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    Planescape Integrates into the Forgotten Realms Campaign in D&D Adventurers League

    OG Fans know Planescape has always been integrated in Forgotten Realms. :ROFLMAO:
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    Serving Up A Heroes Feast for the Multiverse

    Instead of a Psionics book we get another cookbook. :cautious:
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    Ben Riggs: 'The Golden Age of TTRPGs is Dead'

    The Golden Age ended with 3e being axed no thanks to Hasbro's meddling in forcing WotC to ONLY be more "profitable" even if that means splintering their loyal customer base and degrading the content and written works of D&D itself. Once it only cared about being popular and monetizing things, it...
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    D&D General Does D&D (and RPGs in general) Need Edition Resets?

    An infinitely massive NO on my part.
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    Podcast #279: Hasbro Layoffs and D&D's Future

    D&D's future needs to go back to the past. Back to the Legacy Era (1e-3e). Golden and Silver Ages of the game. Based on its amount of content and quality. Not the snail-pace, poor quality it's at now.
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    An Epic Journey Through the Multiverse: Legacy of Worlds and DDAL00-14 Proxy Hunt

    Well they stopped caring about Greyhawk for a long time. They refuse to remaster and fix Al-Qadim, Maztica, and Kara-Tur to get rid of all the Westernized-tropes and stereotypes and have writers of the proper heritage rewrite these (yes, all of them are Forgotten Realms, but vastly different...
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    D&D (2024) New Unearthed Arcana Playtest Includes Barbarian, Druid, and Monk

    Can someone explain how this is NOT 6th Edition again? (Don't, that was rhetorical)
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    Dragon Reflections #72

    Yes. Surprisingly progressive for the time, also.
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    D&D 5E D&D's Inclusivity Language Alterations In Core Rules

    Some of these make sense. And then the other half of it is just dumb. Oops, should I even use the word "dumb" to describe it? /sarcasm Progressiveness is fine, but you can go so far left you end up going right. Censorship isn't a solution.
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    Pathfinder Player and GM Core Are Now Available

    PF2e should've never happened. Plenty were happy with PF1e. Between WotC ditching 3e and Paizo ditching PF1e, I'm done supporting TTRPGs with the constant "Edition Cycles." All I see when I look at PF2E and their new material and APs is "Man, I could have been enjoying this in my PF1e games...
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    Player Core and Gamemaster Core Remastered Review

    Hated the god awful change and restructuring of D&D when it went from 3e to 4e, and I have no care for 5e. None of it is even remotely the same as before. I moved to Pathfinder 1e thinking it would last, or at least it would continue to benefit from even a little support (say a Bestiary of...
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    Planescape Manual of the Planes for 5e on DMSGuild

    The content warning is so ridiculous. There is such a thing as going so far left, you end up going right. Someone playing D&D and getting triggered by Feywild memory loss...exactly how many people could possibly be affected by that?
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    Dragon Reflections #71

    We'll never see stuff like that again in D&D with how WotC produces things since 5e.
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    D&D General On This Day In 1983 The BBC Explains D&D

    Back when D&D was a good and expansive game. Not anything like what's out these days.
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    D&D (2024) Bonus Unearthed Arcana Reveals The Bastion System

    We calling this 6th Edition yet or what?
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    Planescape Planescape: Here Are The Disclaimers!

    Yeah like some silly thing saying "The beliefs of the factions in these books are purely fictional and are not based on any real-world religious doctrines. Such comparison are purely coincidental" or some such nonsense.
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    Planescape Planescape IS D&D Says Jeremy Crawford

    Except those cosmologies exist WITHIN the Great Wheel Cosmology. Planescape should be rebranded more as an Omniverse than a Multiverse. Eberron has been explained as being in its own crystal sphere, cut off from everything else, and the 3 dragon overgods built their own cosmology within it...
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    Planescape Check Out The Planescape Character Options

    That's the problem with consumers such as yourself. YOU may not be able to ever use them, but I guarantee everything you don't ever use, someone else's game actually does benefit from it. My philosophy has been the same; "I may not ever use it, but if the day comes I need it, it's great to know...
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    Planescape Check Out The Planescape Character Options

    2 spells... 5e is such a joke. A campaign book back then would have given us 20 spells, minimum.