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    I have all of the Zeitgeist material published through En5ider. This is a whole new adventure and I won't get it with my Patreon subscription right? Also is there a list anywhere of what En5ider articles are in each book and what is original content?
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    Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #6: Ezren, Human Wizard

    "You have prepared the following spells. Each can be cast once."
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    Bulmahn on Pathfinder 2 Design Goals; Plus Proficiency Clarifications & Archeologists!

    I don't back Trailseeker, but I do back En5ider. So far I like what I'm seeing with PF2 for the most part. Depending on what the final PF2 rules look like, I'd be inclined to back Trailseeker II, in addition.
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    From 7 Action Types To Pathfinder 2's New 3 Action Economy

    This is similar to where I was (With a bit less derision and name calling) But I'm actually looking forward to PF2e. It looks like they did cut down on some of the real heavy points (CMB, CMD) but we'll have to see if they end up with something as simple as advantage/disadvantage or if it's...
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    Its time to exempt (sub)race from the PHB +1 rule!

    When SCAG came out a bunch of people said make spells the exception because swordmages couldn't have the EE companion spells. Now you're saying make race the exception. The next book someone will probably say make feats the exception, they're smallest piece of "game mechanic" in the game, what...
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    3.5 Collection of Pregens?

    Does anyone know where I can find a collection of 3.5 pregen characters? I can finder 4e, Pathfinder, and 5e no problem, but I can't find a collection of 3.5 characters. Anyone have any resources?
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    Crown of the Lich King

    For a shorter term group, I'd suggest using the rolls like a meta-currency like fate points or actiion points. Let them roll at the beginning of the session, and then tell them if they can think of a way that their Icon connection would help them, they can cash it in. maybe autosucceeding at a...
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    How awesome is resurrection in 13th Age???

    Another part I really like that you didn't mention is it's VERY hard to resurrect a fifth time because you get 4 levels, 7-8-9-10. So if you even want to try that fifth resurrection you need to sacrificing something big and important, like an artifact. So even if you have some sycophant willing...
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    Going shopping...

    There are no official multiclassing rules, but for one player I had that didn't quite match any of the classes I just traded one of his talents for another class' talent that helped him round out his idea and that worked perfectly. Also you can use the One Unique Thing for "I can turn into a...
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    Sweet-spot: what's the "magic level?"

    For 4e I really like 2-6 or 7 and then it lulls and then has another good chunk from 10-16. For 3e, I really like 3-7. 1-2 feels like I'm playing to get the character I want. And over 7 or 8 it tends to get a bit unwieldy.
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    How do you feel about DMPCs?

    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate DMPCs. And I say that as someone equally likely to DM as to play. If I'm DM, I don't want a PC because I never want to be the one to deliver the killing blow. I want my players to be the stars not me. If they want me to run a character because they need say a...
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    Your best 13th Age thing

    This past weekend I ran a 13th age session for a small group of friends and coworkers. There favorite thing actually came from the 13th age Organized Play module, Crown of the Lich King. The Montage. Here's the rules for it: I used this for escaping from a prison and crossing an island to get...
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    Ptolus mini-campaign : Player characters

    I can't remember where I saw but someone was using a tilde ~ for conflicted relationships. I think that's a good symbol.
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    Your best 13th Age thing

    If players can't think of backgrounds, you could do a fill in the blank. Before becoming an adventurer, I... What nobody knows about me is... The first time I got in a fight I was... For the One Unique Thing, it's simply "what sets you apart from every other member of your race and class?"
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    What's cooking for 13th Age?

    Time to ask the most important question. Will there be dogs in it?
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    First play of 13th Age: Blood & Lightning (Introductory adventure - spoilers!)

    Great write up. Thank you for doing it. I still haven't gotten a copy yet, (Still using my pdf from the True Ways kickstarter) but i'm really looking forward to giving it a shot. Was Watcher's turn something planned or did he just pull it on everybody in the moment? I know in my group that that...
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    Sources of images for use as tokens

    frankthedm used your KotS token set on sunday. Everyone thought they were awesome. I just used them for the minions though. and maybe I'm just not seeing it but I think you're missing a Kobold Wyrmpriest and there's one point where you could potentially have up to 6 kobold dragonshields if the...
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    WotC officials: we want MINIS for the modules!

    I don't want won't a full mini pack. I don't mind subbing in figures, but I would really like some "minion" packs like a box set of 10 kobolds. You even already have the molds just use the existing kobold soldier molds give me like 5 of those 2 archers 2 guys with shields and 1 mage kobold. give...
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    What will you use for minions?

    Ok, those are awesome. If I can find some nice cardstock after work tonight I'm using these.
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    What will you use for minions?

    Seems people are getting their hands on Keep on the Shadowfell now. So, I'll throw in a little discussion on it. One of the things that I hadn't thought of when getting ready for 4e is the sheer number of minions they(you) throw at the party. several encounters feature 8+ minions of one...