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    Sale Charity Bundle: 34 TTRPG products for $15

    This month I'm part of the Hope Jam Bundle, 34 TTRPG's made as part of last month's jam for just $15. 70% of the proceeds go to Honour the Earth, a charity supporting Native American environmentalist groups. You can pick up the bundle, and support a good cause, here.
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    Sale Lineages of the Long White Cloud v0.2 released, 10% off til Boxing Day

    Kia ora all, our 5E supplement that turns native New Zealand wildlife into playable lineages has just had a big v0.2 update. Better formatting, some final artwork, and even more magic items and monsters!It's on 10% off til boxing day, so if you missed the kickstarter, now's a great time to get...
  4. LotLWC, cover.png

    LotLWC, cover.png

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    Sale Ind of the year 2023: get up to 50 RPGs for 85% off

    Ind of the year is a bundle of 2023's most creative indie ttrpg releases, available in one mega bundle on Each $10 tier gets you 10 more games, with an average discount of 85%. Check it out and support some fantastic indie creators.
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    Sale Charity bundle: $10 for $150 worth of RPGs benefiting Doctors Without Borders

    Hi all, we've organised a fantastic charity bundle benefiting Doctors without Borders: DriveThruRPG $154 USD of stuff for just $10 towards a great cause, please check it out and share it around.
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    Kickstarter Final 72hrs: Lineages of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand wildlife in 5e

    Thanks for that, it means a lot! We've mostly had kiwis backing us so far (which is to be expected), we've not managed to get much international attention. Even John Oliver's antics haven't been able to help us!
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    Kickstarter Final 72hrs: Lineages of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand wildlife in 5e

    Kia ora all, we're close to the end of our campaign! We've now got 9 lineages based on New Zealand native wildlife for you, from kiwi to kea, wētā to weka! Backing us now will get you 25% off the retail price, as well as a mechanically complete version of the rules when the campaign ends. Check...
  11. LotLWC, cover.png

    LotLWC, cover.png

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    Kickstarter Final week: New Zealand wildlife as playable lineages (5e)

    Kia ora all, we're heading into the final week of our kickstarter, Lineages of the Long White Cloud. Thank to our backers, there's even more content for your 5e game, including: 8 playable lineages, from kiwi to wētā, kea to katipō 5 new figurines of wonderous power 5 creature stat blocks, to...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Deathmatch Island, The Molt, Hellslayers, and more

    Kiwifruit aren't actually native to NZ, they originate in China (previously called Chinese gooseberries) and only came to NZ at the start of the 20th century. But if you want to play a kiwi, we've got you covered 😉
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    Kickstarter Lineages of the Long White Cloud (5e)

    We're halfway through our campaign and have reached our first two stretch goals! We have two more to go so help us out!
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    Kickstarter Lineages of the Long White Cloud (5e)

    Kia ora all, I'm launching a kickstarter for a 5e supplement that turns New Zealand native wildlife into playable lineages. From iconic kiwis to terrifying wētā, we need your backing to fund the final art for this project. Get your copy here and help us bring this project home...
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