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  1. zouron

    GI Joe - d20 Modern - Last Update:7/13/04

    Well the game as jez said is pretty much on standby :-( but he could update anyway cause we experienced a few more things after his last post, including a very funny situation involving an elevator. But I added the cellphone heromachine picture, so one of our heroes can be displayed to those...
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  3. zouron

    I miss Melkor (3rd Gnome IR) :)

    I'm still around the net Zelda, just not really around ENWorld. you are way more likely to find me on (IRC).
  4. zouron

    To die, or not to die!

    Permanent Dead: Alexander_Dragonlord (Dark Paladin). Returned to life: Zouron, Alex_Silvermoon, treiss
  5. zouron

    [CMG] Plexus: great! But what about...

    I wil take a look at the revisions when they come and give you my point of view :) though I am certain it will be grand hehe
  6. zouron

    [OT] My reputation precedes me

    you are a big fish in a small sea, the rest of us went on land aeo :) thus you are known ;)
  7. zouron

    [CMG] Plexus: great! But what about...

    143% after hitting a bookmark and 83% after hitting fit to width (due to the bookmarks still being out since when I use it I am in need of jumping around a lot)
  8. zouron

    [CMG] Plexus: great! But what about...

    resolution 1024x768 and using a 17'' for my stationary and my laptop is going 14.1'' (or however they round it :-) ). BTW don't say the fix is going to some huge resolution :p
  9. zouron

    [CMG] Plexus: great! But what about...

    This is one extremely useful product, having tried out the plexus srd revised sorcerer and wizard spells pdf, I was very delighted in the quick finding of spells for easy reference. I would agree hat internal hyperlinks are cool, but mostly I don't feel a great need for this, however at some...
  10. zouron

    If I ran an RPG company I would make_________.

    if I ran an RPG company I would get my campaign setting published hehe,and do various wizard related books (I know lotsa have done it but I would). Make adventures for various specialist wizards, or unusual creatures etc.
  11. zouron

    If you donated via Expedious Retreat Press, POST HERE

    Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen Zouron #48085
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    Eidrog's Interesting ISRP Statistics

    DO more fo these regularly it would be fun to see how things change/remain the same :) Things when looking at these statistic ain't as bad as I thought they would be.
  13. zouron

    The Rules of Character Engagement

    202. All jokes will be missunderstood and offend, and anything said lighthearted will be understood as grave serious. (I am very guilty of this one ack!) very funny thread :)
  14. zouron

    Gods in Wizards???

    Well for me it seems more often then not the real problem is not that people are god, but the fact they advertise it far and wide, in fact I will go as far to say that this is the problem with all beyond a certain power level/type characters is that some people shout far and wide they are super...
  15. zouron

    Pronounciation Guide: ISRP Explores the Names of Characters!

    Treiss = TreeS (long s) Treisarian Tatonia = TRY-saa-ree-an Ta-toe-NI-a zouron = SOur-RUN Rakhan Muradjinn = RA-khan MOO-ra-djinn
  16. zouron

    [WOTC] Minis Spotlight

    Well I seen lots and ltos of negative stuff, and how people should paint their own minis 'cause they look better. Sure they do (most of the time that is), and I painted tons of minis, in fact I by this time painted so many I don't wanna touch a paint brush ever again, and I parked my minis well...
  17. zouron

    [art, hosted] Pozas unveils new style! Plus Horror!

    very cool claudio, and very successful drawing :-) I like it.
  18. zouron

    Super Powers in Fantasy RPGing

    Well one character I especially remember for breaking the mould/suepr natural like was a human rogue/sorcerer, his stats were on the extremely good side and thus made me able to do him as a kind of living version of the grim reaper so to speak, with scythe etc. However not looking much of a...
  19. zouron

    I am back. Greetings to my friends. :)

    Hey edena good to have you back once more :-) no long comments from me other then converting edena is probably not as hard as you might think :-p
  20. zouron

    Complete Warrior

    some prestige classes and stuff for fighters 3.5 style I believe.