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  1. Lorion

    Giving out XP based on amount of damage sustained?

    It's an interesting idea, but I think it holds the possibilty of attracting unwanted player behaviour. Fighting becomes a gamble, but personally I couldn't stand things like Wik implies. Imagine this: The pcs, already battle hardened and experienced (e.g. around 10 level), could search for a...
  2. Lorion

    Endless Minion Challenge! FIGHT

    I get a distinct Gears of War 2 Horde feeling. I like it!
  3. Lorion

    Would you listen to an official EN World podcast?

    I'd definately check it out. I really like the D&D podcast, even though it's difficult to understand at times (because of the bad production values). But I like this stuff, keeps me entertained while on the train or driving the car.
  4. Lorion

    FREE ADVENTURE IDEAS! Fun with the Random Dungeon Title Generator! (Iron DM Lite?)

    I know, I know, this thread is already undead, but... sadly, the Random Dungeon Title Generator isn't online anymore. Has the link changed or is somebody able and willing to upload this neat little script again? Who created it in first place? Cheers, Marcus
  5. Lorion

    A Question for the 25 and under crowd - What have you read?

    I'm 25 and have read Leiber, Howard, Tolkien, Moorcock and Pratchett. Loved all of them, but Howard's my clear favorite. I've got Dying Earth, but have yet to read it. I'd love to read Mieville. :)
  6. Lorion

    One Million What?

    I've voted for "locations", but in the end I don't really care - all your "one million..." threads are totally awesome!
  7. Lorion


    "Hello and welcome to the D&D podcast. I'm David Noonan..." :(
  8. Lorion

    Best Version of Call of Cthulhu

    Having played and run CoC d20 quite often (with yesterday being the most recent session as a player), I heartily recommened it for heroic and non-heroic Cthulhu alike. :)
  9. Lorion

    3rd printing of core books?

    I think what he tried to say is not that they are "in the 3rd printing from a business perspective". He hasn't talked about business before, but now he does. And on that front he is proud to say: It's in the 3rd printing. At least that's how I read it. Cheers, Marcus Edit: Ooops, too slow...
  10. Lorion


    Great post, I hadn't thought about the possibilities before :)
  11. Lorion

    Earthdawn 4e Announced

    With the exception of a one shot adventure, I never came into contact with Earthdawn. With the release for D&D4, this will definately change - sounds intriguing!
  12. Lorion

    Secret doors - how?

    Thanks for the answers so far! :) Huh... is there any special way to encourage players to search for secret doors in a reasonable way, without slowing down the game too much? If there is no other way for the players to notice the possibility of a secret door, what keeps the players from...
  13. Lorion

    Secret doors - how?

    Well, yes. But that on the other hand does imply that (just a guess) 9 out of 10 secret doors will never be found, doesn't it? There may the the rare exception (like the possibility of suddenly vanishing monsters you mention - but that's clearly not always possible) but most of the time the...
  14. Lorion

    Secret doors - how?

    Hi there, how do you people handle secret doors? Say your group wanders through a passageway and comes across a secret door. Do you automatically let them make a Perception/Search/whatever check to see if they notice it? Roll in secret behind the dm screen? How do you handle it? Reading through...
  15. Lorion

    Retroactive HP adjustments

    It's on page 27 in the PHB, under "Hit Points". If you increase your Con by 1, you'll have to add 1 hp to your total. Cheers, Marcus
  16. Lorion

    4E is for casuals, D&D is d0med

    Exactly. It's got brand recognition. You'll ALWAYS find people to play. Try that with FUDGE.
  17. Lorion

    D&D 4E 4E Combat Crib Sheet

    Nice one. I'll definately use this when we are playing D&D4 somewhere in the future. :) I really like the layout btw.
  18. Lorion

    [Gamma World] Mutant Manual II Update

    Looks really nice. And the timing is just right! Between this, Gamma World 3rd Ed and the amazing Omega World, I'm going to run one hell of a bear 'n pretzels post-apoc game :cool: Thanks alot! Cheers, Marcus
  19. Lorion

    [Gamma World] Mutant Manual II Update

    Mmh, the download doesn't work for me. "File not found" after I force the redirect. :(
  20. Lorion

    How will you read the core books day one?

    I'll start with the PHB. First skim through it, getting to know where everything is. Then read the combat chapter, make a spread sheet with all the important rules. So I can learn the most relevant rules effectively. Then I'll read the book cover to cover. From the DMG I'll read what sounds...