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    Remember these MERP/Rolemaster critical hit tables?

    AH YES, back in the days before challenge ratings and nearly un-killable PCs with uber maxed stats and skills. Being a GM was more fun with RM, anyone could die at any time and that always made combat feel more tense. Now you just hope it lasts more than a couple rounds of expertly...
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    Fantasy Grounds

    5 out of 5 rating for Fantasy Grounds I have been using Fantasy Grounds for over 2 years now and have to say the price of a one time license had more than paid for itself in the ours of playing/GMing that I have enjoyed using the program. The level of automation and built in features...
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    FANTASY GROUNDS Virtual Tabletop's D&D License!

    Something you might want to consider if you are on the fence about FG is the upcoming FG-CON next weekend. There are a wide range of events being run including some 5e events that still have space. Check it, see how it works and ask questions of the GMs they are all very good and willing to...
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    FANTASY GROUNDS Virtual Tabletop's D&D License!

    The fog of war in FG is a mask that covers the entire map. as the players move the GM simply unmasks the portions the players can now see. You can either do it as a box or you can hold control and drag the mouse to custom unmask areas.
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    FANTASY GROUNDS Virtual Tabletop's D&D License!

    I see a lot of folks griping about the price of the 5e content for FG. Besides the hours of use you will get from it, don't for get it is "Officially Licensed" material and thus WotC probably has some say in what it can be priced at. Be thankful the guys at Smiteworks were able to obtain the...