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  1. Jan van Leyden

    How did you find ENWorld?

    What RangerWickett said.
  2. Jan van Leyden

    How were these "rules" supposed to work, anyways???

    If I recall correctly it was a Problem we learned to live with, back in the days. Nowadays I'd make a clear distinction between something every character might do and something only a thief might achieve. If there is some shadow to hide in and the hidee has a Chance to get there unnoticed, I'd...
  3. Jan van Leyden

    In REMEMBRANCE---2016 AD

    16 years Federal Foreign Minister of Germany, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, has died on March 31st. A top-notch networker, Genscher played a major role in the German reunification as well as the brokering compromises in the 80'as cold war.
  4. Jan van Leyden

    Looking For Map Making Tool for the Artistic Impaired/Inept

    What kind of result do you want to achieve? If it's for your eyes only you can get along with several free/affordable tools without much of a learning curve. Quickleaf already mentioned , so let me add AutoREALM (free) for regional maps and Pymapper (free) for tile-based dungeons. AutoREALM...
  5. Jan van Leyden

    Tried and True Practices of Successful Shops

    Here's an extensive series of articles about opening and running a games shop. Much of the advice holds true for Comic Shops or those with a mixed assortment of goods, so you should take the time to read the series. A toast to your success!
  6. Jan van Leyden

    How often do you game?

    My regular group meets once every three weeks, the nascent Splittermond Group runs on an irregluar schedule.
  7. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Dirty Secrets?

    My secret? Five sessions into a campaign I starting thinking more about the next campaign than the current one.
  8. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Dmsguild and known rpg companies

    I can't see name-level companies going via DMGuild. They would rather strike a separate deal with WotC if they want to publish D&D material, wouldn't they?
  9. Jan van Leyden

    List of Dungeon Side Treks

    Sorry, didn't notice the omission of the 3.x era. Here you go for a downloadable sheet containing the information for #82-150.
  10. Jan van Leyden

    List of Dungeon Side Treks

    This index on is filterable. The picklist in the Type column offers three entries for Side Treks.
  11. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Could Paizo go 5e?

    The only thing I can imagine is that the Paizo people at some point publish PF 2 which is aligned to D&D 5. Maybe PF 2 could be some heavily crunchified D&D. Still a distinct game with a lot of similarities like in the PF 3.5 days. But as the OP put it, #4 is probably the decisive factor.
  12. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E How Murder Hobo is Your Party

    A solid 6 for my group. They have no compunctions at all about killing all their enemies or residents of the places they invade. On the other hand they at least try to talk with the enemies. And they don't torture at all.
  13. Jan van Leyden

    In REMEMBRANCE---2016 AD

    David Bowie has died on January, 10th (His Facebook parge).
  14. Jan van Leyden

    "The Shannara Chronicles" and "Colony"

    I noticed today that "The Shannara Chronicles" is offered for Amazon Prime Instant Video in Germany. Too bad our free test drive for that service ended four days ago; I might actually have been able to watch it.
  15. Jan van Leyden

    No Winter Yet

    Mr Marchman seems to have missed A Dance with Dragons.
  16. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Finally switching my campaign from 4th to 5th Edition.

    Yep, that's the case, although (ecologically) senseless encounters weren't mandatory. What's more, when the characters hole up in a room, secure the door and check walls, floor, and ceiling for hidey-holes, the randomly determined giant rats might be sratching on the door, but they won't just...
  17. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Finally switching my campaign from 4th to 5th Edition.

    Setting a time limit up-front is one way to start an adventure, but by no means the only one, and one which I wouldn't want to repeat regularly. Still the question remains: how do you make your design work without limiting the players' freedom? The whole system an adventuring day, encounter...
  18. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Finally switching my campaign from 4th to 5th Edition.

    And that's where my problem originates from. Harassing the characters just to avoid a one hour long Short Rest sounds very meta-gamey to me. the classical (OSR) dungeon sports many empty stretches. Clever players should be able to find these spots and set up camp there. If they do so, declining...
  19. Jan van Leyden

    No Winter Yet

    Hard to believe, but according to his blog George R.R. Martin didn't finish Winds of Winter on schedule.
  20. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Finally switching my campaign from 4th to 5th Edition.

    While I haven't run 5e yet, I'm really interested in this. How do you actually design an adventuring day, say in a dungeon? If the party decides on it's own way through the dungeon, tell me how can you Limit or allow short rests?How do you design a dungeon so that the wanted selection of...