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  1. shadow

    Unearthed Arcana Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana

    I'll wait until I see the full class to make a judgment, but I really didn't care for bringing the Cthulhu-esque "Far Realm" into psionics.
  2. shadow

    Mike Mearls on D&D Psionics: Should Psionic Flavor Be Altered?

    If Mike Mearls wants to change the 'flavor' of psionics, I would rather see a pseudo-Asian mysticism flavor rather than a Cthulhu-esque flavor with all the mentions of the 'far-realm'.
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    Games you want to play but can't

    Considering the fact that we took 2 sessions to make Shadowrun characters I'd hate to think how long it would take to make HERO characters. Granted because of kids, school, and/or work we only have about an hour and a half per session. Also, because there's only one copy of most of our gaming...
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    Games you want to play but can't

    What are some games / settings that you are itching to play but can't because they wouldn't work with your group? For me there are three: 1. Planescape - I've tried running the Planescape setting with my group but it didn't work. My players couldn't get into the weird urban fantasy setting...
  5. shadow

    Mike Mearls on D&D Psionics: Should Psionic Flavor Be Altered?

    No the flavor of psionics should not be altered! I actually like the quasi-scientific names of the powers. The traditional names make the powers easily identifiable (most people could see psychokinesis or precognition and know what the powers do). Also, I can see psionicists in a fantasy...
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    D&D 5E How should psionics be handled in 5e?

    I've been a fan of psionics for a long time and I hope to see psionics make an appearance soon in 5e soon. This leads to a question of how psionics should be handled with the 5e rules. Each previous edition has handled psionics differently. Back in 1st edition they were extra add-ons that...
  7. shadow

    The Realms WILL Be Updated!

    Did the sundering change the map of the Realms back the way it was before everything changed in 4e? (i.e. substituting Maztica with that dragonborn continent? Flooding Luiren?)
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    How's D&D Working Out For You? First official feedback survey looks at CLASSES and FEATS!

    Am I the only one who is a little concerned that we'll see major revisions in the next few months that will essentially invalidate large chunks of the $50 PHB? Sure no one will "force" anyone to buy the updated PHB, but all new supplements will assume that you are using the revised rules.
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    D&D 5E I Am One of the Few Who Plays D&D in Japan

    I lived in Japan for three years and never personally met any D&D gamers. I know they must exist because they had translations of the 3e and 4e materials and the university I taught at had a tabletop rpg club. Probably the reason that traditional gaming is not as popular in Japan has to do...
  10. shadow

    D&D 5E Halflings Of The Corn

    I must be a minority. I actually like the halfling art in 5e. I always hated how halflings were drawn in 3e and 4e. The 3e and 4e halflings were proportioned exactly like humans, so you could never tell if the artwork was supposed to portray humans or halflings except when another character...
  11. shadow

    D&D 5E Living Rules System?

    I don't mind so much if variant classes were printed in a book like the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana so long as they are clearly a different take on the core classes (e.g. an urban druid, a non-spellcasting ranger, a paladin of slaughter, etc.). However, if they are just 'rebalanced' versions of the...
  12. shadow

    D&D 5E Living Rules System?

    I see that Mike Mearls is already talking about D&D as a "living rules system". "The process will begin with playtest surveys much like the ones we did for the core game, to allow us to see if the game has issues and if so where." I'm not sure how I feel about this. Although in an article...
  13. shadow

    D&D 5E Forgotton Realms Canon?

    So, if they're bringing back Bhaal and Mykrul and getting rid of the 'returned Abeir', does that mean that they are hitting the reset switch?
  14. shadow

    D&D 5E Forgotton Realms Canon?

    Does the Sundering bring back Maztica? Are the dragonborn still in the Realms?
  15. shadow

    D&D 5E Rant About Patience

    I find it interesting that fans complain when books aren't coming out fast enough, but then when the production is rushed to meet expectations the same fans complain about the number of typos and errors in the book!
  16. shadow

    D&D 5E Your wishlist for fantasy adventure beyond medieval Europe

    I would love to see a good African-inspired setting. Is there any chance we can see a 5e conversion of Nyambe: African Adventures?
  17. shadow

    D&D 5E Morningstar: Age of Majesty; a campaign setting for 5e.

    I remember picking up then 3e Morningstar book back in the day. There were some neat concepts, but I felt too many things weren't explained enough (for example, the nexuses) and there weren't enough details about the different nations and cultures. So, if the 5e version manages to explain too...
  18. shadow

    D&D 5E Would you buy an updated PHB every year?

    No! I plan to use the book I bought for several years. Even if there are several small 'updates', I see no reason to buy another $50 book just so I could play the most recent version.
  19. shadow

    D&D 5E PHB Disclaimer - Epic!

    Certainly different from the disclaimer "This game is fantasy" that appeared in the 3e PHB.
  20. shadow

    D&D 5E Good art and Really bad art in the 5e PHB

    Why all the hate for the 5e halflings? I personally like the way the halflings are done in 5e. Disproportionate? Of course! But, that's what makes them look distinct. I hated what 3e and 4e did with halflings. I could never tell if a 3.5/4e halfling was a halfling or a human unless there...