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  1. AelyaShade

    [Oct] What are you playing?

    Still playing lots of City of Heroes and testing a couple others, which have to remain nameless due to NDA.
  2. AelyaShade

    The Dungeons and Dragons II: Wraith of the Dragon God spoiler filled thread.

    At first, that was reaction to the bird. As soon as she produced it, I said that the elf wizard was about to lose an experience level as I foresaw roasted dove. However, hubby reasoned that the dove was probably just a summoned animal from an astral plane, similar to Drzzt's beloved Gwenhyvar...
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    The Dungeons and Dragons II: Wraith of the Dragon God spoiler filled thread.

    She was a wizard. She specifically mentions only having prepared 2 teleport spells for the adventure.
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    Do you...NaNo? (National Novel Writing Month)

    I took note of this site on another forum I frequent. I am quite tempted to sign up and participate. I'll make the final decision to commit on the 28th.
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    A question for the ladies

    My opinion, as a member of the female species, is for you to keep your hair the way _you_ like it. Physical attraction has so many factors and the opinions of girls in general will vary. Some girls like long hair, some like short hair. Some like styled hair, some like the breezy hair look. Just...
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    [Oct] What Are You Reading?

    "Elegy for a Lost Star" by Elizabeth Hayden. However, I'm just about done with it, so I plan to read through the "A Storm of Swords" by George R. R. Martin. After that, I have "Frankenstein" by Dean Koontz waiting in the wings.
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    Will you bee seing Doom?

    I definitely plan on seeing Doom, if only for the game references.
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    Rate Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God (DVD Release Status: In Flux)

    Gave it a 7. Better than the original. Miss Damodar's blue lips :) Disappointed that there was no dwarf in the adventuring party.
  9. AelyaShade

    Rate Serenity

    Just saw it this morning. Phenomenal! Can't wait for it to come to DVD, so I can see it over and over again.
  10. AelyaShade

    Sorcerers in your game

    Eschew Materials is my sorceror(ess)'s best friend. I take it immediately at rolling the character.
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    Chicago Gameday XII is Nov 12th: Planning Thread

    Add my vote to either Oct. 22 or Nov. 12 please :)
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    Do you color your hair?

    Yes, moreso now that I am older as opposed to when I was much younger. I've colored my hair lovely shades of green, shocking red, purple, blue, and, when I have the need to be a bit more professional, reverting back to my natural brown. Currently, I am sporting a lovely blue-black shade, which...
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    Gen Con - Good bad and ugly

    Good: -Meeting a few of you wonderful people (though not as many as I hoped) -Whose Line Was It Anyway seminar -Getting killed at the Killer Breakfast -Live Reading of the Knights of the Dinner Table -COH RPG -CoH/CoV LARP -Amount of swag/purchases -Efficient badge registration -Acknowledgement...
  14. AelyaShade

    Best class for a n00b to play

    I would think that for someone who is completely new to D&D, it would be easier for the DM (GM) to guide the player into a character class that would somewhat reflect some significant trait in that person. Does the new player enjoy hack and slash? Steer them toward one of the fighter classes...
  15. AelyaShade

    Best Quotes of GenCon

    "Who had the discombobulator?" - from almost everyone in our COV LARP. Of course, no one admitted to having it, though the judges assured us all it was provided as an item in someone's package in the game. "My master sold me for land." - from my youngest daughter in the COV LARP.
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    Con goers -- speak of thy booty! (Briefly)

    The people at the Kenzer and Co. booth are all awesome! They are constantly giving great bargains, have great products, and are great people (very approachable and oh so nice!). It is not uncommon for them to give an eye-boggling deal or even a free guide/module/comic right from the rack to...
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    How do I love GenCon? Let me count the ways!

    Warning:long, skip as needed :) My family and I decided to sign up for a bunch of scheduled events this year, so I was unable to meet a lot of you wonderful people. The three ENWorlders that I did get to meet were Buttercup (as I picked up my badge with my daughters in tow), Beldar1215 (at the...
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    Con goers -- speak of thy booty! (Briefly)

    Lots of fun stuff, for the most part: -Leatherbound 3.5 Player's Handbook -DMG II -Hex Hex -My Life With Master -The Big Night -Hellsing D20 -Slayers D20 -Crusaders of the Gods -Path of the Magi -Tome of Levity -Bunch of Magic:The Gathering starter packs -Bunch of DuelMaster starter packs...
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    My husband and I are also on the lookout for a gaming group. We primarily play traditional D&D (3.5 ed) and have dabbled in Call of Cthulhu and Hackmaster. We are also open to other settings. For the most part, we are seeking a consistent group that can meet every week/every other week and...
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    GenCon Name Badges

    Screen Name = AelyaShade Real Name = Alma Lumabas Thank you in advance :)