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  1. Will

    Trying to find an unkillable scary clown monster...

    I don't know, but now I'm giggling madly at the thought of a tarasque in greasepaint. It might be the sleep deprivation, admittedly.
  2. Will

    Best Cleric Domains

    Interesting placement of googly bits. Huh. (Then again, Greeks had some funny weird beasts, like the penis birds. Imagine penises. With wings. Flying around.)
  3. Will

    Is this the right forum for OGL homebrew?

    I started up discussion (with a link to rule doc) in a separate thread, Willd20.
  4. Will

    D&D 3E/3.5 Fixing 3.5

    I find when you fix 3.5 it tends to walk funny for a while.
  5. Will

    Wild20 game discussion

    Ok, started a thread for this now that it's something remotely legible: (click or copy link, you should be able to preview or save document, let me know if any problems) Willd20 is very much a 'working title.' Heh. Constructive analysis desired...
  6. Will

    D&D 3E/3.5 In what ways can a 3.5 or Pathfinder PC get the swallow whole ability?

    Have a succubus give you special training. :devil:
  7. Will

    how would you build a 'Duellist'?

    Yeah, I'll third/fourth/whatever the rogue (and possibly swashbuckler) suggestions. My go-to core rules duelist is usually some mix of fighter and rogue with a lot of Dex -- fighter gives you feat 'fuel' to do a bunch of cool things plus a little more hit points and attack bonus.
  8. Will

    Pathfinder 1E Anyone else excited about the Pathfinder MMO?

    I think there's a lot of potential in making an innovative and beautifully immersive MMO experience. I'd lay just about any money down that that's not what PF MMO ends up being, but I'd love to be wrong.
  9. Will

    Dungeons and Dragons and Data...

    Keep in mind his stats are highly random, so you could do just about anything. He's bulletproof. No, wait, he's vulnerable to arrows. He's superfast. No, wait, that often doesn't matter. So, yeah. Throw a dart. ;)
  10. Will

    Is this the right forum for OGL homebrew?

    Well, I have everything but magic worked out and am trying to make the document legible (debating what format for the document -- which is a good question, what would be ideal? A formatted Word or RTF document? A laid-out webpage?) The overview of the system Goals Somewhat inspired by older...
  11. Will

    Is this the right forum for OGL homebrew?

    I've been working on a system that's OGL, D&D but with a bunch of system changes. Is this the right forum for discussing/getting feedback about it?
  12. Will

    Which 3rd Edition books are the best?

    Complete Divine fixes a lot of what I find boring or simplistic about Clerics (3e clerics BUG ME), if for nothing more than 'Spontaneous Domain spells.' (Mind you, I then turn around and disallow Divine Metamagic and Persistent spell right out) Complete Warrior isn't dramatic or sexy, but adds...
  13. Will

    Pathfinder 1E Will's E6 Pathfinder project, feedback requested

    Well, there are several reasons to go E6. One is as you mention. My interest in E6 starts at the point in which it produces or sets a certain genre of play. But my interest extends from that, and it's the other things I want out of a game that drive me to do the other stuff, like magic and...
  14. Will

    Pathfinder 1E Will's E6 Pathfinder project, feedback requested

    Overview I really like D&D third edition. However, I've long been dissatisfied with the gameplay at moderate and high levels. In addition, while Vancian magic is cool and useful, I missed the kind of magic I often see in modern fantasy, magic that plays out much differently than D&D magic...
  15. Will

    a question on creatures

    I'm also iffy on giving an animal Int 6. I know that's what the template does, but IMO an animal just doesn't have Int above 2.
  16. Will

    Non-PF feats in PF

    I think a lot of feats that were balanced in 3.5 are still fairly balanced in PF, with some specific exceptions. The thing is, a lot of feats weren't that good even in 3.5. ;) Feats I REALLY like that are less common: Domain Spontaneity: There are few things that really let a cleric stand out...
  17. Will

    a question on creatures

    I'm not sure what you're asking, but a heavy horse is basically just a regular horse plus the 'advanced' template, which increases its CR and Con score but not its HD. Its how templates generally work.
  18. Will

    YALF! (Yet Another LA Fix)

    Heh. I've mostly abandoned this idea. My current idea is to adopt approach where none of the physical stats have more than +2 starting out, and earn everything else through racial HD. So, for example, a fire giant would be +2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, 2 slam attacks, immunity to fire, vulnerability...
  19. Will

    Why the need for confession?

    The opposite of love isn't hatred or anger, it's apathy. People often rant about how they are leaving games because they are jilted lovers.
  20. Will

    a question on creatures

    Animals are Int 2. Period. So you give the horse a +4 Int, Int 6... which caps at 2.