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    Chicago Gameday 32 is July 14th - SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Morning game 1 Afternoon game 5 / 8(which ever isn't full) Thank you. :)
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    Chicago Gameday 30 is Oct 15th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Morning game 2 Afternoon game 5 yay!! Thank you
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    Chicago Gameday 29 is July 9th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Heya, Could ya sign me up for morning game 5 and afternoon game 7. :) Thank you, Josh P.S. WOOT!!!!! :D
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    Chicago Gameday 28 is Feb 26th: PLAYERS SIGN UP NOW!

    :D Yay. Another Gameday! Morning game 3: Danger Patrol. Afternoon game 5: Snowpocalypse. Thank you. :)
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    Chicago Gameday 27 is October 23rd: sign up to play now!

    Yay another game day. muwhahahaa! Would you mind signing me up for morning game 3 and afternoon game 6? Thank you buzz. :D Oh and of course I will be at the breakfast. Please cthulhu don't let me be served last again. lol
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    Chicago Gameday 26 is June 12th: sign up to play!

    Hmmmmmm, morning game....:hmm:... 3? Seems I am little slow on the draw today. lol.
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    Chicago Gameday 26 is June 12th: sign up to play!

    Wooo! 'nother game day! :D Breakfast(oh gawd, I don't wanna be last again. lol) Morning Game 6 Afternoon Game 6 Delta Green With super agent Lamar(please) Something else with 6..... o.O Cheers, Joshua
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    Chicago Gameday 25 is Feb 27th: SIGN UP NOW!

    Woot! 'Nother game day coming on the way! Would you mind please signing me up for morning game 2 and afternoon game 4. :) Thanks.
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    Chicago Gameday XXII is March 21st: SIGN UP!

    first post, WOOT! :D Morning game 6 Afternoon game 6 I seem to be one 6 short of evil? o.O As always, I will be at breakfast.
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    Chicago Gameday XXI was November 8th: Aftermath...

    morning game 2 and afternoon game 6... Thanks. :D
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    Chicago Gameday XX was June 14th: AFTERMATH

    Would you mind changing me from afternoon game 6, to game 7. :) sry and thank you.... I 100% missed game seven when reading threw, it just sounds to interesting to pass up. lol....
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    Chicago Gameday XX was June 14th: AFTERMATH

    Morning game three and afternoon game 6 please, Thank you. :)
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    Chicago Gameday XVII ROCKED: The Aftermath...

    thank you buzz... and hope you don't mind me trying to recruit people for GameDay!!!! WOOTNESS! Jay, and Will: Slot 1 Game 3 and slot 2 Game 3. Josh and Chino: Slot 1 Game 4 and Slot 2 Game 7 Me: slot 1 game 1 and Slot 2 Game 6
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    Chicago Gameday XVI: the aftermath!

    hey buzz! YAY! i got my internet back up... umm sign me up for game 1 morning and game 4 afternoon please. thanks....!! Thanks again, Pvt. Patterson
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    Chicago Gameday XV is Oct 21st: Planning thread

    i think i have a good if idea atm, no three thousand(or so) cookies! :P:P:P, i won't be bringing in treats this time though. the bakery closed down. :'(, so. bring treats every one!
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    Chicago Gameday XIV: Aftermath...

    darn you reid since reid is quitting on me!(darn you people! reid is godly dm :P:P) but since no one joined his evening game, can you sign me up for: Game 5: Gaelic Sunrise. thank...
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    Chicago Gameday XII is over... share the memories!

    Game 5: Against the Giants D&D 3.5 Sqwonk Game 6: Who Ya Gonna Call? D&D3.5/Iron Kingdoms TracerBullet42 theys are me choices(and if other peeps want my seat in the first one, i will go to game 3?) BAHHHHH!!! EVIL GAME DAY NOT HAPPENING ENOUGH!!!!
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    Chicago Gameday XII is Nov 12th: Planning Thread

    Oct. 22 ... seconded by nov. 12, holidays i do not have a choice, and must go with family, instead of gaming... so ya... :D
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    Chicago Gameday XI a success! Share your war stories.

    GAME2 morning, and game 4 afternoon... if you could put my name for thoughs... i will be happy:P:P ~wildcat