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  1. Badwe

    LAST CHANCE: Lairs & Encounters: Monster Lairs, Wilderness Rules, Monster Creation

    Just wanted to reply to this and add my own 0.02. I have played ACKs extensively for about 2.5 years in a play-by-post. It is by far my favorite old school rules settings. But maybe you have your own favorite and you're not ready to convert. No problem, this book, and many of the ACKs books...
  2. Badwe

    PF 1880 World Building

    Rough guesstimate on what you could do: Dragons - probably nothing, maybe a clockwork beast or a blimp/ornithopter with a flamethrower. Orcs, kobolds, goblins - indeginous "savage" tribes of humans (warning, probably racist) Skeletons - no go, maybe frail machinery Zombies - neurotoxin/mind...
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    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    I do indeed enjoy 4e.
  4. Badwe

    Free RPG Day 2011

    unfortunately my FLGS isn't especially L at a 45 minute drive away. To make matters worse, apparently the Free RPG boxed set had a substantial price hike for fewer things than last year, so he opted out of participating. I guess last year a bunch of people came in, grabbed stuff, immediately...
  5. Badwe

    Surprisingly Effective Hybrids

    Tiefling: infernal pact warlock | chaladin. 18s in cha and con (thanks to the new split stats, but it worked fine before that). you'll have to switch between weapon and implement until you get a rapier pact blade, but then you're golden. this is made all the sweeter by "Winning Races: Tieflings"...
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    Makin' Magic Items or "The Bazaar Bizarre"

    This was a bit of an ad-hoc so i couldn't say if it's super balanced. This was an item I gave to one of my PCs since he was a deva taking the deva paragon path. He completed a quest to honor deva elders, and they cast a ritual to let him go into a spirit journey. When he awoke, he had...
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    I inititally asked for information on, and then detailed my experiences running sigil. The thread is here: It seems like sigil is a pretty big part of planescape, so maybe you'll find what's...
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    Your Ideal Edition of D&D

    I normally avoid these threads like the plague but I felt like chiming in on this one. First, the most recent mearls article about what the different editions of D&D focus on rightly points out that currently there exists an edition of D&D for you (yes YOU) for where you fall on the paired axis...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    it's frustrating because i like 3.x, pathfinder, and 4e, so I don't want to counter with a series of images that puts down 3.x/PF. Meanwhile, someone actually took someone else's mock of 3.x and reversed the images as if that constitutes a damning argument. Oh well, back to reasonable attempts...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    there should be a metagame to this thread where you guess what edition(s) the person plays based on their images
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    Just how compatible is Essentials?

    Just in case there is still some doubt on the compatability, I thought I would pile on that I have both original 4th and Essentials in my home campaign and have had zero problems with regard to compatibility. It may be fair to say the starting point isn't as graceful as wotc originally...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    i was not aware of this product. i was already able to get my girlfriend to play D&D, but i bet she would be more open to this since she loves abney park and steampunk. oops, this thread is quickly going off the rails for reasons completely unrelated to the guy who literally threadcrapped...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    they are Abney Park, a goth-turned-steampunk band formed in 2004 (ish) and releasing steampunk themed albums since 2008. I don't necessarily think 4e is better able to do steampunk than other editions, it just so happens that steampunk has come into vogue around the same time as 4e. It could...
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    disclaimer: i like all of these bands. 1e 2e 3e 4e Pathfinder
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    Newbie to Sigil seeks DMing advice

    I can't take credit for that. it was the premise of the adventure in the back of the DMG2.
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    A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)

    can't believe this well hasn't been tapped yet: OD&D BD&D AD&D 2e 3.0 3.5/pathfinder 4e 4e essentials
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    D&D 4E Do you mix'n'match Essentials with standard 4e?

    A Player joined our group at level 10 and had never played 4e before (only 3.x) so i encouraged him to pick the slayer. This worked out well and he hasn't had any issues getting up to speed. If he gets bored with it later, first we'll see if the fighter power-swap feats are enough to keep him...
  18. Badwe

    Newbie to Sigil seeks DMing advice

    Well, we're officially done with Sigil. Not sure if I portrayed the city right or wrong but by the end they were willing to let the city tear itself to shreds, but luckily there was gold involved to motivate them to do otherwise. The main story, as I described with the key to tradegate...
  19. Badwe

    Dungeon 191: Adapting "The Lich-Queen's Beloved"

    i understand some people's frustration from a perspective of "i'm paying for THIS?", however this was an exciting article for me. For one, it established that deviating from the 4e norms is possible and doesn't break the game (other than when players aren't initially used to the possibilities)...
  20. Badwe

    Swarm Conversion for Units

    there's definitely some merit to having a giant legion be almost an impossible to remove hazard: a giant swath of difficult, damaging terrain. this would essentially represent the mighty, epic heroes wading through waves of troops. Even if it weren't a hazard I think if your mass of troops is...