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    D&D 5E 5e Ranged Sorcerer?

    Sorcerers are great when multiclassed with martial classes, particularly paladin, since Quicken Spell is so good when you're also taking the Attack action on your turn, but when single-classing they generally avoid melee combat as much as possible.
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    Winter Fantasy 2018 Ticket Trading

    I'm down to just 1x Ruins of Hisari in slot 5 left over if anyone is interested. In terms of tickets, I'm only looking for maybe HILL3-1 in slot 1.
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    Winter Fantasy 2018 Ticket Trading

    Sorry, we're good on those slots. Slot 1 and 12 are the ones we need to fix.
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    Winter Fantasy 2018 Ticket Trading

    I'm looking for any of these (listed in descending order of preference within each slot): * (Slot 12) 1x Ruins of Hisari * (Slot 12) 2x DDEP7-2 Drums of the Dead Tier 4 * (Slot 12) 1x DDEP7-2 Drums of the Dead Tier 3 * (Slot 1) 1x HILL3-1 Shepherd the Weak * (Slot 1) 1x DDAL7-9 Unusual...
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    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    The people that would learn what's at Fai Chen would be literally lining up for Fai Chen and would otherwise learn what's in it in a couple of minutes. The boost in speed and efficiency is vastly more important than some imagined increase in potential power gaming.
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    Winter Fantasy Roll Call

    Not letting people know what Fai Chen has ahead of time is the biggest issue. Players were not even allowed to look at the certs before lining up, so when players finally get to the table, they have to spend long minutes reading all the certs and making a decision, which dramatically slows down...
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    What is the game plane for implementing XGTE for AL?

    I would assume it's set in the Prime Material Plane since the title refers to Xanathar, a character in Faerun, and AL has been set mostly in the Prime Material Plane so far. ... Oh, you meant game plan?
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    DDAL DDAL05 vs SKT?

    They're completely separate stories that share a similar theme (giants). Some of the tier 2 adventures allow players to learn some of the backstory related to the Ordning, but nothing really spoils the secret parts of SKT.
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    Planar Binding in AL

    If you manage to Planar Binding a creature, it would follow you around as expected, just like Simulacrum, familiars, paladin steeds, etc. If it's properly logged and you're not completely abusing it (like binding an entire army), DMs really shouldn't be disallowing it, at least the first one...
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    A new AL DM with lots of mistakes [Need Advice]

    AL has never needed certs for magic items. However, Lost Mine of Phandelver doesn't have rarity listed for most of its magic items in the adventure itself (and they're not found in the DMG either). Hence, those items are Unique and untradeable. However, the certs for Lost Mine do list rarities...
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    A new AL DM with lots of mistakes [Need Advice]

    For Lost Mine items, if they are significantly different from or not included in the DMG, and they do not have a listed rarity (which Lost Mine never provides due to how early it was written), then they are considered the Unique rarity, meaning they cannot be traded or awarded by DM Quest. This...
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    Cleric Domains in AL

    In AL, clerics must select a domain from their deity's list, or the Life domain. Life domain is open to everyone (which is important for deities that don't have listed domains, or whose only domain is Death which is not available to most players). The ALPG is sadly not as clear as it can be in...
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    Tortle Package AL legal?

    Any idea when it's going to be released?
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    DM Quests question

    It's in the DM Quest FAQ.
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    Quick Character Question.....

    You only get one +1 source beyond the Player's Handbook, from which you can pick character options (race, class, spells, feats, etc; there are exceptions, read the AL Player's Guide for more details). In this case, you are selecting your race from one source (SCAG), while selecting spells from...
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    Sage Advice adds 6th printing errata

    The spell still allows DM discretion as to alternative forms, but it's just a little more explicit about the default forms. For reference, this is what it now says: "“Appearing in an unoccupied space within range, the steed takes on a form that you choose: a warhorse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or...
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    Tales from the YP AL Question

    To be clear, season 6 is not just short, it's also remarkably low-content even taking into account its length. The season lasts for five months, during which two of the months have no releases, and the remaining three only have a single two-hour adventure. Even if you add in the extra epics...
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    New Season 7 Death Curse rules posted

    I originally expected that I would hate the curse rules whatever they turned out to be, but looking at these rules, I'm mostly fine with them, with one major caveat. I'm glad that they're not forcing us to play through ToA with every character, and they're exempting T3 and T4 characters who...
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    Will Favoured Soul be required to choose a God in AL?

    That's big news if true. Where did this info come from?
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    CoS SPOILER Dark Gift The Kingmaker and Tome of leadership and influence stack?

    It's in a CCC module that has been ran, but has not been published yet.