizo - if it was they wouldn't bet further on it. Which I quite like - Paizo is a nice publisher even if they turned away from my interests. Good luck to them.
  20. Starfox

    D&D General Why is "OSR style" D&D Fun For You?

    These are pretty much my reasons for not playing AD&D. :) I am not getting into why to not start an edition war. In the end it boils down to preference and taste.