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    Elissar/To Save A Kingdom A peek behind the scenes

    Haha, that flips the background of one of my players on its head. He stopped by Hengistbury travelling north towards the traditional cold region and you put it south! Curious where this will lead, currently running TSAD after MoH and planning to follow up with TSAV and TSAF and was planning on...
  2. final scroll_no_grid-min.png

    final scroll_no_grid-min.png

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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    Haven't checked in in a while cause RL happened but one suggestion for that remaining empty space would be for the Manuever DC / Exertion counter, since that is definitely universal and also useful for some of the basic maneuvers that likely won't be noted down as a feature. Another option would...
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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    None of us was interested in Rogues so we haven't looked at them in depth, good to know. But horizontally there's space for that :unsure: Also considering a tracker somewhere for Prestige. Got someone who is keen on the Vigilante Synergy Tree.
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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    I hope for the best :confused: I've been playing with the idea of counting Expertise dice via a 3 box set like death saves. (for d4, d6 or d8) here's a rough mock-up. Also sat down and made some lvl20 characters with my group as practice (in the sense of cramming maximum amount of stuff onto the...
  6. 1 Stats+Skills A4 V2B.jpg

    1 Stats+Skills A4 V2B.jpg

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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    Already updated my sheets! :) I'm on Pc, I just use Gimp to move things around like a puzzle. I love the addition of the logo and the slightly darker grey, makes it pop a little more visually! A change some might find odd is the addition of the Combat Traditions etc block to the Stats page... I...
  8. 5 Features-2Caster A4 V2.jpg

    5 Features-2Caster A4 V2.jpg

  9. 4 Features-Caster A4 V2.jpg

    4 Features-Caster A4 V2.jpg

  10. 3 Features-Martial A4 V2.jpg

    3 Features-Martial A4 V2.jpg

  11. 3 Equipment+Treasure A4 V2.jpg

    3 Equipment+Treasure A4 V2.jpg

  12. 2 RP-Info A4 V2.jpg

    2 RP-Info A4 V2.jpg

  13. 1 Stats+Skills A4 V2.jpg

    1 Stats+Skills A4 V2.jpg

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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    Sadly not in the free version, but I might finally make use of a free trial for it. Can't be sure about watermarks though. Free trials like to watermark.
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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    I used your V1 base to adjust them to A4 for my group (printing letter format would result in lots of wasted space). Tightening up the white spaces in-between boxes just a little and the slightly longer format (albeit less in width) gave me more space to work with and I managed to squeeze...
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    Level Up (A5E) Actions in Combat

    From the phrasing I believe you sprint any amount of times and whenever you stop sprinting for at least 1 minute, the counter resets. That said, these are turn-based actions. Realistically a DM wouldn't allow excessive sprinting outside of combat. The whole 6 second turns thing and the stuff you...
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    Level Up (A5E) Minimalist character sheet mockup

    Minor gripe but I'm not sure the huge arrow between temp & current HP is necessary, especially if you want to go minimalist. I find it visually distracting - the darkest shade on the entire page, my eye keeps being drawn to it.
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    Blog (A5E) A Question of Culture & Destiny

    I know that, but wouldn't it be so nice if LU had something baked in like PF? Coming from the horse's mouth guarantees the most accuracy after all.
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    Blog (A5E) A Question of Culture & Destiny

    Brings up an interesting point, is there any guidance given to making hb heritages, cultures and backgrounds? For O5e we tend to have Detect Balance and similar scoring system, PF has a scoring system baked into their races. Anything in LU that aids in experimentation in that direction?
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    Blog (A5E) A Question of Culture & Destiny

    Remember, it's not a blanket +2, it's only to a tradition of maneuvers, like the other is to a school of magic. Difference I perceive so far is that "free" spells like cantrips are more effective combat wise than free maneuvers. (damage wise, where the +2 to damage rolls is concerned) The free...