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  1. Corinth

    Five-Minute Workday Article

    Part of the problem is that the PCs that partake in the 15-minute workday still make good XP from doing so. Take that away. No XP for monster kills. No XP for traps beaten. No XP for quest objectives. Award XP if, and only if, the PCs recover treasure and return to town with it; determine...
  2. Corinth

    Shield vs. Two Weapons vs. Big Axe

    Shields are portable cover. They ought to grant much higher bonuses to the user's defense than the rules currently grant, and a skilled shield user is a devastating fighter on the battlefield--"shield-bearer" was a mark of honor for a reason, and it wasn't to be a glorified caddy...
  3. Corinth

    [WotC's recent insanity] I think I've Figured It Out

    Getting back to Colville's bold point, made way back: If killing monsters is a solved problem, then what else is there to do that young players would find fun and engaging in addition to killing monsters and getting treasure?
  4. Corinth

    A rant on retro clones...

    I recommend retro-clones to folks who like or prefer older D&D editions, but can't get them anymore for one reason or another, such as Dark Dungeons for the RC/BECMI fans. I don't offer them right away to others, instead steering them to products more to their preferred taste if such exists.
  5. Corinth

    Midnight movie?

    It was a pilot, and they did run out of funding.
  6. Corinth

    How to put together a BECMI mini-series...

    Dark Dungeons is the true BECMI retro-clone. Get that and you need not worry about the Rules Cyclopedia ever again.
  7. Corinth

    Psionics: Yea or Nay?

    I have no issue with there being a psionics ruleset in D&D. It's an option in the toolset that I want to have on hand for when I play or run in a milieu where they are appropriate. The use or disuse of psionics, therefore, is at the same level of similar components: solved at the individual...
  8. Corinth

    Do you pull the chain?

    No. I take my winnings and go home. Someone else can play the sucker.
  9. Corinth

    companies staying away from rpg gamers

    Gareth, what you want to do with your business is--at this time--not a good fit for the tabletop RPG medium or hobby. You have two useful options. One of them is to adjust your plan to conform to the reality of this niche. The other is to shift the emphasis of your business away from tabletop...
  10. Corinth

    companies staying away from rpg gamers

    What ads? I run with AdBlock Plus and NoScript. I see no ads and get no popups. I refuse to waste money on things that I can get for free. I know that I am far from alone in my Web browsing practices. I find your position to be that of a sucker, which is disappointing because I figured you...
  11. Corinth

    Fighting The Power Level

    They want a boardgame. Give it to them. Give it to them good, hard and frequently with no mercy for the stupid or the ill-fated. Crush them, see their egos driven before you and listen to the cries of their lost loot.
  12. Corinth

    What normally happens after a TPK?

    Total Party Kill = Game Over.
  13. Corinth

    Wrath of Ashardalon board game!

    I'll have to play it once or twice before I decide to get a copy, but that's my policy with all boardgames.
  14. Corinth

    No more WotC Star Wars - announcement

    Pay attention to Gamma World. If that does well, there will be more non-traditional genre adaptations to D&D4e. Once demand reaches a critical mass, there will be a new license for doing the same for Star Wars that's been done for Gamma World. Savvy treatment of the matter, as I see it, by...
  15. Corinth

    How Can You Politely Say, "Your Character Sucks?"

    You should tell the guy that he's doing it wrong and insist upon making it right. Your guy is putting his life in this other guy's hands, and that imposes the obligation to do all that he can to make his guy the best possible at his job. The team trumps the individuals that comprise it, as it...
  16. Corinth

    Pathfinder 1E [Pathfinder] Planning on switching to Pathfinder?

    I intend to continue with some version of 3.X, and if Pathfinder meets with my approval then that's the way I'll go.
  17. Corinth

    RSDancey replies to Goodman article (Forked Thread: Goodman rebuttal)

    I'm on the scene, and I have been for years. I do both, I talk to people that do both, and I do so on a wide scale. It's the naysayers that are in the dark. And yet WOW is far more popular and enjoys far great commercial success than D&D ever has, or ever will. The reason is that, quite...
  18. Corinth

    RSDancey replies to Goodman article (Forked Thread: Goodman rebuttal)

    For the common gamer, who isn't a GM, WOW is better than D&D for what he wants. The minority that are GMs, for all intents and purposes, are little more than a talent pool for the e-RPG companies to recruit from. TRPGs, as they are now, are nothing more than a farm league for the real players...
  19. Corinth

    [Goodman/Dancey on 4E] RPGs in the 21st Century - towards another "generational peak"

    I should be able to pull out my iPhone at the cafe, get a cup of espresso and a muffin, role a PC/build an encounter and then play it out right there with my pals at the cafe. Do that and D&D lives for another generation. Fail, and it dies with us.
  20. Corinth

    RSDancey replies to Goodman article (Forked Thread: Goodman rebuttal)

    Boardgames, consoles and MMOs all do the contemporary (and historical) D&D style of play--create so-called "heroes", butcher monsters, sweep and clear dungeons, collect loot and gear--better for the common man. It's immediate, tactile, convenient and accessable in a manner that TRPGs can't...