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    Review What is the single best fantasy novel of all time?

    But it doesn't apply to only GRRM. It has applied to many authors who experience sudden immense mainstream success. You mention Lynch, who has had some success with Locke Lamora and the Gentlemen Bastards. Problem is, that's small scale; the sort of genre success that GRRM had in his first three...
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    Review What is the single best fantasy novel of all time?

    That's the problem with GRRM. He doesn't "lovingly" design anything. He doesn't write to an outline and has only a mostly firm idea of where he wants to get to -- with no idea or set plan as to how he will get there. He describes this to writing as a "gardener" as opposed to as an "architect"...
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    Review What is the single best fantasy novel of all time?

    Well, the publication dates for Vol 1-3 tell a radically different story about the effect of finances on an author's discipline: A Game of Thrones - August 1996 A Clash of Kings - November 1998 A Storm of Swords - November 2000 This is the publication history of the first three novels in the...
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    What is the single best science fiction or fantasy franchise?

    It's one of these: Lord of the Rings/ Middle-Earth A Song of Ice and Fire The Wheel of Time Harry Potter Star Wars Star Trek Dune You can pitch camp on any one of those hills to die upon and do so in good company. The rest is details. HOWEVER, if your pick isn't one of those seven? You are...
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    Review What is the single best fantasy novel of all time?

    If Lord of the Rings "as one book" qualifies, then probably that. [Spoilers: It does not qualify as one book if we are being fair.] I believe, objectively, that the best single fantasy novel of all time is A Storm of Swords, by George R.R. Martin, Volume 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire. A Storm of...
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    What's Next for Starfinder

    If you want to keep Scifi out of your fantasy, it's easy enough to ignore Starfinder and just play straight out PF2, 5e or whatever. But more to the point, if you want to keep SciFi out of fantasy - don't play Starfinder. At all. It is not currently a SciFi game and does not pretend to be. That...
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    What's Next for Starfinder

    You are entitled to your opinion and preferences. When I mentioned them to a group of players today on discord, everyone present, without exception, snorted and dismissed it. My point: your preferences are not widely shared. Paizo is highly unlikely to accommodate them. You can like that, or...
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    What's Next for Starfinder

    The big thing for me is Starship Combat. In SF1 -- it's awful. I know it was Jason Bulmahn's love-letter to Starfleet Battles, but if there is ANYTHING that requires a significant playtest -- with MULTIPLE combats using the system, it's starship combat. Multiple is the key here. With Starship...
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    Paizo Community Update and a Look Ahead

    For the same reason as to why the fans cared about United Paizo Workers -- they want better working conditions for the employees. The ability to work remotely is the single greatest improvement and real wage increase Paizo workers have ever had. This allows them to move out of the Seattle area...
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    SW5e creator stepping away from project

    To be clear, SW5e s still going strong at Discussion on SW5e reddit and on SW5e's discord continues unabated and with new material and adventures being turned out weekly. Perhaps most importantly, development on SW5e for Foundry VTT also continues and is at a robust level of community...
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    D&D 5E The Glimmering - NFT Heroes in a Blockchain Campaign?

    You are missing something. Stephen Radney-McFarland is many things -- but a grifter is not one of them. He is at Gary Con running The Glimmering this weekend. Just because I like and respect SRM doesn't mean I much like the business model at the core of The Glimmering. But some of the people...
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    D&D (2024) If WOTC announces that OneDnd will be called 6th edition and will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements What changes?

    Nothing changes, because I am still not buying any more new products from WotC, whether they are 5e, 6e, 1D&D or anything else. WotC has shown their true colors. They don't get a mulligan on what they tried to do to 3rdPP with the OGL in December 2022. Those actions have consequences. I'm out.
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    D&D General Joe Manganiello’s Dungeons and Dragons table delivery is a sight to behold.

    I don't think so. Mind you, "developing a TV show" does not mean that he is connected to the show that Paramount is doing as there are a lot of cooks in the Hollywood kitchen. Though given his passion to develop DragonLance as the "Star Wars of D&D", let's hope so!
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    Paizo News: Organized Play & Humble Bundle Partnership

    If you are enjoying it? Great. That's the only test that matters!
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    Pathfinder 2E How is PF2e at higher levels?

    They aren't; not exactly. Spells run to level 10 in PF2 -- they don't stop at 9th.
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    Paizo News: Organized Play & Humble Bundle Partnership

    Starfinder is one of those things where the Starfinder Organized Play Scenarios for the game are really good. Thursty did a great job with them. There is plenty to work from from in the SFS to stitch together a campaign without difficulty -- and homebrew as you may prefer within those...
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    Pathfinder 2E Things You Love about a Game: Pathfinder 2E edition (+)

    In case either you or @Velderan bought it for the purposes of playing Abomination Vaults, I draw your attention to some top-down tokens for AV should something like that interest you. I far prefer top-down tokens to "pog style" tokens, but it takes more work (and money) to amass a decent...
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    The Anniv Editions of both RotRL and CotCC for PF1 are the definitive versions of each to get. They are available in softcover and in PDF from from the Paizo store, (though I think they are out of the hardcover, at least mint versions of same.) You can find the hardcover out in the wild...