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    Baldur's Gate Designer Leaves Bioware To Form D&D Publishing Company

    When he said Mystery Writer and i saw Austin I guess i just assumed it was you ;-)
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    Is TOMB OF HORRORS the Worst Adventure Of All Time?

    My ToH experience. I had a similar yet different experience. Our DM set the whole thing up as a quest to travel to Acereraks tomb and vanquish the evil and rescue something or other from the tomb. We went through all the trouble of following clues to the well hidden dungeon. Went inside and...
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    I thought this was a gaming message board, not a cooking show!! I keed I keed
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    Help me design a Dragon's Lair

    6 PCs of 6th level. Lair used to belong to an Ancient Blue, now is home to her daughter a Young Blue. The dragon employs Troglodytes as vassals since they are the nearest intelligent humanoids she had to work with. This should only be 3 encounters. I dont have the maps in a format I can put...
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    WotC Character Builder release schedule

    maybe I am missing the joke, but why should being a Swordmage make you qualified for Ranger feats?
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    Sustaining a power provokes OAs?

    Based on the fact that there a couple of terrain hazards in the DMG that use sustain Standard I would say that sustaining does not provoke an OA. You would look silly taking a swipe at an avalanche or a rock slide. Thats the ruling for my game, YMMV of course.
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    Flaming Sphere... again.

    These are purely my rulings in my own game and in no way No No No Yes, as do allies
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    Sorting monsters

    Has anyone out there put together a spreadsheet or somethign that sorts monsters by type? Natural, Fey, Shadow, etc.
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    Dragon Crunch Index

    very minor nitpick. The last three items are from Dungeon and it is spelled Dunfeon in the spreadsheet.
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    Making your own power cards

    Ander, I am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to edit your cards. I am trying to make item cards for a few items my players already have and a few I want to include in the next session I run. The problems I am having are; 1) I can't tell where some things are supposed to go such as...
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    D&D 4E 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide - Anyone see it?

    To me, the setting changes are as if you had a campaign set in Europe in the late 1800s then the settign was thrown forward 100 years and you have all the changes wrought by 2 world wars centered largely in Europe. A lot has changed and everyone needs to adjust to change.
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    Warlock Implement Questions?

    No No Only if the power has weapon as a keyword, at which point your not using them as implements anyway. So, strictly answering the question...No.
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    Help me design a skill challenge

    So, we ran the session last night, including the skill challenge and it went really well. I see room for improvement on my part and the players parts but it went very weel. The ranger snuck up to the door of the mercs barracks and overheard a tense discussion consisting of 5 seperate voices...
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    Help me design a skill challenge

    Thanks guys. Great suggestions. I will be monitoring this all day and print it out after work. Originally when the party approaches the merc barracks they were going to hear the sound of combat, which in reality is sparring, but now I am definitely going with an argument. I think I will...
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    Help me design a skill challenge

    Party is 6 PCs all level 2 They are investigating a dungeon complex near a keep (not that one). Inside the area they are currently investigating is a band of NPC mercs hired by the someone in the keep to help stage a coup and do other nefarious things. They are very near where the mercs are...
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    Ritual question

    I dont have search ability on this forum so I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I was unable to find it. I have read through all the books and wanted to make sure I wasnt misunderstanding something. Anyone with ritual caster feat can cast any ritual as long as they are of...
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    Help reign in a player who refuses to play his role

    amen brother, a-freakin'-men.
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    D&D 4E 4e's Inorganic Loot System: Yay or Nay?

    This cant happen in my group because no one else has a DMG so they dont know about the parcel system and also because I dont give out the treasure as parcels. I use the parcel system to make a treasure "list" for the adventure. But then I stock the treasure in such a way as to split up and...
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    D&D 4E 4e's Inorganic Loot System: Yay or Nay?

    This is what I am talking about. You're using your player knowledge to inform your characters knowledge. Unless you're running Rainman the Fighter you cannot tell that that Kobold is only getting a +1 to hit and damage from what turns out later to be a +2 sword. I call metagaming on this one.