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    Casting HOLD PERSON on someone FLYing

    Also, related to movement during fly, and the fact that medium/heavy armor or a medium/heavy load reduces movement. Why are you able to carry more while flying just because your muscles are stronger? Shouldn't the fly spell have a strength score added on, to represent how much the fly spell can...
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    Does summoning a monster who proceeds to attack the enemy violate the vow of peace?

    The party or the monster? If the monster, yes, you can quite easily dismiss the summoned creature if it decides to attack contrary to an order. As for the party, you can advise them not to attack, and I would suggest NOT giving them any spell with the purpose of enhancing their ability to...
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    BoED -- Vow of Poverty

    Hey Pen, if people aren't allowed to take handouts, why, when it discusses expensive material components, is the Ascetic allowed to beg for it when the only benefit is to the party, yet he couldn't ride a boat when a party member paid for his travel if the world depended on it? I think your...
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    BoED -- Vow of Poverty

    And what if the players belief is one does not OWN an animal? But takes care of it, rides it for excercise, and feeds it? I know many people who raise animals who would feel this way, especially about horses. They technically own them, but they think of them as friends, and think of it as their...
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    BoED -- Vow of Poverty

    I'll say this, if you roleplay your mule a bunch, name it, talk to yet, etc, and generally have some fun with it, I'd allow you to keep it. A character with the Vow of Poverty is allowed to take a share of the treasure, as long as he intends to donate it to a charitable cause ASAP. Level 2 you...
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    "Run" move action with alternate movement forms?

    Creatures with NATURAL movements of Fly or Swim can take the Run full round action. Burrow and Climb do not have the ability to do the Run full round action. All the actions give a note about whether they can charge/run etc. Calrin Alshaw
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    If they know who they are scrying, have seen them, or know their name, they are scrying the individual that they saw, unless they only have a name. If they are scrying the Doppleganger, and he is in another form, that is what they see, the other form. At this point, they might be a bit...
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    can a bug kill a man?

    Well, as far as "pain" system, not really, but I have a game system I created that involves superficial wounds, where the effects of 10 of such wounds counts as a minor wound, that effects your physical abilities. In such a case, it would take about 110 wasp stings to kill an average human. The...
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    Cost and Weight for larger than normal weapons

    I'm sorry, I have to disagree with the PHB on the whole doubling of price for each size increase above whats listed in the PHB. My reason being, the largest costs in most objects is the cost of the craftsmanship, not the materials. I generally just add 50% of the medium-sized person price...
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    What to do when a scene only involves one PC?

    You either try to "juggle" it, doing a few rounds of rogueish stuff, then asking the group what they are doing. Or you simply tell them "Go talk amongst yourselves for a bit" and do all the rogueish stuff. Calrin Alshaw
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    The Ivy Labyrinth

    Anyone else with any suggestions/advice? Calrin Alshaw
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    The awaken spell: playing God?

    Do YOU want to mate with the beautiful drooling person? Calrin Alshaw
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    The Ivy Labyrinth

    First off, thank you for taking the time to read it and reply! I very much appreciate it. This is in-part deliberate, there will be things that, due to character development through actual play, that I will give PC's bonus's to certain stat-tests. So, while there is no specific skill system...
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    The Ivy Labyrinth

    I recently created a simple (4 pages of rules) set of rules to run a game I wanted to run. I'm looking for constructive criticism and suggestions. The Ivy Labyrinth Please visit and let me know what you think. Calrin Alshaw
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    Online Game Seeking Players: Year of the Pretender

    We are currently using IRC at Room #yearofthepretender Calrin Alshaw
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    Armor Class/Reflex Save woes. Help.

    Well, out of curiosity, why doesn't a PC who can achieve a +20 reflex and not gain more AC GET a +20 reflex? At best... 6 levels of rogue with lightning reflexes is +7, +5 resist cloak, +12, then 4 prestige classes granting +2 reflex per level would be +20... By that minimum, a PC should be...
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    Problems with Bardic Music Fascinate ability

    If the BBEG sees someone casting ANY spell, and doesn't know any spellcraft, or have skill to identify the spell, then I would say he would construe that as a hostile act. He has no idea what type of spell you are casting. Calrin Alshaw
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    magic and physics? do they mix?

    It's totally up to you man. Or your DM. For example, I've seen an item created, basically, a diving suit ala Camptain Nemo, where you summon an air elemental to give the object 24 hours of compressed breathing air. (Lets not go into the facts of pressure while under water and such...) Anyhow...
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    Looking for Players

    Recruiting players for a game, visit the "Possible Midnight Game" thread at the website in my sig (OOC chat section), or this url. Possible Midnight Game Calrin Alshaw
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    Does Vow of Poverty have Epic benefits?

    Out of curiosity, since PC's get a feat at level 21. Why not require someone to take an "epic" version of the VoP to continue progression from level 21-40, in other words, take another feat for another 20 levels, make it kind of like a renewal of vows for marriage in a way. Reconfirming your...