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    D&D 5E No One Plays High Level?

    Yeah, for mass combat I’d go with Dragon Rampant or By This Poleaxe or maybe just some random tables rather than an expansion of existing rules. (It’s weird that people say “D&D started out as a wargame” as an explanation for why it has such bloated combat rules when most wargames, including...
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    D&D General Jaquaying the dungeon - a term to avoid

    I much prefer “nonlinear dungeon” and “looping” a dungeon, simply because going with another non-transparent phrase isn’t going to help with anything. “Gygaxian” means a lot of different things, obviously; “Gygaxian prose” and “Gygaxian naturalism” are separate concepts.
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    D&D 5E Chains of Asmodeus: Official 286-Page Nine Hells Book & Adventure Released!

    Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong (as a fiction element) with an unjust universe; as an atheist myself, my default is that the world wasn’t designed with any good purpose (so an unjust universe is a default, albeit one we can mitigate.) And even really morally awful people don’t deserve to suffer...
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    D&D 5E The Audience - Do you feel like you're the target audience?

    IMO the difference between “gameable setting material” and “sandbox adventure” is thin to nonexistent, and it’s where my own tastes lie. I’m gearing up to run Curse of Strahd and though I’m changing plenty, this is the sweet spot it’s in (mostly) and I love it for it.
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    Systems That Model The World Rather Than The Story

    I feel like you’re eliding between simulationism and granularity here. In the latter example, torches aren’t modeled in detail, but the principle is that using torches dwindles your supply, and the answer to why you ran out of torches is that you used one too many. By contrast consider a system...
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    D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

    I think you’re thinking small here, where bespoke art is largely something that appears in published products. One-shot prompting isn’t quite there yet, but I’m looking forward to when Discord bots can just provide a running series of illustrations to anyone’s game, likely informed by fine-tuned...
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    D&D General Should NPCs be built using the same rules as PCs?

    Same as if they want to play a dragon: ask them questions to clarify their intent, put the mechanical work on them, and give it a shot.
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    Review Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer Issue 1 Review

    This suggests a challenge/contest: if the viable market rate is £9 for 28 pp., say that you’ve got 6 pages to work with (is this A4? A5?) for £2 or $2.50, and that you’ve got to write at an eighth grade reading level (with allowances for a few particularly evocative words to send kids to the...
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    D&D 5E Planescape shows up in the wild. Tease from Chris Perkins.

    The format is a bad fit, but opening up the IP on DMGuild means that one product doesn’t need to carry the IP. Curious what old hands will put out unshackled from too much editorial oversight ala Greenwood or Baker.
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    D&D 5E How Many 5Es Can There Be?

    $0 to turn your houserules into a Google doc, twice that to teach yourself Scribus and Stable Diffusion to make it look professional. Not including time costs, which is the relevant part of course, but that’s hobby/recreation time in most cases, art pour l’art. Economically viable I might be...
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    D&D 5E How Many 5Es Can There Be?

    OSR is proof of concept that you can have arbitrarily many close-enough systems that people mix and match from with impunity. 5e is crunchier, though, the culture is less DIY, and small balance differences are seen as more important, so in practice I would expect more consolidation. The example...
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    D&D 5E "OK, I try Skill A. Now Skill B. Well, in that case, how about Skill C?"

    If their actions take precious time or expose them to danger, that’s the cost. If there’s no time pressure and their actions are safe, then just let them succeed and get as quickly as you can to the next meaningful decision.
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    D&D 5E Tedium for balance. Should we balance powerful effects with bookkeeping?

    Relevant blog post: There’s a lot of different player cognitive skills your game sessions might reward: system mastery, knowledge of world lore, lateral thinking, number crunching, remembering that you have a game scheduled, and...
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    D&D General D&D and War

    For pitched battles I’d use something like Dragon Rampant, rather than working with the modern D&D chassis which wants way too much detailed resolution per unit. The logistical/diplomatic questions of “getting a large group of forces from one place to another without starvation, plague, or...
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    D&D General A defense of illusionism

    You had another thread on jargon, and this is an essay where I think that an embrace of jargon could be useful, because it’s often unclear where you’re referring to the general English meaning of a term and where you’re referring to the particular meanings these have taken on in TTRPG discourse...
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    D&D General Using AI for character visualization

    Things I’ve found helpful/fun: 1) I’m too much of a cheapskate to shell out for a gaming PC or a subscription, so I usually rely on or Playground AI, which offer basically unlimited SDXL runs. 2) You can interleave the names of famous people to create consistent-looking characters...
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    D&D General What is an RPG and is D&D an RPG?

    Re: @Pedantic ’s concerns, I think that avatars + tactical infinity straightforwardly implies goal malleability: if you’re taking on the agency of an imagined person and can do whatever they could do, one of the things people do is reflect on and change their goals, so you can do that. (There...
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    D&D General What is an RPG and is D&D an RPG?

    Violates tactical infinity: “I fly to the top of the castle.” (Non-rhetorically) “Where on your character sheet or in the rules does it say you can fly?” “Oops, hmm, nowhere I guess!” Preserves tactical infinity: “I fly to the top of the castle.” (Non-rhetorically) “How?” “By, uh, flapping my...
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    D&D (2024) The WotC Playtest Surveys Have A Flaw

    WotC doesn’t need to publicize how they do focus groups in the same way they need to publicize the survey, so I wouldn’t make absence of evidence into a strong evidence of absence. But yeah they should absolutely go around to random high school chess, theatre, and anime clubs, demo the game...
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    D&D 5E What are the "True Issues" with 5e?

    They are in any event. But my claim here is that brand name D&D has structural reasons that make “act as a good compromise game/base to compromise from” a primary design goal that don’t apply to other TTRPGs. If I make a game that 10 people love and 10,000 people like okay and put it on itch, I...