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    Chicago Gameday 36 is October 19th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Hey buzz, primitive in am and cold fusion or (backup) eternal contenders in pm. And breakfast!!
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    also, i think Bill's game (Game 8 - WJMacGuffin) should be classified a morning game if it indeed is happening in the morning as it appears to be. thanks.
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    Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    One for breakfast an apocalypse west, buzz. Thanks.
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    Chicago Gameday 33 is Nov 10: SIGN UP TO PLAY

    I can make it! reign in morning and over the edge in evening, please. possibly breakfast.
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    Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Nah, axe my breakfast reservation buzz. Serves me right for waiting till the morning after to pick my games. Happy gaming, all.
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    Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Trollbabe and monsterhearts and breakfast, buzz. Thanks, elijah
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    Chicago Gameday 31 is 3/17: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Hey Buzz, One for the zombie AM game, one for the dresden Fiasco game, would ya? Thanks, Elijah
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    Chicago Gameday 30 is Oct 15th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Hey Buzz Hey Buzz, I'd like one ticket for breakfast, nev's morning game, and bills evening game (Kill puppies woohoo!). Elijah AKA lifelike
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    AVAILABLE: Room share for male nonsmoker at Omni Hotel

    Are you still looking for a room for gencon? We can accommodate a 4th at the omni for thursday-sunday (3 nights) for $425 before tax ($141 apiece in total). We're all nonsmokers and promise to shower regularly. Because of Gencon's proximity, the room share is first-come-first-served, so let me...
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    Chicago Gameday 27 is October 23rd: sign up to play now!

    Mars colony in morning, hand of fate in evening if you would buzz...
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    Must-see Game Stores in Manhattan?

    Thanks for a great gamesday, all.
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    Chicago Gameday 26 is June 12th: sign up to play!

    Heya buzz, Looking forward to this gameday! I'd like... Morning game 6 (DOTV) Afternoon game 4 (Shadow of Yesterday) Elijah
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    Chicago Gameday XXIII is July 18th: SIGN UP!

    Heya Buzz, i'd like to give up my afternoon spot (Ashes to Valkyrie evening slot 5). My summer classes are in finals week so I was on the fence about whether i could afford to sacrifice an entire day's work. Now that we have 6 gamers without slots, a half-day gaming seems like more than enough...
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    Chicago Gameday XXIII is July 18th: SIGN UP!

    Hey Buzz, Sign me up for Shock in the morning (#6) and the Shadowrun game in the evening (#5) Thanks!
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    Chicago Gameday XXII is March 21st: SIGN UP!

    Thanks all, had a great time myself. Morning Hero's Banner game was enormously fun. It's a great challenge to turn personal failure into tremendous success, but I think we all pulled it off nicely. I'm proud of finding a way to turn an attempted assault into a bargaining chip, and for the...
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    Chicago Gameday XXII is March 21st: SIGN UP!

    Good times as always. One seat for hero's banner (morning 2) and one for either mouse guard (afternoon 6) or Zombipocalypse (afternoon 2) I'm tempted to go for the breakfast game too but I'm a little unclear how that works. Do you know when that is slotted to start? 8 a.m.?
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    [Western Chicago Suburbs] Looking for D&D Players

    Hey there, If you'd be willing to take players from as far away as DeKalb, IL (40-ish mins away) you should join the meetup group here. We meet monthly at the Borders in DeKalb, and Roman, our fearless leader, is an awesome, exuberant guy. Hope that tickles your fancy! Sincerely, Elijah
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    Chicago Gameday XXII Planning Thread; our date is March 21st

    Space rat Never heard of space rat, but it sounds awesome from the bio. Is it like "Maid RPG" but with spaceships? Hehe.
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    Chicago Gameday XXI was November 8th: Aftermath...

    Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes re: cancellations. Anyone know anything about the Shades game? I'd play in it if anyone knew anything really fabulous, but for the time being please sign me up for: Afternoon Game 6: The Prison of 1001 Deaths Fú - The Fortune of Heroes, Reidzilla if it's...