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  1. weem

    If a kaiju really emerged

    Huh? Wait, what? Sorry, no time so... let's see... Bozo Mech... found this for you... that right? ;)
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    What's exciting you now?

    13th Age. Dungeon World currently has all of my attention (I'm really enjoying it), but I've already decided 13th Age will be my next stop - the next game to checkout in detail.
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    Without A Net: Improv And Your Game

    Like others here, I improv almost everything. In my 24+ years now playing/dm-ing I have yet to actually run a pre-made adventure. I steal ideas of course, don't get me wrong, but my enjoyment of a game (as a DM) comes mostly from watching a story unfold - one I do not know the outcome of. In...
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    D&D 5E No 5e bashing, please!

    If only I had the time to do those kinds of things still ;)
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    The Great Breach Has Been Repelled!

    Very glad to see EN World up and running again ;)
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    Operation: Power Level Gary

    Thanks - I had a lot of fun with it! I actually spoke (via email) to both Luke and Gail Gygax about it not long after making/sharing it. They contacted me about possibly making posters of it for the foundation (I was, of course, willing to pass everything I had over to them and in fact make...
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    A Review of Dungeon Command by Wizards of the Coast

    Great info once again! I would drop some XP, but it appears I have already done so recently ;)
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    Weem and the Caves of Chaos

    Thanks again everyone, I appreciate it ;) One of the things I can confirm (now that the playtest is public) is that I was participating in the "Friends and Family" playtest that began right when "Next" was announced in January. I made the map in the beginning of February. Another person...
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    Suggest Your "Rule of Three" Questions for Next Week (4/17)

    Let's see if I can condense my question a bit... Q: What will the difference be between "modularized" campaign specific rules/info, and a proper "Campaign Setting" (book)? Thoughts behind the question... Essentially, it sounds like there probably won't be new campaign setting books put out...
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    Track Initiative (Web App) Kickstarter!

    Hey all, I will try and keep this brief - I have a Kickstarter up for an initiative tracker myself and a co-worker have started. It's going to have some cool features, and I'll have a video up this week, but I wanted to drop a link to it real quick as... well... it's a Kickstarter and we're...
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    Thinking up Signs of the Apocalypse in my Campaign

    Hmm... let's see, really quick while I pass through on lunch, a few ideas that connect to the story... * Earthquakes. Sounds simple, but even this natural phenomenon is rarely used in D&D games. Are these naturally occurring, or indications that Tharizdun's release draws near... * Ash rains...
  12. weem

    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    That's a good point. I think the big thing for me is that, as a player, it needs to be as simple as you can imagine. You go to a link and it's all there, in real time. No program to load, no website to go log into with an account (except for the DM, but even that will be pretty simple), you just...
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    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    UPDATE! We decided what we would do and it's something I always thought would be fun... an Initiative Tracker! Of course, there is more to it than just that. We started working on it about 2 weeks ago! Here's the site with some information about what it will do etc... Track Initiative | The...
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    Baldur's Gate - Something Is Coming

    Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition From Trent Oster (with Beamdog) via Twitter... From Joystiq (read in full)... From Beamdog...
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    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    Eww, quoting me saying something that I didn't, hehe. Obviously it's not malicious, but I have had bad experiences is all (including one this weekend, though not here on EN World). For the record, in case anyone got their hopes up... I am NOT working on a Holodeck :p That said, we are pretty...
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    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone! We're pretty sure we know what we will be working on now, but a meeting next Tuesday to discuss it further will determine if we go for it or not. Once that's decided, I should have some more information following a week or so later ;) I wish, hehe
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    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, I really appreciate it! Some more info... We are leaning towards making a web app (s'what we are best at) but are open to an app for iOS or Android (or both), it just depends. There are some things to consider as well, such as the likelihood of...
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    What D&D Tool/App are you looking for?

    Hello fellow EN World’ers! I’m trying to brainstorm something and thought I would come ask here in the hopes you might have a minute to offer some input! Myself and my friend/co-worker (also a gamer) are thinking about working on a D&D-related App (iOS, etc), or web-based app for our company...
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    Gary Gygax Photomosaic

    Thanks ;) I was experimenting with software meant to do things like this, so it didn't take a ton of effort (mostly gathering book covers!). Last week or so I did the Caves of Chaos map - now that took some time (8-9 hours or so). Thanks! I don't anticipate getting a C&D, but who knows ;)
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    Gary Gygax Photomosaic

    I made this last night while messing around and thought I would share it. It's a photomosaic of Gary Gygax made from a bunch of D&D books... You can see a full version (best quality) here on my site to get the best up-close view of the books (if you are interested in that) ;)