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    D&D 5E D&D Basic PDF - 3 MB (They're released!)

    IT's up
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    D&D 5E What classes for a 6th and possibly 7th party member?

    Curt I would suggest another Cleric, and thief...that is what my home group has been using and that combination has been pretty useful. Greg L.
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Could I please be signed up for the last seat in the 1st edition game for DnD in the afternoon.
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Lite: New Tablet Optimized PDFs

    I am having a hard time finding where to download these. Do you have to buy the pdf from Paizo first? I might just be having a dense morning though. Any help is appreciated!
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    I can't guarantee that I would be there for the whole time...the morning is easy...but I appreciate you letting me know. Buzz-I edited the post where I asked to be added and wasn't sure if it had been seen by anyone yet and wanted to make sure that someone else could get that seat.
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    I posted to add me BUT after looking at it, I thought it was morning not afternoon...I'm sorry so there is still room at this event.
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    Buzz, Of course I'll respect your wish BUT my point was three days after opening most of your events are full, which is a great thing, though I think there are still people who would enjoy the ability to play but cannot because of how fast the tables are filling. But enough...thanks for your...
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    Does it seem that we have outgrown the location? It took how long to fill up the events...just curious what everyone else thought.
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    D&D 4E 4E Character Sheet (PDF, B&W, 2 pages, portrait)

    For some reason I cannot get Acrobat to "see" it, though it does look like a neat sheet from the jpgs.
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    Help with class powers

    The W represents the die for damage, so if you are using a Longsword that does d8, the power will do 2d8 + any modifiers for damage that you might have IF the power states that.
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    Zombies: Plot Help

    What do you want the plot to be... Are they trying to reach an answer to the zombie manifestation? Are they just trying to survive, locate loved ones that are lost in the sea of death? Could be that one of them has been bitten and lo and behold they do not become infected, why? The answer to...
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    What's the word on White Plume Mountain?

    Ok going from memory here but.... There are three swords that need to be retrieved having been stolen...cannot remember why though, something about being important to the kingdom comes to mind. There was a pretty good poem if I recall about the clues to recover the swords. It has been many...
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    Stargate/Spycraft 2.0

    On AEG's own website they have a pretty good start at doing just that.
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    Chicago Gameday XII is Nov 12th: Planning Thread

    Would prefer the 12th as well as my football season runs through the 22nd.
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    d20 Modern Character Sheets

    All I can say is Mad Irishman... The fact that you can play with the designs is just great and that you can have VP/WP instead of hp makes our group happy!
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    Iron Heroes - a One-Shot Adventure

    Ok off my rocker completely... How about a remake of the dirty dozen.... The PC's not the nicest people for a variety of reasons have been given a choice, work with the admiralty in recovering said "prisoners" and they can earn their freedom. Or if not there is a really nice yardarm out there...
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    Help me with a d20 Modern one-shot

    Ok not sure if this what you are looking for but sounds like you are looking for a Bruce Willis/Arnold movie.... It took a long time for you all to arrange your schedules and get the same week off, but finally at the end of the summer season you managed it. The trip up into the mountains was...
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    Iron Heroes - a One-Shot Adventure

    Pirates that they themselves have become stranded and when they discover/are discovered then they are sure the PC's have a way out of here. Did we mention the daughters of the local Admiral who are also guests of said pirates... Why am I saying Arrgh, when writing this ;)
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    Help me with a d20 Modern one-shot

    What kind of modern are you looking for...I have a couple ideas, but need to know what you want to do with it.