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    How Do You Decide What RPGs to Buy?

    Most stuff these days (including Symbaroum) has a free "quick start" available either through the publisher website or DriveThruRPG. I have found these very helpful in getting a sense of whether a system is going to click for me or not. Admittedly, I am more focused on if I like the mechanics...
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    Shadow of the Weird Wizard Is Finally Here!

    I backed this one on Kickstarter, and can confirm it is the "Player's Handbook" for the system. It does not have the bestiary, detailed information on the game world, or advice on running games, which will be in the GM's book. But it has the same page count and contains far more player options...
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    The Rise And Fall Of Evil Genius Games

    Wow, who could have guessed that Netflix would turn out to have been the good guy in that lawsuit?
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    D&D General Official D&D In Decline. Source Hasbro.

    Page 12 of the power point says "Fourth quarter and full year growth in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (+54% and +76%, respectively)"
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    D&D (2024) Should Green Flame Blade and Booming Blade be in the new PHB?

    Haven't you ever heard the expression "drop the boom" on someone? It's that. Caster: " If you move 5 feet or more I am going to drop the boom on you." Target: "What the heck does that even m...BOOM!" Caster: "Told ya."
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    Ben Riggs Interview on the Death of the Golden Age

    I would agree with Riggs that D&D is a gateway that brings in new people to the TTRPG hobby. But I don't think that that function requires D&D to have a monopoly on the TRRPG hobby like it does now. The 5E player base fragmenting is something that is going to be invisible outside the TTRPG...
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    D&D 5E Where's the Villain? and other musings. Why some published campaigns are great and some aren't (Spoiler alerts)

    I think it can be hard to try to draw broad conclusions about what makes an adventure good or bad. In the end, good execution matters much more than following some formula. An adventure can have all the right elements but still be mediocre if they are done poorly. Rime, Princes, OotA and...
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    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Releases 2023 Character Creation Data

    The same article says the most popular character name is "Bob." So by that logic people who hate stupid character names must be positively apoplectic. Or maybe people don't really care what other tables do, and don't view disagreement with their own preferences as some sort of slap in the face?
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    D&D 5E How about 5d20?

    I would argue the name is about more than just the games themselves. As the threads cited in the OP demonstrate, many people are approaching 5E with the attitude that the game belongs to us, and that we are not beholden to any one company to play the game we love. So I would propose...
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    D&D 5E Do we need a Fifth Edition Revival (5ER)?

    I would agree with those that say the 5ER has been underway for several years. In fact, with the OSR fiasco, I think 2023 will be looked back upon as a banner year. While I agree that the majority of 5E groups are running "Hasbro D&D," I don't think that relative numbers are a fair measure...
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    How well do you predict non-OGL/CC games will do?

    Are any games going to become a "D&D Killer" (as some hyperbolic youtubers are dubbing Daggerheart and/or MCDM RPG)? No. However if you define success as paying your employees and keeping the lights on then I think most established RPG companies are going to do fine. I think 5E adjacent games...
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    Your most pointless TV/movie/book nitpicks

    This. I only served in the army for three years, over 25 years ago. Yet it drives me nuts and totally ruins my immersion when shows get easy details about the military completely wrong. Lots of times is is things like not knowing how to salute or where medals go on a uniform, but sometimes it...
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    Disney to reboot X-Files (Disney owns an insane amount of Fantasy/Sci Fi IP)

    Man, now that I see the whole list of Disney IP, there are so many great crossovers there: Alien vs. Pirates Escape from Witch Mountain to the Planet of the Apes Raiders of the Love Bug Star Wars: Attack of the Minions
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    D&D General Does D&D (and RPGs in general) Need Edition Resets?

    Whatever the downside of edition changes I am very happy WotC hasn't tried to maintain compatibility with an RPG from the 70's. D&D is more popular and accesable than ever before - I believe that is in large part because the designers were willing to let it evolve into the best version of the...
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    D&D General D&D Loyalty?

    I would say that I have significant degree of loyalty to D&D as a concept. I have been playing on and off since I was in grade school so there is a lot of nostalgia and great memories of gaming. I would even say it is part of my identity, the same way being a fan of particular band or sports...
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    D&D General High Gygaxian: Time To Post Your Favorite Purple Verbiage

    I think his style is exactly what you would expect from a person was extremely well (and widely) read, but had never taken a college-level writing course. He had an immense vocabulary and the ability to use very complex sentence structure - just zero sense of when to dial that s*** back a notch...
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    OSR BECMI, how do you say it?

    I have always heard it pronounced BECK-me. Maybe we should start referring to B/X as "Bix" for consistency?
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    D&D 5E Descent Into The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth Is The First Of Several Single Session D&D Events

    I love the art, but I just don't think you can beat the original Erol Otus piece.
  19. Erol Otus Lost Caverns.jpg

    Erol Otus Lost Caverns.jpg

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    D&D General Why Is D&D Successful?

    I think an underappreciated factor is the creation of VTTs. The biggest problem with RPGs has always been finding a group to play with. This problem only gets worse if you are not in HS or college and have a more limited group to potentially find compatible gamers in. VTTs largely solve this...