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  1. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E Questions regarding a Noble Bard

    Go with the five. That's gonna be rad.
  2. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E Corellion The Chaotic God

    Do th right thing regardless if restrictions. Robin Hood.
  3. KingsRule77

    Remorhaz - Huh?

    It's a bell curve. Some days will be easier or harder than others. Most days fall somewhere in the middle.
  4. KingsRule77

    Remorhaz - Huh?

    CR's work just fine in the context of the 'adventuring day'
  5. KingsRule77

    Is it time that the Warlord gets the "Damage on a Miss" treatment?

    Thank god. No one cares about your warlord people. Stop filling my feed with countless threads that all say the same thing! Can we do this with 'teh railroadz!! No! Teh sandboxx!! ' threads?
  6. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E The use of Monster Stat Blocks in Adventures

    Can't have full stat blocks in the adventure. Even minimal ones would eat up pretty serious chunks of page count. I knock out my own abbreviated versions and keep them handy.
  7. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E Who wrote these CRs?

    Crs are fine
  8. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E What is your current way to roll stats

    I do 4d6, if the numbers are low they can take the standard array.
  9. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E Enhancing "Hoard of the Dragon Queen" (Practical stuff to try at your table!)

    I like that idea. Maybe she's more zealous being 'blessed' with acid face.
  10. KingsRule77

    Active inter-player dislike mitigation-any advice?

    Boot the problem. Move the game. Problem solved. No mercy.
  11. KingsRule77

    D&D 4E A question for 4e players and DMs (about 5e)

    Map and tactical grid is optional, but feasible. We use one for the more dynamic fights but not for all battles. The rules aren't confusing in the slightest. Particularly for anyone who played an edition other than 4e.
  12. KingsRule77

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Another New Ranger Variant

    Clearly a work in progress. Meanwhile my party's ranger is a default PHB type and seems to be just fine. Does good damage, has decent hp, versatile skills wise... Plus a few spells. Maybe it's his synergy with the rest of the party, but he has no complaints.
  13. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E [Poll] How does your group do hit points per level?

    This is what I do. Maybe that makes me a wimpy Dm, but I just don't want the barbarian rolling 1's and having fewer hp than the wizard.
  14. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E How many fans want a 5E Warlord?

    Completely unnecessary. But whatever
  15. KingsRule77

    D&D 5E Campaign Settings 5e- Why I want to Forget the Realms

    Which isn't a problem. The only NPCs in your world are the ones you want.