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  1. Kroax

    Scouting ahead and splitting the party

    It differs depending on groups and encounters. Sometimes they may be a round or two away from the party, other times it may take a few minutes to get back. To give an example, one time the rogue went scouting out a building in a hostile town and went looking for a way for the rest party to get...
  2. Kroax

    Scouting ahead and splitting the party

    One thing I've never really gotten the hang of as a DM is whenever the rogue in the party sneaks ahead of the group. The particular problem that keeps cropping up is the way the rest of the players are left standing and are more or less just waiting for the rogue to return before they can go on...
  3. Kroax

    A party without a healer

    Maybe I've missed something, but isn't the heal skill a bit redundant at higher levels? From what I've gathered, you can't heal more than 2 hp/day, and that's with complete bedrest. It's enough to make a lvl 13 barbarian with CON 17 start crying. I'll go and check out the Reserve Points that...
  4. Kroax

    A party without a healer

    One problem that I keep coming across is having groups without any healers. Parties with 2 rogues, 1 mage, a barbarian and a fighter, that sort of party. Usually someone ends up with volounteering a career change to something along the lines of cleric or druid, but it's happened more than once...
  5. Kroax

    Tell me about the Chameleon...

    True, I hadn't considered that. The main reason I compared it with a fighter was because it was the easiest class to compare it to. :P I've done some quick calculations to the other main melee warriors (except the monk), and although it's not as obvious as with a fighter, they're also usually...
  6. Kroax

    18 int, 6 wis, 6 chr Warforged. Roleplaying tips?

    I'd say it would have a lot in common with our age's PCs. :) I would probably roleplay it as a cold calculating machine unable think outside the box. Give it a complex logical problem and it will solve it quickly and with grace. But try to give it an ethical problem and it will start asking for...
  7. Kroax

    Tell me about the Chameleon...

    Overpowered but interesting Although I immensily like the concept of the class, it's so utterly broken that I think it's no fun unless you wish to be unbalancingly good. The benefits of the class just massively outweighs the losses. If you leave it as it is there's also a good chance the the...
  8. Kroax

    Characters without Bling

    Add another who thinks bling = items. In response to the OP, I think it's all about personal preference and the campaign. In a way it's a bit like comparing Braveheart and X-men. In Braveheart they're cool for what they do, but in X-men they're cool because of what they do with their powers...
  9. Kroax

    World of Warcraft RP-PvP EU guild

    (Not sure if this is the right forum and I hope I won't upset anyone.) I believe that most of those here that have played teh MMORPG World of Warcraft is aware of the roleplaying server. It's a pity though that the orcs aren't even allowed to attack the night elves when they get too close to...
  10. Kroax

    How do YOU deal with passive players?
  11. Kroax

    Winged Elves - Where can I find one?

    Why does images of a half-elf with only one wing or two small wings spring to mind?
  12. Kroax

    Stormwrack- Anybody got it?

    I'm starting off a new campaign tommorrow with one of the PCs having levels in the Dread Pirate (yes, he has a ship and crew) and the party will most likely have their base around the Inner Sea in FR. So both the pirates player and myself is quite interested in this book, to say the least.
  13. Kroax

    Help me w/ adventure conversion

    At page 9 in the FRCS you can find a table for converting "core D&D" deities to FR gods. Kord = Lathander, Tempus, Uthgar St. Cuthbert = Helm, Hoar, Tyr Wee Jas = Azuth, Kelemvor So your suggestions seems to fit most of the time. Edit: I might ad that I have never run or read the Shackled...
  14. Kroax

    Non-spellcasting party in high magic campaign

    No too long into the future I will run a session (or series of them if all goes well) with my usual players. It's a new campaign and they are all creating their characters at the moment, thinking up ideas and concepts. So far it seems like the group will consist of rogue and fighter like...
  15. Kroax

    [FR]Question:Crossbreeds Half-Elf

    I remember from one of the 2nd Ed FR books (Cormanthyr or something like that) where they claimed that 0% human and 100% elf made an elf, 1-50% human and 50-99% elf made a half-elf and if they had more than 50% human in their blood the result would be a human. Thus a elf breeding with a half...
  16. Kroax

    Attn: Users under the age of 20 (or thereabouts)

    I'm 18, so I think I qualify for answering. Well, let's see... I must have about 9 years old when I first began with role-playing. One of my friends had bought a swedish version of D&D (although I believe that the only resemblance between those two games is the name). I still don't know why he...
  17. Kroax

    Technical thread for Server Discussion (merged)

    Psionicist, you need to learn to put some axis on your diagrams. Alright, acces time, but for what? A fruitbasket, a buss, an oven and your drawer? :) I think I'm not the only one who would appreciate this.
  18. Kroax

    What books did you use last session?

    3.5e Core Rulebooks (all of them) Expanded Psionics Handbook Races of Stone Complete Warrior Complete Divine Dungeon Magazine #88 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Player's Guide to Faerûn Races of Faerûn Unapproachable East Lords of Darkness Magic of Faerûn Monsters of Faerun
  19. Kroax

    EL Calculation

    Hey, have you been looki8ng on my notes? Well, at least you don't got the exalted goblin in there... With the CR's you gave it's a 8.9 EL giving you 4360.9 gp worth of treasure, but IIRC a goblin with NPC class levels CR is their Class Level -2, not the usual -1 for most humanoids. So it's...
  20. Kroax

    Pathfinder 1E Subscription to Paizo magazines - Europe

    I live in Sweden and have been subscribing to Dragon Magazine for about 6 months. After I subscribed it felt like it took forever before I got my first issue (I think it was about three months, maybe more), although the issue I got was the month's issue, not a three months old one. So be...