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  1. Tutara

    Grading the Warhammer (40K, etc) System

    I am a tiny bit piqued - not in a massive way, not in a 'this is a crime against humanity' way - but in a 'I really like a number of the Warhammer systems, and to see them distilled down to "Warhammer" is a bit of an injustice when they are so different' way. I'll live, but I feel it does a...
  2. Tutara

    Grading the Warhammer (40K, etc) System

    I think you need to break this down into separate systems, because that is what they are rather than a single ‘Warhammer system’. It’s a bit like saying ‘How do you feel about the Cthulhu system?’ and then lumping Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Achtung Cthulhu and so on all together...
  3. Tutara

    How hard is learning a new TTRPG system?

    No harder than learning a new board game or video game or any other pastime. I’m a slave to novelty though, so I actually enjoy trying new stuff and so do the people I play with, so it’s not a massive imposition.
  4. Tutara

    Candela Obscura Core Book Available Nov 14

    I got my copy yesterday, and am so far glad I ordered it. It’s a pretty book, about twice the size (not page count) of Blades in the Dark but still pretty compact. I was a bit wary of the system initially, but I think it does enough to differentiate itself from Blades and has some nifty ideas...
  5. Tutara

    D&D General D&D tries to be a little of everything, and that's its secret strength (and weakness)

    I don't think D&D does try to be a little bit of everything. It's good at some things, it's awful at other things, but it is only ever D&D. I think it is more that because it is the 800 pound gorilla of the RPG scene, people try to crowbar everything into it. It's commercially viable. It's...
  6. Tutara

    How Should RPG Books Be Organized - on your shelf?

    I organise by weight to prevent my shelves from collapsing.
  7. Tutara

    Soviet Reversal or how the reward should be different from the challenge

    But what if I like my role? I agree that providing greater breadth of ability rather than just ‘here’s a bigger number’ is a good shout, but making me do something I hate (platform jumping, for example) to get something I want (a nifty new sword) isn’t necessarily going to broaden my horizons-...
  8. Tutara

    D&D General Nolzur creates inclusive miniatures, people can't handle it.

    I assume you don’t realise the significance, but please don’t link to sectarian chants. I don’t want to run into that browsing an RPG forum.
  9. Tutara

    Half Race Appreciation Society: Half Elf most popular race choice in BG3

    I rather think the idea that repelling murderous invaders (an incursion is an invasion, right?) automatically means you are 'Good' highlights the silliness of alignment.
  10. Tutara

    What Game Systems Do You Have?

    On my shelf: Blades in the Dark: One of my absolute favourites, a great sysytem. Cypher 2e: I want to like it more than I do - some good ideas that don't quite pay off in play. Conan 2D20: This is on my 'to play' list. Not sure how well it will work on the table, but Dune 2D20 is apparently...
  11. Tutara

    I'm a longtime player and there really is only one thing that will stop me from switching to 5.X

    If it was just more of the same with some minor tweaks and some new art. (I know, I know - I'm sure someone will break the bad news to me shortly!)
  12. Tutara

    (+)Do Any TTRPGs Do Dueling Really Well?

    I apologise if my contribution did not enter into the spirit of the + thread - I meant only to be helpful and felt my suggestions were in line with your design goals. Your friendly reminder is taken as such, but I'll avoid such threads in the future as I don't seem to understand what is expected...
  13. Tutara

    (+)Do Any TTRPGs Do Dueling Really Well?

    During the last D&D 5E campaign I played, there was a situation where the characters could get into individual pitfights, with the other players betting on the outcome. Rather than run these using the 5E system, our DM boiled them down to glorified Rock/Paper/Scissors (three wins for a victory)...
  14. Tutara

    Review What is the single best science fiction novel of all time?

    ‘Roadside Picnic’ is one of my favourites. Is it the best? When I’m in the mood, sure. Honourable mention to ‘I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream’, which is more of a short story than a novel.
  15. Tutara

    D&D 5E D&D 5e Post-Mortem

    I have no nostalgia to earlier editions of D&D - I played other systems, and then stopped in my teenage years. I played Baldur's Gate, but enjoyed it in spite of the weird maths. I played Neverwinter Nights, and enjoyed it too. I have always been D&D curious, and as a (much) older person I...
  16. Tutara

    What named spells would you want to see added to the PHB?

    Bargle’s Slay Cleric.
  17. Tutara

    One D&D Survey Feedback: Weapon Mastery Spectacular; Warlock and Wizard Mixed Reactions

    I am disappointed in the conservatism of all the reversions back to 2014, but fair enough if that is what people want. Can’t help but feel it is a missed opportunity, but there you go.
  18. Tutara

    D&D General Why Do You Think Wizards Are Boring?

    The wizards in the games I have played were luckily excellent team players and thankfully bore no resemblance to an evil corporate bad guy from an 80's Christmas movie. It is easier to criticize the movie guy rather than the RPG class, though.
  19. Tutara

    D&D General Why Do You Think Wizards Are Boring?

    I think wizards are the opposite of boring, both as a player and a DM. A well-played wizard is a joy to DM for in my experience! Wizards are their own boss: They get their powers through hard work and study, not by begging, borrowing or stealing. Like the fighter or the rogue they use their own...
  20. Tutara

    D&D 5E Bigby's Big Book of Giants

    So you're saying they are a dependable source of misinformation? Agreed!