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  1. Redshirt

    D&D 5E What Author or Authors are your biggest influence in the Fanatsy Genre/D&D

    Yeah, his worlds are unique but they just seem to bring out the idea's in me.
  2. Redshirt

    D&D 5E What Author or Authors are your biggest influence in the Fanatsy Genre/D&D

    In the last handful of years I would have to say Brandon Sanderson. Whatever you say about his writing he can sure build an interesting world.
  3. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Bards: How did these become a thing?

    To me Bards seem like they work well with whatever amount of "musical fluff" you want to put into it. I just started a bard who is based on Paul from the Dune books. He can pitch his voice to get into peoples heads and bend them to his will, fun stuff. Use as little or as much music you want...
  4. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Dungeons and Dragons and the RPG Stigma

    My two main hobbies are D&D and disc golf. While both have stigma's attached to them I never get any comments about D&D when it comes up. Can't say the same about disc golf.
  5. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Mind Blank / Portent

    I thought so but wanted to be sure. Thanks guys.
  6. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Mind Blank / Portent

    Working on my game and a question came up i'd like some input on. Would the Mind Blank spell negate the Portent ability of a Diviner Wizard? I'm inclined to say no because its not a spell but not sure because of the wording. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Any interest in the not-quite-so-wild mage?

    The Rod of Wonder has got to be the best magic item ever. It also helps one of my players will use one at any opportunity he gets. Oh, and a new chart would be fantastic!
  8. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Homebrew Campaigns in 5e

    I had originally talked my friends into doing a one shot of the 5B rules a couple of weeks ago. While looking through the threads here I came across one in which someone posted that their old campaigns were so tough they started out dead in a ditch. A perfect mystery to start a short game...
  9. Redshirt

    What influenced you to start gaming?

    I used to read books about Mythology when I was in middle school. When my older brother brought the Red Box home I was easily hooked. Soon after my other brother joined the Science Fiction Book Club and I began my Fantasy "education".
  10. Redshirt

    D&D 4E 4e alchemy kinda stinks on toast. Give me something better!

    Maybe you can make the various levels of a formula cost a multiple of the base cost. (The first increase of the healing poultice costs 5 times the base cost, 10 times the next, etc....). I don't see these items ever being worth those large sums.
  11. Redshirt

    D&D 4E 4e alchemy kinda stinks on toast. Give me something better!

    I've been thinking about making Alchemy and Brew Potion all one feat. It doesn't make sense to me that my alchemist can't make potions.
  12. Redshirt

    D&D 4E 4e alchemy kinda stinks on toast. Give me something better!

    I just started an alchemist Artificer in a game and have to agree that the effects are a little underpowered but the flavor is just so much fun. The only thing I've found that looks like it might help is this blog. It hasn't been updated in a while. Laboratory Rules As UNWritten
  13. Redshirt

    Novels with extensive D&D-style ruin/dungeon exploration?

    The Second Book of Swords by Fred Saberhagen has a pretty big dungeon crawl. The first three books are very good. The others... not so much.
  14. Redshirt

    Which class do you hate the most?

    I picked illusionist. They are great fun to use as a DM but never worked like I thought they should as a player.
  15. Redshirt

    What is Gold used for?

    Sometimes a well placed bribe is useful in gathering vital information. Vagrant's, barmaid's and priest's are all useful target's of a bribe.
  16. Redshirt

    Do you mark your books?

    The cover of my 1e PHB feels like a golf ball because I've used it as a writing table so much.
  17. Redshirt

    What Are The Greatest Ever D&D Books For Inspiring Adventures?

    Stormwrack. I was running a low magic game in an island at the time. That book gave me hundreds of idea's.
  18. Redshirt

    D&D 5E Comeliness: An Add On Module for 5E

    You can never have too many dump stats!
  19. Redshirt

    Share something Cool

    My player's loved the encounter I ran using the Jester's Barroom Blitz rules. This is how a bar fight should be.
  20. Redshirt

    Why we need Warlords in D&DN

    Any class that let's my critter's pound on a player all night and the party think they pulled something over on me is a must have for 5e. The healing aspect of the class is just a fraction of the awesomeness that is the Warlord.