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  1. Sound of Azure

    What We Lose When We Eliminate Controversial Content

    Frankly, if I want sexy art, I look for books or sources dedicated to it. I don’t need it in my RPG manuals- unless the RPG is dedicated to such things, I guess.
  2. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E The warlock is a "better" wizard than a wizard

    I think I will nick the warlock chassis for the caster playbooks for my home dungeon world hack. Nice thread!
  3. Sound of Azure

    TSR Who's running the TSR3 social media accounts?

    Wow, that’s actually kind of tragic. 😞
  4. Sound of Azure

    A Question for 4E Players: Where to now?

    I voted for continue with 4e, as I am still running Zeitgeist- and will do so for as long as the modules keep coming out. I'm putting some thought into house-ruling 4e to have slower recovery for a more grounded heroic tier 4e game in between Zeitgeist "chunks" and give my players a break from...
  5. Sound of Azure

    Telepathy and the Colossus (Part 5 Spoilers)

    Hi folks, My players have just returned to Flint after their extended assault upon the bleak gate faciliity in Act 3 of Cauldron Born. They're a little mad at Asrabey for running out in the middle of the climactic battle, and really mad at Alexander Grappa for getting himself killed by Leone...
  6. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E Will you pay $50.00 for the "standard" PHB?

    Yeah, I will. As an Australian, we've always payed a premium on books- so that's a relatively normal price for a core rpg book. Like TerraDave though, I would not object to a lower price.
  7. Sound of Azure

    Digging For Lies - Ziggurat Rainbow Puzzle

    I set it all up too, and my players had a similar reaction. :D They took one look at the prismatic lighting under the curtain and went the other way. They had the "expert ziggurat trampler" rock Rackus with them, after all. Between his expert advice and the monk's extremely high perception, they...
  8. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E Wandering "Monsters": Magic Items

    Did anyone else read that in the "movie trailer guy" voice? --- As for the topic, I think it's great to have advice for new/inexperienced DMs, even if it's just guidelines. It can also be good to have a baseline for such things, so as to know what the designers are expecting. Makes it far...
  9. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E Why the claim of combat and class balance between the classes is mainly a forum issue. (In my opinion)

    Hoard and Horde. Know the difference! Just think of the EL of a creature able to keep multiple Tarrasques (from multiple planes maybe?) in a treasure pile! Keeping a horde of Tarrasques in your hoard would be hard work! Either that, or it's just a Monty Haul game. :D
  10. Sound of Azure

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Theme Music

    Music I've made quite a lot of use of Erdenstern's Into the Blue, Into the Green, Into the Gold, and Into the Red as well as the Chronicles of Adventure. The Titanic and Master and Commander sountracks are also pretty good (obviously the non-vocal tracks).
  11. Sound of Azure

    {Settings Tournament} Round 4 - Semifinals!

    Dark Sun vs Planescape? That was cruel, Mercurius! :.-(
  12. Sound of Azure

    {Settings Tournament} Round 3...And then there were Eight

    That one was a lot harder. Eberron, Golarion, and FR have far broader settings- and are therefore open to more types of stories. That's great, but my games tend to be heavily themed- so I ended up picking the ones with the more intriguing premise to my eyes. In the case of Greyhawk vs. Mystara...
  13. Sound of Azure

    Specialty Priests Question

    Yeah, worshipping the Lady of Pain's a pretty quick way to get mazed. As for the Circle of Eight, as they are mortal wizards- that doesn't really compute in my book. If I'm remembering correctly, maybe their avowed true neutral stance could be a (tenuous) avenue of worship- the "cleric as...
  14. Sound of Azure

    D&D 4E messy's 4e newbie questions thread

    There is also the heroic tier Stoneroot's Endurance feat, which allows you to roll a d20 when critically hit. On a 10 or higher, it becomes a normal hit. Changelings also have available the Epic feat Fluid Anatomy, which allows a saving throw against critical hits. It's stronger, since saving...
  15. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E What rules would you like to see come back in 5E?

    Imagine the alignment debates!
  16. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E A lesson I hope WotC learns from Paizo (with regards to 5E)

    I definitely understand this sentiment, but I'm really of two minds about it. If they are going to release fewer sourcebooks, the quality control definitely needs to be very high. With a frequent release schedule, if a title does not appeal enough it is a lot easier for me to skip that book and...
  17. Sound of Azure

    Pathfinder 1E Tactician not a power gamer

    Hm, well that sounds about right. My characters do tend to be hot-blooded action-hero types, and I use the rules to maximise that archetype. You Scored as Butt-Kicker You like a streightforward combat character. After a long day at the office, you want to clobber foes and once more prove your...
  18. Sound of Azure

    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    I've really enjoyed your in-character surveys, especially the Delft one. I think I'll use the template when my group ends part 5.
  19. Sound of Azure

    D&D 5E NPCs/Monsters being able to use PC classes.

    It wouldn't be bad as an option, though I hope that there will be some provision for simplified "templates" to apply to NPCs/monster in addition they implement this style of monster augmention. I don't think monsters should necessarily be equivalent to PC rules- though NPCs can (and maybe ought...