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  1. the Lorax

    I've made up my mind...for now.

    Well, the 4e books have come out, and anyone who was interested has had the chance to review the rules for themselves. I have been recruited by a friend of a friend to join in 4e group do to my local reputation as a rules/game mechanics guru. So a bought PHB, the pages are a bit wavy and the...
  2. the Lorax

    A discussion of Keith Baker's post regarding the Skill Challenge system

    Indeed, it seems so. I agree with the ideas and advice he was giving, and some of the things Keith said make excellent house rules, rules which are basic enough that they SHOULD have been put into the rulebook. As written, the Skill Challenges seem to be tougher than intended or reasonable...
  3. the Lorax

    A discussion of Keith Baker's post regarding the Skill Challenge system

    I was discussing Keith's post with my 4e DM, after reading it, I was not so certain that Keith's math adds up either, and only takes into account best case scenarios. In addition to Stalker0's assessment of the actual probabilities based upon the numbers Keith and the Skill Challenge system are...
  4. the Lorax

    Smudges - All Core books

    Yep and yep I only have a PHB, all I'm likely to buy, and the cover is slightly bowed, the pages are wavy, and the pages are smudgy if I touch the print for more than 5-10 seconds. I'm tempted to throw in a snide jab here, but am restraining myself. ;) I have to agree with this, my 1E PHB...
  5. the Lorax

    will 4.0 succeed?

    Have your players never heard of friendly NPCs? Really? If they have enemies powerful enough to use badunfun spells upon them, why do they not have friends who can cast Cure Badunfun? And all the Fighter bashing, Wizards/Priests are the be and end all of high level campaigns? I really cant...
  6. the Lorax

    You're and what'sum'up?

    No, no its not, but it's not unreasonable to get an intellectualization of why/how the ability works, and what this "mark" is doing to give the monster a penalty. Clearly the "mark" is very much like a reverse version of 3.x Dodge feat, rather than watching one opponent closely to avoid his...
  7. the Lorax

    Protection from Eldritch fire

    More reasons why Nifft rocks. Seriously, as a warlock player, golems and multiple opponents are the 2 things I hate to see. Lots of moderate threat opponents is a real pain in the rear as a warlock. Also your Blighter Lich has UMD (or can have UMD) there is no reason for him not to go buy a...
  8. the Lorax

    Clerics need a wis of 20.

    As someone who has played a lot of spell-casters, several of them up into epic levels, the whole blaming things on "instakill" spells is absurd. I've found that its best to stay far away from those spells for the most part, as the flip side of most of them is that the victim of those spells...
  9. the Lorax

    Gamer Law

    Even though there is no profesional future for gamer legal representation to rule on gamer ettiquette and conduct, Gamer Law already exisits in much the same way as Man Law exisits, like the rule that you always leave an empty space in between you and another man at the urinals in a public...
  10. the Lorax

    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

    Thank you Gary for 29 years of gaming and giving me friendships that will last a lifetime.
  11. the Lorax

    Are Gognards killing D&D?

    Drammattex wins the thread.
  12. the Lorax

    I've made up my mind...for now.

    <on stabilization> Actually I've been using a DC 20 Fort save for stabilization for a while now, its worked well.
  13. the Lorax

    I've made up my mind...for now.

    So understandable - I've got roughly a dozen people across my play groups. Of all of them, I have one of the most optimistic views - the most open to the idea of change. The idea of pitching a Thousand dollars worth of books in the trash bin to replace them (slowly) with another set of a...
  14. the Lorax

    I've made up my mind...for now.

    *Nod* I'd like this too, I just don't know that I'm sold on this being true. My next set of campaigns are going to start before this summer, and I dont relish the idea of switching to a radically different rule set mid campaign. I currently run 3 different games. Reduction of prep time does...
  15. the Lorax

    I've made up my mind...for now.

    I've been playing D&D (under one name or another) since the very end of '79. The following is a bit of a recap of my experience with D&D along with my group and my thoughts on comming 4th edition. For me, AD&D was a much appreciated upgrade to the 3 book set from the old White Box, and the...
  16. the Lorax

    Why WOTC shouldn't have gotten rid of the Dungeon and Dragon magazine

    DI has really fallen flat. I have not recieved 2 Dungeons and 2 Dragons worth of material since the last print editions, much less 1 Dungeon and 1 Dragon. They have to get out of the mindset that some things aren't worth the "space" that would be dedicated to them in a print product. The...
  17. the Lorax

    D&D 4E FR 4E SPOILER - Grand Histoy of the Realms info

    Sorry, Helm is just a very thinly disguised Heimdal.
  18. the Lorax

    Game Breaker Spells - What are they?

    Seriously, if you cant handle those spells, you must turn in you DM liscense, right now, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. You want bad spells? I'll give you my top 5, PHB only. 5. Clolor Spray - crazy strong at low levels, useless beyond them 4. Simulacrum - What is the type of this thing...
  19. the Lorax

    Complete Disagreement With Mike on Monsters (see post #205)

    Ya know, this pretty much describes how I do it now, I'm not sure how that changes how one should design monsters to be able to be used as PCs or not. Heck, one of the most recent new (side) characters to join our epic level game is a Harvester Devil. Going back to a time when you had to kit...
  20. the Lorax

    D&D 4E 4E announcement, good for business?

    "One year warning" was, as I recall, the promise. Having been promised 1 year and been given 9 months, and been told that major D&D announcements would be made at whatever they call Winter Fantasy now all leaves me a bit irritated, even if I have had a number of irritations with the 3.x edition...