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  1. jwade1980

    Level Up (A5E) Classes: Winner and Losers

    Winner: Fighter, tons of depth and the new combat maneuver system really shines with them. Will be my first character I make with A5E. Loser: Ranger, would love to see more melee options, but that's a personal thing I know. Archetypes are pretty snoozy too. Warden especially. Wildborn provides...
  2. jwade1980

    D&D 5E Help with Playing as a ghost

    Check out - There's a template your DM may be able to sign off on.
  3. jwade1980

    New SCAG Info: Someone Got The Book

    Could someone with the book provide a bit of details surrounding any new tidbits about the bard? Any new colleges? etc?
  4. jwade1980

    D&D 5E An Optimized Polearm Master Fighter Template

    I'd recommend checking the format of your post.
  5. jwade1980

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Takes on Modern Magic

    Hah, no bard mention at all either, but paladin?? How odd.
  6. jwade1980

    A Small Gen Con Photo Gallery!

    Looking at it closely, it looks like the Fantasy Age isn't centered either. It favors the left side as well.