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  1. sgtscott658

    Monsters - older edition more challenging?

    Agreed, a few of my players have complained about the weak encounters they have battled against, especially when I ran HotDQ series and Tomb of Annihilation. The nice thing about 5E is you can actually add some 1E rules without breaking the system. After trying to run ToA for a about four or...
  2. sgtscott658

    Northside Chicago 3.5 D&D Game L/F more Players

    Howdy- Looking to start a new D&D 3.5 campaign set in the Realms in January of 2015. The campaign will have the players start at 2nd level with the core 3.5 rule set at this time. The plan is to play twice per a month on Sunday afternoons. If interested in joining are small group please email...
  3. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Chris Perkins to DM Rise of Tiamat session for Gametrailers

    Hi- Yes he is, it is, it is Episode 2 Sea of Moving Ice. The players he was DM'ing were morons and annoying, thankfully Chris is a class act and dealed with the goofyness as best as he could. I almost felt sorry for him at times. Then there was that dude with the funny hair doo, every five...
  4. sgtscott658

    Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    4 out of 5 rating for Hoard of the Dragon Queen I thought the adventure was good solid D&D.
  5. sgtscott658

    Problem players

    I'm not a velvet glove type person, if the player is annoying or disruptive, ill just boot him from the group end of story. Game time is too precious to coddle problem players. Scott
  6. sgtscott658

    Chicago- 5E D&D Sunday Group Looking for more players

    Howdy- A couple of players in my group had to drop out due to personal reasons, so now I have a couple of openings in my group for my 5E Forgotten Realms D&D game. If you are interested in joining up, we play on Sundays afternoons around 12-1230 to around 6 or 7pm on the Northside of Chicago...
  7. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Is every Official Adventure Going to be about Saving the World?

    Just popped into my head, The players find a relic that sucks their souls into it and only have so much time to live before their soul is devoured and they are destroyed. There are three other relics the players must get and the whole relic will be complete, then they must must find the Sword of...
  8. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Hey, you -- what did you think of The Rise of Tiamat?

    Howdy- Going into the final chapter of HotDQ, so maybe after the Thanks Giving holidays, we will start RoT. I do have RoT but have not looked at it closely to offer any constructive opinion at this time.
  9. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Is every Official Adventure Going to be about Saving the World?

    There are a ton of epic plots you can design. Just off the top of my head: Destroy a relic Establish a guild or destroy one revive a dead god Save a woods or forest from destruction establish a Kingdom So there are plenty of ideas beyond the world saving trope I would venture to guess Scott
  10. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Princes of the Apolcalypse/Adventurer's Handbook by Sasquatch Game Studios

    Howdy- Thanks for the info Mr. Baker, I really enjoyed Cormyr the tearing of the weave and Shadowdale The scourring of the land FR adventures by you. So I'm really stoked that WotC has designers with experience designing adventures in the Realms. Cant wait to see what you come up with. Scott
  11. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Realms Recent History

    I would say the 3.5 FR maps are the best looking I have seen. Also as others have done, I skipped over 4E and pretty much stuck with the 3.5 FR books.
  12. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Gamehole Con Live Tweeting Perkins Panel

    But do you have to derail a thread that has nothing to do with the OGL or Gamehole con? I thought the mods here were pretty heavy handed about off topic posting and thread crapping. Basically you guys posting in this thread about drow being PC are being rude to those of us who would like to...
  13. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Classic or just plain brilliant adventures/modules

    Not D&D but perhaps the best set of adventure modules ever publish is the Enemy Within Campaign series for Warhammer Fantasy RPG from Games Workshop back in the late 80's. Lots of Role playing with equal amounts of combat. With a little work it can be converted to 5E and I bet the players will...
  14. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Gamehole Con Live Tweeting Perkins Panel

    ya know, I keep coming back to this thread hoping for more info from the gamehole con, more info on what Chris Perkins said about the OGL and I find is a thread about drow not being PC and so on. Is that fair to the rest of us? Scott
  15. sgtscott658

    Writing games - advice on motivation

    I usually write a page a day and in between maybe take a walk to the store or something to get out an clear my head to think about what is next for my adventure I am designing.
  16. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Thoughts on 10 hour Marathon Session of 5E

    Man I miss those days of 24 hours sessions when i was in the military. On fridays, the battalion commander would lead us on a boots and utilities run, if on 5% of the battalion dropped out, we all get a 72hour liberty. Our group would run to the rec room, get our D&D game up and going and not...
  17. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Realms Recent History

    I do agree that the 4E realms was not something I cared for. Ed Greenwood has said that with every new edition, there will be a Realms shaking event. This includes changes in how magic works and changes in geography. But as someone who DM's the Realms, I would much rather put my own spin on...
  18. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E Gamehole Con Live Tweeting Perkins Panel

    How do these outfits write these adventures up, playtest them and then print this stuff in such a short amount of time?
  19. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E The Wonkiness of Tool Proficiency

    I dont think its wonky at all, your slight of hand is what is used for Thieves tools. So for example if your going to remove a trap, pick a lock your going to use slight of hand and your proficiency mods to apply to the DC. Scott
  20. sgtscott658

    D&D 5E So who played 5E D&D recently?

    Awesome to see so many people enjoying themselves playing 5E. Also it is very cool to see the different campaign worlds being used, homebrew adventures, published adventures and so on. Scott