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    WotC Roll for Combat got to try the 3D vtt and he seems to like it. Live streaming now.

    Yeah, it's super easy to set the grid scale, but laying an actual grid based on that scale would be good. I suspect that will show up as a feature before too long. It is basic but it's so straightforward I've been using it in most of my sessions even though I'm generally a theater of the mind...
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    WotC Roll for Combat got to try the 3D vtt and he seems to like it. Live streaming now.

    This is essentially what maps on DDB does. It's super easy.
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    D&D 5E No One Plays High Level?

    Almost all of my 5e games have gone to high levels. It has been fun and easy to run. I'm running two high level games right now. Apparently I'm an oddball. AD
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    WotC DnDBeyond begins a new Creator highlight stream show.

    There was a new update today unless I'm confused.
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    WotC DnDBeyond begins a new Creator highlight stream show.

    I keep waiting for your thread reporting this:
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    Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

    While I would be ok with them just providing a limited number of animal statblocks, I would prefer if they went with a small set of generic statblocks that could be customized with additional abilities (modeled on abilities that beasts have) while still explicitly allowing druids to decide what...
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    Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

    As noted above, that was the problem. Given the other changes, the new rules would create an absurd use case where you basically have the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They didn't want that. But I agree that they need to just add a change that makes the tiny form less robust and...
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    D&D Movie/TV The D&D Movie Reviews Are Coming In

    I believe, based on the clip, that they are called the red shirts
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    D&D 5E Honor Among Thieves Character Stats

    There's an accompanying video on the d&d youtube channel. They went with statblocks as that's how they anticipate them getting used (people have their own characters). But they started with the character sheets that were developed for the movies. So such character sheets exist! (Though it sounds...
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    Spell slot level for Find Familiar and Find Steed for rituals, Wild Companion and Faithful Steed

    I'm thinking for wild companion and for faithful steed, the intention is that you spend a spell slot. The advantages of the abilities are that they let you cast these spells as an action and not expend material components. So you can do it quick. This resolves the question of what level the...
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    D&D 5E Online RPG Tools Platform Demiplane Announces '5E Nexus'

    Hey Adam-- Glad to see you guys are doing this. Definitely glad to see a place for 3rd party publisher support. Sad face for me, since what I really want is all my official and 3rd party D&D stuff in one place. But I suppose that'll have to be a dream for a later time. AD
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    Where is the new OneD&D playtest?

    Maybe. But I've gotten the impression that they don't consider themselves on an unchangeable timeline.
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    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    Totally. But the underlying presumption that they are just improving the existing edition implies that he means that material using the existing SRD should remain compatible even after the update/replacement. I suppose playtesting will stress test that goal. And people who define compatibility...
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    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    I think the misunderstanding we're having here is that Kyle doesn't seem to consider one D&D as needing an entirely new SRD. So he's referring to the existing SRD. But I do think you and I have adequately demonstrated that the point needs clarification AD
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    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    Actually, given the context of the conversation, I'm pretty confident he was referring to material made with the existing SRD being compatible with upcoming One D&D adjustments. But of course it's an interpretation, and it would probably be good to have someone follow up more explicitly. But...
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    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    Kyle did say "One thing I can guarantee right now is that it will be 100% compatible. Anything you build with the SRD will work with the new rules" And all the discussion is about modifying or bridging to the existing SRD. Not writing something brand new. He also said: "We don't even think of...
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    Where is the new OneD&D playtest?

    Or they needed to focus on advertising for keys from the golden vault for a week. They tend to try to avoid piling things in the same week. And given that they're doing interviews with YouTubers and such about the OGL, I wonder if there won't be more delays until they feel they have an open...
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    So Will 'OneD&D' (6E) Actually Be Backwards Compatible?

    Unless they radically change course, what I've seen so far would let me use all my existing DM materials with barely a blink. And-- this might be shocking for those of us who are very hyperfocused on details (I count in that category)-- the changes on the player side wouldn't strike most of the...
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    WotC Backs Down: Original OGL To Be Left Untouched; Whole 5E Rules Released as Creative Commons

    I would disagree that those interactions are trust relationships. Certainly, I am forced to rely on services from some corporations each day, whether I trust them or not. And I 'hope' that it is not in their interest to screw me if they want to keep me as a customer. And sure, I stop dealing...