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    Verys Arkon's Character Booklet (v2) New 1 page version beta.

    Wow, stellar work, Verys! No improvement comments yet. I'm gonna see if anyone wants to use it tomorrow during our game. I'll get back to you with feedback if we use it. -EF
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    New Class Features in the DDI: Martial Powers Spoilers

    Reread the battlerage vigor: "Each time an enemy hits you with a melee or a close attack, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier (after the attack is resolved)." So, yeah, the fighter gets temp HP, but he needs to loose real HP first. -EF
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    "Awesome" level bonuses and Magic Item economy

    But since all items are balanced with eachother (I don't want to get into a debate on if they are or not), there is no need to adjust the level. If all weapons "auto-scale," they are still balanced with each other. If some auto-scaled, and some didn't, then we'd have to reevaluate item level...
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    D&D 4E Two Misc/obscure 4e rules questions

    1. Paragon path powers are not class powers, and therefore are not eligible for swapping out at high levels. 2. You get what you get. It says you deal an extra 1[W]. So your longsword, for instance, deals an extra 1d8 damage. Also, 1[W] ALWAYS means 1[W]. Look at sure strike, page 177...
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    Resistance to a keyword

    Yes. Page 55 of the PH says: "Resistance or immunity to one keyword of a power does not protect a target from the power’s other effects." First column, second to last paragraph, first sentence. Ironically enough, it's the only sentence of that paragraph that wasn't changed in the errata. -EF
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    Power Card Template Creation

    Thanks for the tips! I look forward to seeing what you cook up to make it easier! Again, keep up the good work! -EF
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    Power Card Template Creation

    Ironically enough, I'm trying to fiddle with your cards. Sent you an email a few days ago, but haven't gotten a reply yet. So I figured I'd ask around, see if someone else could help me. I adore your cards, but I can't seem to fill in any of the fields on the right side of the...
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    Power Card Template Creation

    My problem is that I don't know how to "play with it." That's why I'm asking, I really don't have any programming experience to speak of. I was just hoping that y'all could help me to edit the ones that I like so they're more what I want. -EF
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    Power Card Template Creation

    44 views and no one can help me? /cry -EF
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    Umm, you can't use immediate actions on your turn. -EF
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    Power Card Template Creation

    Hello all, I've been trying to find out how to make my own templates for power cards with MSE, but have been unable to find a tutorial on how to do so. I tried looking through the 'Making Your Own Power Card' thread, but haven't found any how-to's...just a bunch of other people's stuff. Can...
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    Stalker0's Obsidian Skill Challenge System (Update: Version 1.1) Now with PDF!!

    One thing that I have been mulling over is why not just keep the complexity and number of successes from the DMG, just remove the before 3 failures? This way, Obsidian can be seamlessly integrated into existing modules, with no fuss at all! Just have a little "X characters needed for...
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    Errata print-n-cut sheets

    Dude, Relbanan, you are the (wo)man! Trying to be gender neutral ^_^ I finally found the removable labels...they were in a wonky place...and managed to get my PH all updated. Props, yo...props. Keep up the good work! -EF
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    Stalker0's Obsidian Skill Challenge System (Update: Version 1.1) Now with PDF!!

    Has anyone else noticed that the new "Hard" DCs on the errata for the DC By Level table are roughly 3 lower than Stalker0's listed DCs for Obsidian? Just an observation. -EF
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    Stalker0's Obsidian Skill Challenge System (Update: Version 1.1) Now with PDF!!

    I'm sorry, I seemed to have missed my begining point: both XP values are in the Skill Challenges in Combat section. One line says treat it as 3 monsters (complexity 3), the other says treat it as 2 (elite monster). -EF
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    Paragon Paths: Deepwood Sniper and Master Thrower

    Shouldn't that be "ongoing 10 damage (save ends)" ? Just a grammer nit-pick... A precision, not an precision. Again, grammer. "You must you..." should be "you must use..." Other than that, very cool indeed. -EF
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    Stalker0's Obsidian Skill Challenge System (Update: Version 1.1) Now with PDF!!

    Quick question. On page 8 of the .pdf, it states that "For XP purposes, treat the skill challenge as a complexity 3 if you were using the standard system. " However, a few more lines down, it also says "Awarding XP: Treat a combat skill challenge as an elite monster, whose level is equal to...
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    Divine and Combat Challenges.

    [/COLOR][/SIZE] [/FONT][/SIZE] Yes, they can. Be careful here. Cleave only attacks the primary target. In order to mark a target you must attack them, and in 4e, you must make an attack roll to attack a target. [/COLOR] But remember the second sentence of divine challenge...
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    Multiclass feat question

    No, you cannot. Page 192, first indented paragraph: "Generally, you can't take the same feat more than once...A few feats, however, specify that you can take the same feat multiple times." -EF