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  1. withak

    Things I don't like about the 4E DMG - part 1 of 1000

    In 4E, they moved that to the PH.
  2. withak

    Minis: Stand Ups Vs Counters

    For humanoid foes, I use Lego dudes. I kept all my Lego from my childhood (plus my brother's, woot) and we played with a lot of the Castle sets from the late 80s, so I have a good variety of "armor" types and little plastic weapons to arm my dudes with. I'd much rather have something 3D than...
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    Halls of the Giant Kings (Dungeon Tiles DU1): Worth buying? A good "starter" set?

    Thanks, I was hoping there was a thread like that somewhere. :lol:
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    Halls of the Giant Kings (Dungeon Tiles DU1): Worth buying? A good "starter" set?

    I've generally liked the Dungeon Tiles WotC has released in the past. I ran a short-lived campaign at a co-worker's place, and he had a big box of the things, 4 or 5 sets all told, IIRC. This included DT1, the first, "basic" set with all of the generic corridors, rooms, and whatnot a DM would...
  5. withak

    Alternatives to "Save the World"

    One of the potential goals I'm going to set before my players is to end the practice of slavery in the empire they live in, either by diplomacy, more violent methods, or both. But that will only present itself if they seem interested in doing so. I think of it as an optional long-term quest...
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    enCHANCE your D&D game

    Yup -- I even game with one of my co-workers. There's a handful of people around that understand the hobby, and a handful that actively play.
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    New DDI aps

    Meh, I'll just use my own.
  8. withak

    Forked Thread: Is Being Knocked out Restful?

    My group hasn't run into this particular situation, but I'm inclined to agree with Mengu. Being in the care of allies would go a long way to mitigating the negative effects of being KO'd.
  9. withak

    Massive EN publishing $1 sale new server fundraiser! AKA "let's buy a new server!"

    Can anyone recommend some system-neutral (read: useful for 4e) PDFs?
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    D&D needs to grow up

    As someone who currently plays with a youngster (two of my players are stepfather and stepson; the latter is 11) and as someone who wants to play RPGs with his own kids as soon as they're old enough to grasp the mechanics, I have to say "thanks, but no" to this idea. D&D is right about where it...
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    D&D 4E Any tips for speeding up the game? 4e is slowing me down!

    During our last session, I started using a stack of index cards to keep track of initiative order and all other relevant combat info, and that alone sped things up dramatically. Before the session, I prepared one index card per monster type with important info like defenses, HP, movement...
  12. withak

    4e PHB Improved Index - What do you want?

    You mean like this? :cool:
  13. withak

    The right to coup: looking for a name.

    I'm reading the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher (the Dresden Files author) and in that world, the duel-for-settling-legal-matters-between-nobles thing is called juris macto. I think that sounds pretty cool, and I'll be stealing it for my campaign. I suggest you do the same. ;)
  14. withak

    What PC races are in your 4E group!

    Human fighter, human paladin, half-elf warlock, halfling rogue, dwarf cleric. This may change, since we're still in "test mode", not having finished KotS yet. I'm allowing the players to swap out characters between sessions to try different things. (There's a bit of precedent for this, as we...
  15. withak

    Default "PoL" Setting - Setting Info Compilation (Now Wikified!)

    I've done some minor formatting and wikifying of the page. It might be best to move discussion about the page to the Wiki itself:
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    Wiki Wiki Wiki

    Everything seems to be working now. I manually cleared my cookies and went through the process one more time, and I'm staying logged in. Maybe that did it, or perhaps I'm just a moron. ;)
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    Wiki Wiki Wiki

    Yup, I always use the "remember me" box. I'm able to log in to the Wiki after I get my cookies wiped once; I thought this was the bug you were referring to.
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    Wiki Wiki Wiki

    The cookie-wipeout bug is still happening to me, though since it's easy to work around, it's not a huge deal. I noticed anonymous IP edits are allowed. Is this intentional, or did you want to restrict it to logged-in users? I'd suggest the latter.
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    Wiki Wiki Wiki

    File types Is there a reason we can only upload images? It'd be nice to be able to upload documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .odt, .ods, .txt) and other stuff.
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    ETA on the Wiki?

    Same thing happens to me. About 10% of the time, I get through to the Wiki, but since I've been logged out, I'd be editing as an IP address. I'm assuming this "bridge" mechanism migrates account data from the forums to the Wiki? Using FF3 on XP, BTW.