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  1. Texicles

    D&D 5E New DM Looking for tips hoping to run starter set with kids 9-12

    Reminds me of my first D&D experience. I was somewhere in the 10-12 bracket. My friends and I were at Boy Scout summer camp, finished one of our merit badge classes in a couple days and had 3 more days where we had to show back up to that class. Lucky for us, that merit badge counselor was a...
  2. Texicles

    D&D 5E Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?

    Motorola, since Samsung wasn't an option. I think it's good for 5e. As I've said since I joined these boards at the start of the playtest, more options are better than less. But, there is a little twinge of nostalgic regret. It's just been so thematic to the class for so long. "Lawful stupid"...
  3. Texicles

    D&D 5E 5E: A chiropractic adjustment for D&D (and why I'm very hopeful)

    I think nostalgia vs. hindsight is an important aspect of what's going on here. I feel like 5e is drawing on elements of past editions at a time when the community has nostalgia for those editions they loved, but enough hindsight to see the warts on all of them. For pre-4e editions, this makes...
  4. Texicles

    D&D 5E Couple of threads got me wondering... So what have you already Pre-ordered??

    Fortunately, the broken poll works for me now as I've only preordered the Starter Set. I'll definitely wind up with all of the above, after I fix being "employmentally challenged"
  5. Texicles

    D&D 5E D&D Lead Editor Job Posting Mentions "TRPG digital tools licensee"

    I definitely read this as a position for a liaison between WotC and 3rd party(ies) for digital tools. There's a broad pool of app and software designers out there; too broad to justify WotC trying to do themselves, IMO. Division of labor FTW. As to what those tools might be, we'll have to wait...
  6. Texicles

    D&D 5E Basic Game cover mockup

    I respectfully disagree. I'd tend to try and emphasize the fact that the Basic game is capable of delivering as much epic adventure as Standard or Advanced. I want to make sure that grognards, OSR guys, fence-sitters and the generally uninformed all know that Basic is a stripped-down...
  7. Texicles

    D&D 5E L&L Basic Dungeons & Dragons

    Some months ago, I'd advocated a Starter Set that acted as a self-contained Basic game with no level cap, rules-light, old-school appeal that could be the only D&D product you needed to play ad infinitum. Making it free is literally the only way they could have made me happier, and danged if...
  8. Texicles

    D&D 5E Here's to hoping for an iOS character generator...

    This is what I want as well. And give it to me in such a manner that I can use it on my PC, my Macs, my iOS device and my Android devices, preferably all at the same time. The internet thing is something that people kick back and forth, and while it's pretty ubiquitous for most gamers, as it...
  9. Texicles

    D&D 5E 5E PHB on Amazon $30 Pre-Order

    Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else in this week's threadsplosion, but the MM and SMG are sitting right around $40. $110 for the trinity (of 320-page books) isn't too bad at all.
  10. Texicles

    D&D 5E The Mystery of the 5E Dungeon Master's Guide

    For two Floyd references in one sentence. Also because I share your desire for a DIY-style DMG.
  11. Texicles

    D&D 5E The cost of D&D 5E (it ain't so bad!)

    In the grand scheme of entertainment value, I don't see this as an outrageous price (especially since the aforementioned Mearls tweets). Let's say you have a 2 hour sessions every 2 weeks over Morrus' suggested 5-year lifespan, you've got 260 hours of entertainment. So, $0.58/hour to be...
  12. Texicles

    D&D 5E Does 5E avoid the overloads of previous editions?

    And don't forget about the World of Warcraft movie that's wrapping up filming about this time. Despite subscriber numbers that have been steadily declining for the last 3 years, a very niche fanbase, and significant difficulty getting production going, Blizzard (who's subject to their Activison...
  13. Texicles

    D&D 5E L&L for 5/12

    Also: "...then shalt thou count to three; no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out..." - Book of Armaments, Chapter...
  14. Texicles

    D&D 5E L&L for 5/12

    I like the whole system really. I was always intrigued by the way 13th Age handled magical items (though I've yet to get to play with that system), and this seems quite similar. Not only is it a departure from the "magic mail-order catalog" of recent editions, but beyond making merely making...
  15. Texicles

    D&D 5E Does 5E avoid the overloads of previous editions?

    Sign me up! That stuff is delicious. On topic, I think Iosue nailed it. Quality is the watchword of brand's future success. If they make up an accessible, generic fantasy story with a plot interesting enough for -and this is the important bit- the average movie-goer (which sets the bar quite a...
  16. Texicles

    D&D 5E A potential direction for DnDNext and cross-platform support (a wish)

    This is quite interesting. As some have suggested, this sort of system isn't for them, but then I think it's pretty obvious that this would be a purely optional way to play. As I've said about 5e since I joined this forum at the beginning of the playtest, when it comes to options, more > less...
  17. Texicles

    D&D 5E Anything new on release dates? (As of May 8)

    Guide for Dungeon Masters, Manual of Monsters and best of all, Book You Have in Your Hands When You Play.
  18. Texicles

    D&D 5E D&D Next: Let's discuss it's mass multimedia goal.

    Basically, all you have to do is look at the Elder Scrolls franchise to see what it takes to make wildly successful RPG video games: immersive environment and compelling, multi-directional story (that can be ignored). These things can be created from the D&D universe rather readily (and in fact...
  19. Texicles

    D&D 5E Now that "damage on a miss" is most likely out of the picture, are you happy?

    I simultaneously agree and disagree with you completely. I take the mechanics of D&D to be akin to the laws of physics in the game world. They are what give the story a common thread for resolving actions. Without the mechanics, D&D would be group story-telling (not necessarily bad) with the...
  20. Texicles

    D&D 5E Closed Playtest Reports

    Emphasis mine. I hope this result is achieved on at least 50% of possible rolls.