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  1. GreyShadow

    Who's you favorite comic book hero(ine)?

    Quasar Fire Dagger Blue Beetle Walt's Thor Superman Wonder Man Sandman She-Hulk Nightcrawler
  2. GreyShadow

    Fiction in Dragon magazine

    Does anyone know if there is a list of fiction that has been in Dragon?
  3. GreyShadow

    Demon Lords and Princes: How *Bad* Should They Be?

    I'd want my Demon Lords to be able to take out 4 Balors without breaking a sweat. A second lot of 4 straight after the first battle to be not quite so one sided, but still a win for the Demon Lord. Where does that put them in the CR range? I don't know.
  4. GreyShadow

    Great Hero Showdown Round 4 (Voting Closed)

    My votes. 1. Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones movies) 2. Batman (Batman comics, Batman movies) 3. Gandalf the Grey 4. Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek) 5. Robin Hood (mythology, movies) 6. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) 7. Han Solo (Star Wars) 8. Spider-Man (comics, movies, TV shows)
  5. GreyShadow

    Admit it. Who else did this?

    My first experience playing D&D, we played in the Keep like others. I'm not sure if we went room by room numerically or not. What we did was roll to hit against the monsters armour class, and if we rolled higher than the AC we hit. The harder the monster the easier it became to kill them. :)
  6. GreyShadow

    Your Gas Price

    Likewise here in Australia. The gov just likes linking the local price to the world price per barrel.
  7. GreyShadow

    The Ecology of the Elven Cat (unpublished AD&D 2E version)

    Enjoyable read. I miss your Ecology articles in Dragon.
  8. GreyShadow

    [Sept] What Are You Reading?

    I read the Tarnsman of Gor in high school also. Never knew a thing about Goreans either. I on the other hand kept reading and think I got up to about book 15? The female submissiveness does get worse the further one reads in the series. I picked up one of the last in the series a few years ago...
  9. GreyShadow

    Challenging my high-lvl group (NPCs and monsters; my players shouldn't read this!)

    Is there still a spell that allows you to talk to stone? If so, find an ancient rock and talk with it... in fact, I'd probably use the shield that someone carries as that ancient rock.
  10. GreyShadow

    new/upcoming DVDs?

    One of the sites I use for TV shows is
  11. GreyShadow

    what does a CLW potion taste like in your world?

    All depends on who makes them. Church of Apollo: bright yellow like the sun, tastes like warm honey. Church of Thor: light blue and out the corner of your eye your sure you can see tiny sparks, tastes like a hammer Church of Mask: clear like crystal water, tastes like water, and you get the...
  12. GreyShadow

    Play By Mail Games

    I play a couple of pbem's. DungeonWorld - Brokenlands Turns fortnightly free Destiny - Starmarines Turns fortnightly free & paid Aspects of Might Turns weekly Lands of...
  13. GreyShadow

    How do you like your steak prepared?

    Medium rare for me thanks. My better half prefers to have hers flamed until there is no red even vaguely visible.
  14. GreyShadow

    New Server Drive - donation and prize thread (Final total: $13,310!)

    I received the email ok. Thanks PC.
  15. GreyShadow

    What is your favorite chromatic dragon?

    Brown or yellow for me. Not sure why, just like them. Of the standard five, I'd go blue.
  16. GreyShadow

    Creative Exercise - The City

    The Jade Tower is the main church of the goddess of nature, Valerasby.
  17. GreyShadow

    The "I'm a Pirate" campaign platform

    Being a pirate is a better qualification! Argh! :)
  18. GreyShadow

    The "I'm a Pirate" campaign platform

    At least it would make for interesting politics. :) My support is his also.