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    Vote For Your Favourite TALK Tabletop RPG Podcasts

    Dragonlance Canticle keeping Dragonlance alive!!
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    Palanthas Herald February Issue

    This is the continuation of the Dragonlance setting through a fan effort. It is offering a lot of fluff material as most of the crunchy material was provided. What we are doing is providing fans of both the novels and the games a source of new material, or material that is fleshed out. We...
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    Palanthas Herald February Issue

    Just a reminder to folks that there is no adventure in this month's issue of the Herald, next month will have the adventure, it is not missing.
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    Palanthas Herald February Issue

    The February issue of the Dragonlance Palanthas Herald is out. Stop by and check it out. The Herald's Line Up Features Fantasy Gumshoe System Treatise of the Creation of the Solamnic Empire Traveler's Guide: Neraka Departments Palanthas Herald Bestiary Character Spotlight The...
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    Flames of War?

    I have been playing FoW for several years now and enjoy the game immensely. What I think is that the game has a lot of good tactical strategies to use. As for the models don't let that scare you away. I started my first army as armor using Command Decision miniatures (if you want the website...
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    Legends and Lore - The Genius of D&D

    I would say some of this depends on what edition you are playing. Ability Scores in 3.x and 4e aren't very important as you have the option to constantly modify them with character creation or leveling. With the control you have over them you can modify scores to fit any class. To me that...
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    Let's Forget the Forgotten Realms

    Perhaps instead of looking at what the first six books (novels) of DL made it, people should look more into Dragonlance's history before passing judgement on if it could be a default setting. If you go the route of the War of the Lance you could do stories there, but whats the point you know...
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    More 5E podcasts and articles

    You can also check out the Dragonlance reaction to the 5e announcement with the Canticles latest podcast. Dragonlance Canticle The first half of the podcast covers psionics, but the second half discusses 5e.
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    Palanthas Herald January Issue Out

    I always pictured the kender just randomly reaching into his pouches and finding the bell.
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    Palanthas Herald January Issue Out

    The Palanthas Herald January Issue is out today. Stop on over to the Nexus to check out the latest issue and read up on some Dragonlance gaming goodness. The Herald's Line Up News Flying Citadel Spotted Citizens Concerned Former Senator Arrested on Suspicion of Smuggling Tika's Legendary...