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  1. psychognome

    Worlds of Design: “All About Me” RPGs (Part 2)

    Ah yes, the semi-military style of role-playing was forged in the trenches of the World Wars and had nothing to do with the fact that the first role-playing games emerged out of wargaming, and furthermore millennials bad, in this essay I will
  2. psychognome

    BESM d20 - I think I'm in love

    I'm also intrigued by this game, because it would give me a perfect set of rules to run a Final Fantasy style game.
  3. psychognome

    Looking for a standard 3.5 games

    No problem. I wasn't too keen on starting a game, more on playing in one myself. So, GuiltPuppy can take it from here. :)
  4. psychognome

    Looking for a standard 3.5 games

    I too would be happy to join such a game. I would even be prepared to run a game if it came to that. A word of warning, though: my campaigns tend to be rather cliche and full of combat. Is that a problem?
  5. psychognome

    Mythic Hybridity in Fantasy

    Wasn't the Golem originally a part of a Hebrew legend?
  6. psychognome

    Have you played D&D in a foreign language?

    I live in Finland, and even though our games have mostly been in Finnish, there are also smatters of English, German, Swedish, and French tossed around the table. I've also played in a dominantly English campaign because one of the players was German and didn't understand English, and some of...
  7. psychognome

    Animate Objects as a Wizard Spell

    No reason other than the fact that the spell apparently uses positive energy to animate the object. But then again, many Wizard spells from the school of Necromancy use negative energy, so why shouldn't Wizards be capable of using positive energy too?
  8. psychognome

    Fuzzy Knights... who saw it coming?

    Bravo, Mossfoot! I'm a real fan of Fuzzy Knights, and I have to say that this turn of events caught me completely unawares! Can't wait to have more!
  9. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    "Yeah, I guess you're right." Patrik says, and starts to relax for a bit. He grabs some dog-bird food from his bag and tries to feed the little pup... or chick in his arms.
  10. psychognome

    Which D&D "cow" is least sacred?

    I voted for Tolkeinesque races. I mean, this cow isn't really sacred any more, they've thrown the poor bovine in the barbecue. With each edition of D&D the über-elves of Tolkien have slowly turned to the prancing ninnies they are nowadays (they weren't really über to begin with, really), the...
  11. psychognome

    D20 Menace Manual - Is it worth buying?

    I know what you mean. At one point I was actually wondering how I could bring Darksouls (people who have been possessed by a demon and left insane after the demon left) from Mordheim to D&D, and when I was looking at the d20 Menace Manual I stumbled upon the Maniac template! Perfect! :D Some of...
  12. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    "C'mon men, nobody lives forever!" Patrik jumps into the manhole.
  13. psychognome

    D20 Menace Manual - Is it worth buying?

    I'll have to agree with mostly everything posted here. The Menace Manual has been my best gaming investment for a long time. Because of it I'm actually tempted to drop my current D&D 3.5 campaign in favor of a d20 Modern campaign. :D
  14. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    "That sounds a lot like the 'don't drink the water' speech that my mom gives me every time we go abroad."
  15. psychognome

    [Recruiting] Urban Arcana PBP

    As for insights into running PbP games... well, I wouldn't know, really, since I haven't ran one myself. But a few quick tips: first of all, be descriptive. When running a tabletop game you might be tempted to rush along with descriptions because you really don't have that much time to spend on...
  16. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    Patrik follows the rest of the group, gently cradling the little bird puppy in his arms. "So, if we're heading to Wonderland... well, we might as well switch the logical part of our brains off." he remarks jokingly.
  17. psychognome

    [Recruiting] Urban Arcana PBP

    Nor me, kind of. Well, I've played in Kitana Vorr's In Character game before, and I can post on a daily basis as long as I can kick my own butt to the forums every day. :D Still room for one more?
  18. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    "Uh oh... ever since I saw Alice In Wonderland as a kid I've been wary of following white rabbits. But what would white rabbits want to do with Watto's pilot?"
  19. psychognome

    Famous characters in your gaming group.

    Well, a character from a campaign we recently started... Tiny, the Ogre Intelligence 3. He's funny to play. When I usually play people talk to me and say things like "Hey, have your cleric heal my character, will you?" but when I'm playing Tiny people always say "I tell Tiny that we're going...
  20. psychognome

    The In Character Character Game: Part III

    "Hmmm... I don't have any skill with guns, and can't make any magic. That sure sucks. Anyways, do we have the slightest idea of Barney's whereabouts?"