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  1. krbrunn

    Silliest thing you've seen in a serious campaign...

    That was a complete invention of my players, but I shall let them know that there is someone wanting to see that converted to 3rd ed. :)
  2. krbrunn

    Silliest thing you've seen in a serious campaign...

    Ah this is a good topic, I am enjoying it. All these stories remind me of all the blunders I have made while dming, which my players have all thoughtfully put on the internet for all to enjoy. These all took place over the space of 2 years, mostly in the 2nd ed era. The Bitter Gamers Club
  3. krbrunn

    Everyone, Tell us about your games, please!

    Longtime lurker, first time poster ;) Anyway, onto the good stuff. 1.) How many players in your group? From a pool of 7, usually about 5 play. 2.) Do you DM? Yup 3.) Do other people in the group DM, and how many? One other does, and one other one wants to give it a try soon. 4.) What's the...
  4. krbrunn

    D&D 3.5 has arrived in Ottawa, ON, Canada!

    I got the PHB in Kamloops B.C., so if your town doesn't have it yet.... I feel bad that you live in a crappier town then Kamloops. :D
  5. krbrunn

    A non-spellcasting Ranger, with d10 hit die

    All those prereqs for the abilities make it seem more like a prestige class then a core class. I don't think any ability that can only be used at a certain level should also have the added cost of a skill point total as well. If it was just level based without the ranks needed, I could see...
  6. krbrunn

    Do you listen to reviewers?

    I purchased the Oriental Adventures book because of all the good reviews. I had no intention of getting it otherwise. So yes, I do listen to reviewers. I don't buy every well reviewed book though, I have to be interested in the book as well.
  7. krbrunn

    Stronghold Builders Guide: How much does a moat cost?

    I can't find the details in the Strongholder's book right now, but according to Dragon Magazine #295 it costs 100 gp to excevate a trench 10 feet wide, 5 feet deep, and 10 feet long. If you haven't picked this issue up yet, I highly recommend it, it is full of new stuff to use with the book.
  8. krbrunn

    Taking 20

    I am quite the moron. I don't know how I missed that little bit "carries no penalties for failure" when I reread that section tonight, but I did. Anyways, thanks for the responses, and I shall now run away, tail in between legs.
  9. krbrunn

    Taking 20

    I was just wondering what skills everyone lets their players take 20 on. I don't think I see a specific list in the PH or the DMG, so I was hoping to get everyones take on this. Here are the ones I allow to have 20 taken on them: Alchemy - Yes Animal Empathy - Yes Appraise - Yes Balance -...
  10. krbrunn

    Stronghold Builders Guidebook

    I've been interested in building a stronghold when playing D&D ever since I started playing back in the days of 2nd edition. The thought of a mage holed up in his tower, researching new spells, or a great warlord watching over his serfs from a vast castle have always appealed to me, but I never...
  11. krbrunn

    Stronghold Builders Guidebook

    I don't have those other products to compare with, so I can't say. The listed sources are the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Manual of the Planes, and the Arms and Equipment Guide.
  12. krbrunn

    Rejigging caster level

    As I reread this thread, I can see that I am a moron and didn't fully understand what you said. It's not as bad as I thought initially, and in fact I kind of like it now. Though maybe making it 1/2 character level for determing spell effects may make it a little more reasonable.
  13. krbrunn

    Rejigging caster level

    In my opinion, the power lost in multiclassing is the price to pay to be more diverse. And what about a fighter that mulit classes into a wizard? The characters BAB would be less now as well, making him a weaker fighter. Would you let that fighter/wiz take the fighters BAB to make her...
  14. krbrunn

    New class: spellstrike duelist

    Maybe explain why the charisma bonus is applied to AC, or why this class can make everyone weightless. As of right now this seems to be just a collection of ideas, with no rhyme or reason as to why they work. Some background info would make it easier to critique this class.
  15. krbrunn

    New Cleric Feat, Feedback?

    I feel I should explain my choices for the prerequesites for these feats. I said Cleric of level 3 because I intended the feat to be more of a holy feat rather than a healing feat, so it would be available only to clerics. I included Combat Casting, because then a Cleric would have a better...
  16. krbrunn

    New Cleric Feat, Feedback?

    Thanks for the feedback, muchly appreciated.
  17. krbrunn

    New Cleric Feat, Feedback?

    A cleric in my campaign world wanted the ability to heal in combat without invoking an attack of opportunity, and I whipped these two up. I think they are pretty good as they are, but I'm probably missing something obviously wrong with them, so I was hoping to get some opinions on them. They...
  18. krbrunn

    Healing Spells = Attack of Opportunity?

    A player in my campaign swears up and down that he read in either the PH or DMG that a cleric does not invoke an attack of opportunity when casting a healing spell. Is there any mention of this in the books, or is he just imaging things? Thanks in advance. :)